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How Long Should I Wait for Vaginal Rejuvenation After Childbirth?4 min read

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Congratulations, new mom! You’ve conquered the rollercoaster of childbirth and are diving headfirst into the joys (and challenges) of motherhood. 

As your body might feel like it’s been through the wringer, we’re sure you’re ready to reclaim some of that pre-baby magic — especially “down there.”

You’ve probably heard tidbits about vaginal rejuvenation, a procedure increasingly on the radar for many postpartum women. But when is the right time to consider this treatment? Can it mesh seamlessly with your new mom life? Should it be part of a grander “mommy makeover“? 

We’re getting into all the must-know details to help you decide if — and when — vaginal rejuvenation might be right for you. So, grab your favorite mom-fuel, and let’s get into it!

When is the Right Time for Vaginal Rejuvenation Post-Childbirth?

Most experts recommend waiting at least 3 to 6 months postpartum before considering vaginal rejuvenation. Your body needs time to heal naturally from childbirth, and your hormonal levels must stabilize, especially if you’re breastfeeding.

4 Signs That You're Ready for Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • Healing: Your obstetrician confirms that you’ve healed sufficiently from childbirth.
  • Breastfeeding: Many women wait until they’ve completed breastfeeding. The hormonal fluctuations during this period may affect tissue elasticity and potentially impact the results of your procedure.
  • Body Stabilization: Your weight has stabilized, and you’re near your pre-pregnancy weight.
  • Emotional Readiness: Being a new mom is already a whirlwind experience; you need to feel emotionally stable and ready to undergo a medical procedure.

Should You Wait Until You're Done Having Children?

If you plan on bringing more little ones into this world, most experts recommend waiting until you’ve completed your last pregnancy before undergoing vaginal rejuvenation. 

Pregnancy and childbirth will alter the procedure’s results, essentially nullifying some of the benefits you gained. So if you’re thinking about baby #2 (or #3, or #4 …), hit the pause button on vaginal rejuvenation until you’re certain your family is complete.

How Does Vaginal Rejuvenation Fit Into a Mommy Makeover?

If you’re thinking big picture, like a full-on transformation, vaginal rejuvenation could be a key component of a full-spectrum “mommy makeover.” 

Mommy makeovers typically consist of a tailored package of procedures designed to address the various ways motherhood changes your body. Vaginal rejuvenation fits seamlessly into this suite of treatments, targeting issues like laxity, dryness, or altered shape.

What Other Procedures Can Complement Vaginal Rejuvenation?

Ready to pull out all the stops? Fantastic! You may combine vaginal rejuvenation with other procedures for a holistic transformation: 

  • Tummy Tuck: If you’re bothered by excess skin or a “pooch” in your abdomen, a tummy tuck will deliver a flatter, more toned appearance.

By coordinating these treatments, you can save on overall recovery time and costs and come out the other side feeling like a brand-new you!

What About Non-Surgical Options Like CoolSculpting?

Not everyone is ready or willing to go under the knife, and that’s completely okay! The cosmetic industry has made leaps and bounds in non-surgical options that offer spectacular results: 

  • CoolSculpting: This non-invasive fat-reduction technique complements the results of other procedures by eliminating stubborn fat pockets without surgery or downtime.
  • DiVa: It addresses signs of vaginal laxity and dryness, rejuvenating your intimate health without requiring surgical intervention.

Is It Possible to Customize Your Mommy Makeover?

Absolutely! Think of a Mommy Makeover as a buffet of options — you can pick and choose what best suits your body and goals. At Aesthetica, Dr. Chang offers a thorough consultation to help tailor a package that addresses your unique concerns. 

From non-invasive treatments like CoolSculpting to more extensive procedures like a tummy tuck, mommy makeovers can be as minimal or as comprehensive as you want!

Let's Start Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Journey Today!

The journey to rediscovering your confident self starts with a single consultation. Our expert team is here to guide you through each step, ensuring that you’re comfortable, informed, and excited about the transformations that await. Let’s start your vaginal rejuvenation journey today! 

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