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Why Men Can’t Help But Look at Breasts4 min read

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There are many hotly debated subjects out there in the world: did God or evolution create mankind? What came first, the chicken or the egg? And then there is the most profound of all, why do men love staring at breasts? We know they do it, they know they do it, but is their ogling based on a scientific code within men or just because they are basically the most horny things on the planet. Except for the Anchinus who spends his short life in a sexual haze, spending so long having sex that his immune system fails and he dies (cautionary tale guys).

So, what’s the deal? Is it connected to their subconscious baby memories of their time at their mother’s breast? Do they like staring at big or small boobs? Are they not that choosy? What are they thinking about? Fortunately for us, many scientists have made it their life’s mission to answer these questions and below are a few of the results.

Hungry Men Like To Look At Bigger Breasts.

This was the very short answer to a study done in London, England, among a group of white, British, male University students. Jessica Witt from the University of Westminster grabbed students on their way into their dining hall and asked them to rate their hunger (1-10). Then she took them away to her lab and asked them to look at a number of pictures of the same female form but with different size boobs, and she used special tracking equipment to watch their gaze. The results came back saying the hungrier the student the more likely his gaze would stay on the bigger boobs. Maybe the students were subconsciously looking for their dinner!

Staring At Breasts Can Make A Woman Feel Sexy.

Dr Young and Alexander have written a book all about mens fascination with breasts “The Chemistry Between Us: Love, Sex, and the Science of Attraction.” They believe it all stems back to the mother-baby bond created during breastfeeding. The suckling motion releases a simple hormone that helps the mother feel intense love for her baby. Man brain therefore thinks – man touch boob and woman will want me. Young even goes so far as to suggest that simply staring at a woman’s breasts can release the hormone in her system, therefore increasing the man’s chance of ‘a moment of joy’!

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Men Want To Be Romantically Involved With You.

Researchers from Wellesley College and the University of Kansas did a study on attraction. They got 105 heterosexual college students (these college students get all the best gigs!) to stare at pictures of women while asking them whether they wanted to be friends or lovers with them while tracking their eyes. And, what a surprise, you guessed it folks, the eyes were trained on breasts and hips of the women they wanted to be lovers with (with the occasional look at the head).

Breasts Are The New Buttocks.

Anthropologists and evolutionary psychologists talk butts. Apparently, butts evolved into the rounded mounds they now are to provide a visual indication of woman’s fertility. Have you ever wondered why boobs and butts are rounded? According to Alfred Kinsey famed sexologist, humans moved from sex from behind to sex face-to-face. No longer were breasts hidden in the shadows, they were now the main feature.

"Some people think having large breasts makes a woman stupid. Actually, it’s quite the opposite: a woman having large breasts makes men stupid." - Rita Rudner

Breasts are Beautiful.

There are so many studies about men and breasts, this blog could become a book! From culture to socio-economic standing, every angle has been addressed, studied and papers have been written. It seems that some things remain the same. Universities have always found college students willing to come aboard to stare at breasts. The outcome is always that men stare at breasts. And why wouldn’t they? Breasts are beautiful and natural and right there in front of your face. One thing we all could put on our gravestone is “Yes, at some point in my life I looked at a pair of breasts and I liked them.” Go on, admit it, you know you have.


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