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What Is Vectra 3D Imaging?6 min read

What Is Vectra 3D Imaging?
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Everyone gets the pre-surgery jitters. 

But what about the post-surgery ones? 

Once you’ve had your surgery and returned home, you might still be nervous about how your results will look. After all, you’re dying for that new “you” to come to life!

Fortunately, with Dr. Chang and his team of experts, you can stop wondering and be confident about your post-surgery appearance. Our Vectra 3D imaging system allows you to see yourself after surgery—only before the actual procedure!

How Vectra 3D Imaging Works

Vectra 3D imaging is a photograph and simulation system that projects different possibilities for your surgery results. 

The Vectra machine takes pictures of the area you’d like to correct and, by using its precise measurement accuracy, creates an accurate 3D representation of your body. 

Dr. Chang then uses the software to show you different outcomes for your surgery. 

We love Vectra 3D imaging for many of our procedures

Still, two of our favorite procedures to pair it with are breast augmentation and rhinoplasties!

Pre-Procedure Planning with Vectra 3D Imaging

Planning for your surgery is stressful enough. 

Between coordinating help around the house and checking the pre-procedural care boxes, no one wants to worry about whether they’ve communicated everything properly to their plastic surgeon.

We’ve got communication covered with Vectra 3D imaging! 

While reviewing the imaging options with Dr. Chang, you’ll find it’s easy to communicate your aesthetic. You’ll be able to choose from various representations of results and tweak what the Vectra 3D imaging shows you. 

The look of your choice will help Dr. Chang develop a surgical plan.

Vectra 3D's Impact on Rhinoplasty

3D facial imaging makes it easy to throw your fears to the wind and enjoy superb results. 

That’s especially true with rhinoplasty

After all, if you’re considering a rhinoplasty, you’re ready to modify your nose. 

“What could be worse than those changes going wrong?”

Most patients face this fear when considering a rhinoplasty. 

However, Vectra 3D imaging eliminates it for good!

Sculpting the Ideal Nose with Vectra 3D Imaging

First, the Vectra machine will take several 3D images of your face and nose in less than one minute. A few minutes later, they will appear on the screen.

Once Dr. Chang can access the images, he uses computer-generated measurements to create several options for your rhinoplasty. 

These measurements help him evaluate the structure of your nose in-depth and create a realistic surgical plan.

In addition, as you and Dr. Chang review the imaging results, you may point out areas you’d like to correct or alter, eliminating miscommunication.

Can I See My Nose from Different Angles?

Vectra 3D imaging will allow you to see your nose from multiple angles. 

After all, isn’t it often one angle that makes you dislike your nose? 

Now, you can check it from all angles to ensure optimal results!

Will Vectra 3D Imaging Show Different Options for My Nose?

While looking at your nose from different angles, you’ll realize that the image isn’t showing what you dreamed of. 

No problem! 

Vectra 3D imaging can quickly produce a simulation of another possible surgery outcome!

If that one isn’t right either, it can pull up another. 

Once you find one that fits, Dr. Chang can tweak it until it’s perfect!

Enhance Your Breast Surgery with Vectra 3D Imaging!

Another of Vectra 3D imaging’s strengths is breast surgery

Since this is the surgical technique Vectra was designed for, expect only optimal results!

Perhaps more so than rhinoplasty, breast surgery puts many women on edge. 

After all, the results could be great, but they could also go wrong. 

However, with the powerful duo of Dr. Chang and Vectra 3D imaging, you have nothing to fear!

Will I Be Able to See What Implants Are Best for Me?

Vectra’s ability to show you what each size and type of implant would look like on you is one of our favorite things about it!

Often, women need help figuring out what to expect from each implant type. 

Despite Dr. Chang’s careful explanation, narrowing the options without visual proof can be tricky. 

With Vectra 3D imaging, however, you’ll see what every size and style of implant would look like on you to make the most informed decision possible!

How Close Will the Simulated Results Be to the Actual Results?

Imagine a skilled replica painter. 

While their rendition of the Mona Lisa might differ slightly from the original, it will be identical for the untrained eye. 

The more skilled the replica painter, the better the replica painting itself!

In the same way, Vectra 3D imaging acts like the model surgeons use for their procedures. 

If you and Dr. Chang agree upon a desired look, you can be confident that Dr. Chang will deliver. 

Entrusting Dr. Chang with your aesthetic goals will increase the likeness of your results to the Vectra 3D imaging software. 

So yes, you can rest assured that your Vectra 3D imaging results will closely match the actual surgery!

Does Vectra 3D Detect Breast Asymmetry?

Vectra 3D imaging routinely produces breast size and position measurements with detailed measuring capabilities. 

So, it will locate asymmetry even better than the human eye!

Realize Your Aesthetic Vision with Cutting-Edge Technology!

If you’ve been nervous about finding your dream aesthetic because it’s hard to visualize your future results, fear no longer! 

With Vectra 3D imaging, you can visualize your results in minutes and refine them just as quickly. 

Choose flawless beauty for yourself today!

Meet us at 19500 Sandridge Way, Suite 350, Leesburg, VA 20176, or call us at (703) 574-4342 for a complimentary consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Phillip Chang before moving forward with your procedure. If everything matches up, our team will help you navigate the entire process from beginning to end. Also, remember to check out our blog and social media for more information on cosmetic surgery trends!


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