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FAQ: Is There A Way To Lift Breasts Naturally?9 min read

is there a way to lift your breasts naturally
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Push-up bras, breast tape, maybe even stuffing tissue in our shirts like in middle school – sometimes, we women can get pretty desperate to lift our breasts. With perky, round, plump breasts glamorized all over in the media, it’s easy to look in the mirror and sigh at our not-so-picture-perfect chest. Especially after children and as we age, our breasts can take quite a beating (and so can our confidence). Fortunately, there are many natural, effective ways to lift our breasts and give us more confidence and a healthier lifestyle! That’s a win-win, and it doesn’t involve stuffing your bra with tissue.

Why are My Breasts Saggy?

Unfortunately, saggy breasts are a natural part of aging. As women get older, skin loses its elasticity, and the collagen in breast ligaments breaks down. All this contributes to breasts losing their perkiness as time passes. Smoking, obesity, and sudden weight fluctuations also contribute to sagging breasts. Contrary to popular belief, breastfeeding is not a contributor to saggy breasts – in fact, it actually helps strengthen breast ligaments. It’s the hormonal changes of pregnancy and postpartum that can contribute to drooping breasts. Unfortunately, boobs are not immune to the negative effects of gravity and growing older (even though everyone wishes they were!)

How Do I Prevent My Boobs from Drooping?

Maintaining a proper diet, being conscious of keeping a healthy weight, and avoiding smoking/vaping (which contribute to weak elastin) are ways to keep your breasts healthier and prevent sagging. Finding a properly-fitting bra and wearing sports bras for exercising also helps keep breasts from drooping. When you’re lounging around the house, try going bra-free to give your boobs some time to improve muscle tone and breast shape.  And of course, exercise – but we’ll be talking about that soon!

Will My Breasts Lift if I Lose Weight?

While it is important to live a healthy lifestyle and maintain a healthy weight, those who are struggling with obesity or want to lose significant weight may have saggier breasts afterwards. It’s best to lose weight though a healthy process, which means giving your body enough time for collagen production to keep up with the weight loss. Starvation diets and other very intense and sudden weight loss “solutions” are the most damaging to the breasts, since the weight loss is too quick for the skin to keep up with, potentially causing stretch marks. The process is like an inflated balloon losing air – it gets saggier and stretched. Similarly, suddenly gaining weight will make your breasts larger but also increase the possibility of stretching. As with most physical changes, gradual change is key. Don’t look for the overnight fix; look for the healthy fix.

Will My Breasts Lift if I Exercise?

Exercising is one of the best ways to help perk breasts without going under the knife. While the results will add more umph and shape, they won’t “fix” sagginess. Nonetheless, here are 2 exercises from OpenFit that offer a great way to naturally lift breasts! For photos and more exercises, follow the link. You’ll need a pair of dumbbells for the two exercises (use a weight you’re comfortable with).

  1. The Incline Dumbbell Press: For this exercise, you’ll need an incline bench which you can find here. First, lie on your incline bench at around a 45 degree angle with your feet planted on the ground while you hold your dumbbells by your chest. Your head, upper back, and butt should be firmly on the bench. Then, with your fists aiming upward, slowly push the dumbbells straight above your chest. You should feel resistance. Then, keeping your elbows near your body, lower the weights. Be careful not to arch your back or flare your elbows outwards, since that will hurt your back and null the exercise.
  2. Standing Reverse Fly: No matter what you do, if you have bad posture your breasts will always look saggy! This exercise focuses on proper posture and strengthening back muscles (no incline bench needed for this one, only dumbbells). First, stand with your feet shoulder width apart while holding the dumbbells in each hand. Next, push your hips back and lean forward (it’s okay to bend your legs a little). You can let the weights hang straight on the ground, then keeping your back flat, lift your arms to the side and squeeze your shoulder blades. This will help strengthen your back.
Breast Lift

How Can I Lift My Breasts Significantly?

If you have saggy breasts and want to lift them, a breast lift procedure is the best way to get the results you want! breast lift from a trained doctor will result in natural-looking results that feel great, look great, and fulfill your busty dreams.

A breast lift is a good option for women who are looking to perk up their breasts and tighten breast skin. It lifts and reshapes, providing a new silhouette. This option is certainly more significant than exercising, as the doctor will trim excess skin and shape your breasts to your desired shape. Sometimes, this may involve implants as well. A breast lift will both perk your breasts and lift your nipples, so they give an overall more youthful appearance to the chest. 

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