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Is BOTOX or Anti-Aging Serum Biotulin Better?4 min read

Botox Injections - alternative for facelift surgery
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BOTOX has been cosmetic surgery’s good ol’ faithful for years. It rids of fine lines, wrinkles, and helps with anti-aging in a low-downtime, customizable, and effective way. Perfect for both young adults and older adults alike, BOTOX has been plastic surgery’s fan favorite for years. But now, underdog serum Biotulin has entered the ring — celebrities swear by this over-the-counter, no-needle, inexpensive solution to wrinkles. So are the days of BOTOX over? Is Biotulin the new anti-aging solution? Or is it too good to be true? Read below to find out!

Biotulin: What’s The Craze All about?

Biotulin came on the market at a moment when the world was ready for an alternative to injectable neurotoxins, namely BOTOX. The results were quick to follow: backed by numerous celebrities, Biotulin promised effects similar to its injectable counterparts, such as reduced muscle contraction and superior facial features. Available over the counter, the product aims at wrinkle reduction and smoother skin after only 30 days of continual use.

Enter Celebrity Marketing

There’s no secret that brand endorsement from a celebrity weighs heavily for the brand’s popularity and trust. It is enough for someone like Michelle Obama or Kate Middleton to endorse an outfit: the results will speak for themselves. It’s what we call celebrity marketing: add fame to a product to increase awareness and sales.

The people are always eager to tap into the rumor mill and model themselves on their favorite icon’s preferences. So when celebrities like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle endorse Biotulin as an alternative to BOTOX, is their recommendation reliable? 

How Does Biotulin Work?

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The product supposedly achieves these results using a revolutionary herbal extract, Spilanthol, well-known for its anesthetic properties. In other words, Biotulin can accomplish the same results delivered by BOTOX in a needle-free setting. A tempting prospect, especially for those who prefer a more natural approach to facial rejuvenation.

This revolutionary approach raised a few red flags since the beginning. Both aesthetic specialists and plastic surgeons questioned Biotulin’s efficiency and healing properties, seeing this product as something too good to be true. Moreover, some critics went even further by trying to remove the ‘topical organic Botox gel’ label from Biotulin as untrue.

Although the argument surrounding Biotulin’s efficiency remains open, let us look at the product’s pros and cons and decide for ourselves how it compares to BOTOX.

Pros to Biotulin

With no pain or downtime involved, Biotulin promises superior results by reducing muscle contraction and by bringing improvements to fine lines and wrinkles. Moreover, the price of the product is significantly low compared to BOTOX, which makes it accessible to a wider public. The results can last anywhere upward to 24 hours, which renders constant product use mandatory.

Cons to Biotulin

Contrary to what the product promises, we can notice several downsides to this facial rejuvenation treatment. No long-term studies or scientific evidence are backing Biotulin’s claims. It has not received FDA approval, which means that the product has not gone through all the protocols and safety measures necessary for an active product.           

Moreover, the temporary character of the results makes it necessary for patients to apply Biotulin daily. Finally, since no topical cream or skincare gel can penetrate inner tissue as far as injectable products, the results will never be as dramatic as the ones provided by BOTOX.

Biotulin or BOTOX?

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The bottom line is the results provided by Biotulin are falling short of competing with BOTOX’s. With no concrete evidence backed by scientific studies, there is no doubt that patients have a long way to go until finally purchasing an FDA-approved topical serum able to compete with BOTOX.

While Biotulin is not going to make you look like the Duchess or as the former First Lady, using their favorite serum can be quite empowering for some women. As long as expectations remain moderate, Biotulin can be a useful addition to your facial rejuvenation kit.

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