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Do Tear Trough Fillers Move Over Time?5 min read

Do Tear Trough Fillers Move Over Time?
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Many of our patients turn to tear trough fillers to refresh their appearance, seeking to diminish those dark circles or hollows that can make us look perpetually weary. 

Amidst the promise of rejuvenation lies a pertinent question posed by patients: “Do tear trough fillers move over time?”

Can Tear Trough Fillers Migrate?

Indeed, filler migration occurs, albeit infrequently, when the product moves from the original injection site to surrounding tissue areas. 

Several factors contribute to this phenomenon, including the type of filler used, the technique of the injector, and the patient’s skin and tissue structure. 

While migration is a recognized intricacy, it’s not an inevitable outcome! 

At Aesthetica, we prioritize using state-of-the-art treatments and meticulous techniques to minimize this risk. Our cosmetic surgery experts are extensively trained in understanding the intricacies of facial anatomy, ensuring proper placement and quantity of fillers to maintain both safety and aesthetic harmony.

How Do I Know if My Tear Trough Filler Migrated?

Detecting tear trough filler migration requires a keen eye. 

Common signs include: 

  • Changes in the contour of the under-eye area
  • The filler appears concentrated in a particular area
  • Unevenness or lumps beneath the skin

How Do You Prevent Tear Trough Filler Migration?


Preventing the migration of tear trough fillers begins with an expert application. We take every precaution to ensure that treatments meet and exceed expectations.

Choosing an adequate type of filler is crucial. We select products specifically designed for the delicate and dynamic under-eye area. 

Patient education is also a key factor in preventing filler migration. We advise on post-treatment care and recommend avoiding activities that exert undue pressure on the treated area. 

By combining expert techniques, fitting products, and comprehensive aftercare, we strive to provide long-lasting results while minimizing the chances of unwanted filler migration.

Can Tear Trough Filler Migrate Behind the Eye?

The orbital septum, a fibrous membrane in the eyelid, typically acts as a barrier, making the migration of fillers behind the eye highly unlikely when injections are performed correctly.

Can You Fix Filler Migration at Home?

Manipulating the affected area without professional guidance could worsen the filler migration and cause further complications. 

If you suspect your tear trough filler has migrated, the most effective course of action is to schedule a consultation with our professional team. During this appointment, we will accurately assess the situation and determine the best remedy for your filler migration.

Can You Massage Out Filler Migration?

While gently massaging migrated filler counts as a form of aftercare, doing so without expert advice is risky. 

Filler migration often requires more nuanced intervention than simple external pressure. The migrated filler must be professionally dissolved and re-injected. 

This approach ensures the safety, effectiveness, and aesthetic integrity of the treatment, providing our clients peace of mind and desired results.

2 Solutions to Migrating Fillers

In the rare circumstance where fillers do migrate, you may opt for these effective solutions: 

  • Hyaluronidase corrects misplaced hyaluronic acid-based fillers, providing a safety net in the event of undesirable filler placement.
  • Subtle adjustments and additional filler placements counterbalance filler migration, ensuring you achieve and maintain your desired aesthetic outcome.

Consider Juvéderm Volbella for Under-Eye Bags!

At Aesthetica, we recognize the importance of using only the premier products in the market for our treatments. 

That’s why we use Juvéderm, whose acclaimed formula offers a premium solution for under-eye rejuvenation.

Juvéderm Volbella‘s exceptional Vycross technology was engineered to hold less water, thereby diminishing the chances of puffiness and ensuring the under-eye area remains impeccably treated without unwanted swelling.

When Juvéderm Volbella is expertly administered into the tear troughs, it stays faithfully in place, maintaining its position and volume without migration or sinking. 

This unique stability ensures that your under-eye correction remains precisely as intended, providing a subtle yet transformative enhancement to your look!

Prevent Filler Migration With Juvéderm!

As one of the foremost fillers on the market, Juvéderm boasts an unrivaled reputation for delivering consistent, reliable results. 

Its proven effectiveness makes it a solid investment in your aesthetic future, where the beauty of your eyes is preserved and enhanced by the skilled touch of our specialists!

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