How Can I Expedite My Facelift Recovery?

How Can I Expedite My Facelift Recovery?


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A facelift is a popular cosmetic surgery solution for those who feel that their faces need a little rejuvenation. The procedure can take as few as three hours to complete, and the only other steps required following surgery are taking good care of yourself at home and making sure you get adequate rest.

It’s essential to remember that every person will have a different post-surgery course, so not all facelift recovery processes will be the same. That said, there are steps you can take both immediately before and after your surgery that might speed up your healing process.

5 Facelift Recovery Tips for a Speedy Recovery

 1: Sleep and Nap When You Can

While you might be excited to hit the town for your first few nights out, you must rest appropriately. Sleeping after a facelift can help promote healing by providing your body with an excess of rest and relaxation—two things that many people hardly ever give themselves because they’re constantly on the go. Make sure you don’t try to make up for lost time and skip naps when needed; if possible, set aside some time every day specifically to nap. Taking frequent post-surgery cat-naps whenever you feel tired will likely speed up your recovery drastically.


 2: Take It Easy

This one seems like a no-brainer, but you must avoid any movement or strenuous activities following your surgery for the first couple of weeks. You might feel better than ever and be itching to get back into the swing of things—and while this is understandable, it can actually slow down your recovery process. Your body needs time to rest and relax, and moving around too much before it’s ready will only make matters worse.


 3: Eat Right

What you eat and when you eat are essential for a swift recovery. Make sure that you don’t skip meals; in fact, three full meals per day (with snacks in between, if necessary) are highly recommended. Avoiding any foods high in sugar, salt, and fat can also help expedite your recovery. Although doctors don’t prohibit you from eating these foods after a facelift, it’s best to avoid them during the first couple of weeks since they might slow down your recovery.


 4: Take Your Vitamins

While it might seem like adding vitamins to your daily routine is an added complication during this already-stressful time, taking vitamin supplements throughout your facelift recovery period can speed up the healing process. Studies have shown that those who take pre and post-surgery vitamin supplements usually recover faster than those who don’t.


 5: Keep Your Spirits Up

It’s no secret that your mood can have a significant effect on the speed of your recovery, so be sure to keep yourself in good spirits throughout the process. After all, you’ll be feeling happy about how great you look in just another two weeks! Keeping up with your regular activities and social commitments is an excellent way to remain positive, but be sure not to overdo any engagements or parties that might stress you out. If anything, try to enjoy hanging out with friends during this time.

When it comes down to it, caring for yourself before and after surgery should come first. However inconvenient it might seem (especially if other people are pressuring you to go out or do something), rest and relaxation should be your primary focus for the first few weeks following your surgery. And remember, even though it might feel like forever now, you’ll probably look back on this time as one of the shortest of your life!

Be sure to contact us at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center about your question before scheduling an appointment so we can address any issues you might have beforehand and advise you on how best to expedite post-op processes. Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Phillip Chang, is trained specifically for this procedure and knows how to help you get back on your feet in no time.

Duration of Facelift Recovery

Although everyone heals at different rates, the average patient will experience facial swelling for up to 10 days following surgery. However, most patients will return to work within two weeks while maintaining a conservative approach toward their everyday activities. Full recovery takes about 2-4 weeks on average.

Some patients might take slightly longer or shorter than this, but in general, you can expect your healing process to last somewhere around 1-2 months. If you still feel like something isn’t quite right after four weeks pass by, contact us and make sure not to stress yourself out any further. If we deem it necessary and time permits, we might even schedule another appointment (or see you during regular office hours) for follow-up.

Although a facelift might be a lengthy treatment, it should only take about one week to show signs of improvement. Once everything has settled and the swelling has subsided, you should pay close attention to how your face looks and if anything needs adjusting or tweaking. In general, most patients who undergo this procedure will need at least two follow-up appointments with their doctor – the first happens during week one, while the second takes place several weeks after surgery (when final healing is complete).

In any event, you should always feel comfortable contacting us with any complaints or concerns that come up during your recovery process. We can help address your situation and advise on how to expedite processes so you can return to your normal activities in no time!


Would you like to know if you are an ideal candidate for a facelift procedure? We invite you to simply come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chang or one of the cosmetic laser and injection nurses to explore whether you would make a good candidate. To find out more whether Aesthetica can help you, contact us online or at 703-729-5553 to arrange an appointment. Dr. Phillip Chang is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia near Leesburg, Virginia and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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