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Plastic Surgery FAILS! And How To Avoid Them10 min read

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“You’re getting plastic surgery?? Aren’t you afraid of getting botched??”

Unfortunately, this question is not an uncommon one for some considering cosmetic surgery. While cosmetic surgery fails are enough to send chills down anyone’s spine, they’re not nearly as common as they’re made out to be. In fact, avoiding botched surgery isn’t very difficult at all!

Read below to see 4 poor souls who fell victim to plastic surgery fails, then read about how you can avoid cosmetic pitfalls and dangers!

The One Mistake Almost All Botched Plastic Surgeries Have In Common:

Not listening to an experienced, acclaimed cosmetic surgery. We repeat: The detrimental mistake almost all botched plastic surgeries have in common is NOT LISTENING TO AN EXPERIENCED, ACCLAIMED SURGEON.

In the United States, cosmetic surgeons must have years of training, education, expertise; abide by federal safety, business, and medical regulations; and use quality, tested, and hygienic practices and equipment. However, sometimes patients prefer not to pay full price, don’t listen to the feedback a good doctor gave them, or want an illegal surgery. In these cases, people often seek underground doctors, illegal practices, and sometimes will even travel to different countries to find a surgeon. The chances of a botched surgery happening in these circumstances is very high. 

All four examples of botched surgeries below are a result of the patient not listening to, or not going to, an experienced, acclaimed doctor. It’s tragic to think about how many failed procedures could have been avoided if the patient had stuck with a trusted, educated practitioner.

Total Makeover Gone Wrong: Botched Beauty

Photo From: moneymakers.com; Photo Source: tomorrowoman.com

Michaela Romanini was once one of Italy’s most gorgeous socialites, akin to America’s Paris Hilton. She was stylish, naturally stunning, and a regular heartbreaker. However, all of this was drastically changed years later by an overload of collagen, botox, fillers, and countless other procedures that left her looking not only much older, but also unrecognizable. WHAT HAPPENED?!

How To Avoid It: Cosmetic Surgery Is Not For Becoming Someone Else!

Despite being beautiful, Michaela Romanini was not satisfied with her appearance and wanted a total makeover to look exactly like Megan Fox. She went to inexperienced surgeons, changed every aspect of her face, and kept getting procedures even after she was advised to stop. Cosmetic surgery is meant to enhance the face, not entirely re-brand a person as someone else. While there’s no harm in wanting to be inspired by someone else’s appearance, it’s dangerous to seek an entire, drastic face change — especially when doctors warn against it.

Dangerous Botched Lip Injections

Photo From @jonathandylan on Instagram; Photo Source: cosmopolitan.com

On E! Entertainment’s popular TV show Botched, 27-year old star Jonathan Dylan is a self-proclaimed lip injection addict: “I really wanted to look like [a doll]. So when I was 25 I started getting botox and fillers [and] I became obsessed with lip injection.”

Dylan’s lip injection addiction is becoming dangerous — doctors have warned that if he continues to seek injections, his lips may literally fall off! Dylan is already experiencing complications from his injections…leaking lips, unable to close his mouth fully, and persistent soreness is only the tip of the iceburg. WHAT HAPPENED?!

How To Avoid It: Gradual is key!

“Go big or go home” isn’t the mantra for cosmetic surgery. Instead, you want to start gradually and aim for realistic expectations. And most of all, talk with your cosmetic doctor. They will give you an idea of what you can and can’t do. And if the doctors say something is overboard, then don’t do it! It’s better to listen to an expert than to push the envelope and potentially end up botched.

Double Trouble: Four Breast Implants?!

Photo From: foxnews.com; Photo Source: E! Entertainment

Another one of E! Entertainment’s Botched patients was a woman named Brittney who desperately wanted 1300cc breast implants…except silicone implants are maxed out at 800cc! So Brittney found an underground doctor who gave her two breast implants stacked on one another — one on top of her chest muscle, and one underneath. Upon hearing this, cosmetic surgeon Dubrow was appalled: “You go to the implant company inserts it specifically says, ‘Do not stack implants.’ It’s forbidden.” WHAT HAPPENED?!

How To Avoid It: Now Is Not The Time For Experiments!

Just as no one would want to get an unorthodox medical surgery, people should not want to get an unorthodox cosmetic treatment. Brittney was so set on her goal of having 1300cc breasts that she was willing to sacrifice safety and expertise in exchange for dangerous medical experimentation. It’s important to know the limits of cosmetic surgery and abide by them — don’t make yourself a guinea pig when it comes to cosmetic surgery, lest something go terribly wrong! 

Illegal Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Photo From: Metro.co.uk; Photo Source: E! Entertainment, Barcroft

Transgender woman Rajee Narinesingh was left permanently botched for decades after she received underground, illegal injections made from oil, silicone, and cement in a basement. The illegal practitioner, now referred to as the “toxic tush doctor” was recommended to her by a “friend.” For just $100, the illegal practicioner offered to “pump up” her breasts, jaw, cheeks, lips, and buttocks. The results were permanent hardened masses, green lumps that would burst, and decades of embarrassment and insecurity. Fortunately not all hope was lost: real, experienced plastic surgeons were able to salvage Narinesingh’s skin, remove the hardened lumps, and restore her face in a series of life-changing procedures. (Refer to after photo) WHAT HAPPENED?!

How To Avoid It: Don't Go Underground!

The amount of people who seek underground, illegal “doctors” or travel out-of-country to find practices banned in the U.S. is very concerning. Without proper training, quality education, thorough regulations, and the extra safety measures that real cosmetic surgeons are required to have, there are so many things that can (and do) go wrong, permanently damaging (or sometimes even killing) patients. Cutting corners to save a buck is NOT WORTH IT. Finding a highly reviewed, acclaimed, well-trained, experienced cosmetic surgeon makes ALL the difference and is 100% worth it! 

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