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Rhinoplasty Benefits: It’s Not Just About Being Beautiful6 min read

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Dr. Phillip Chang

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It can be easy to assume that all rhinoplasties (or nose jobs) take place for purely aesthetic purposes, but it is also a nose reconstruction process used to repair nasal damage or scarring resulting from burns, injuries, or genetic defects. These facial injuries can make it difficult to  breathe, reduce your ability to smell, and negatively impact your capacity to taste. 

Nose jobs are a valuable way to open the nasal passages and ensure that you are able to breathe naturally and without difficulty. There are a variety of un-popularized health and wellness benefits to receiving a nose job operation, many of which are unfamiliar to most simply because of the nearly exclusive emphasis on aesthetic purposes. Let’s talk about four benefits of a rhinoplasty surgery: ensuring that you are breathing without difficulty, sleeping better at night, increasing your daily energy, and drastically improving your self confidence.

1. Improving Your Breathing Is Key To Improving Your Life

Whether you realize it or not, being able to breathe without difficulty is a vital part of a healthy life, not to mention necessary to ensure a high quality of life. Did you know that patients who live with persistent sinus issues, a deviated septum or unusually slim nasal passages are often coping with limited breathing even under the best of situations?

Those who envision living a beautiful, healthy, balanced, or active lifestyle may discover that it’s much more challenging to do so because they simply cannot catch their breath. Believe it or not, if you struggle to breathe well while you’re on the go, a rhinoplasty just might be the right option for you! It will open your narrow nasal passages and increase your airflow, making it easier to inhale and exhale with the tempo of your yoga instructor without getting lightheaded.

If you struggle to breathe well while you’re on the go, a rhinoplasty just might be the right option for you!

Rhinoplasties and nasal reconstruction can help you improve the healthy lifestyle you’re looking by increasing your airflow. Think about it… the more naturally that you’re able to breathe, the easier it is to go running every morning, cry through the movie at the theatre without drawing attention, walk your puppy to the local dog park, go hiking without slowing down your friends, fall asleep while you’re on the road away from your normal bedtime comforts, or enjoy the fresh air on your next ocean vacation. There is a direct correlation between breathing and health – make sure you’re maximizing yours!

2. Sleep Better At Night: Stop Your Snoring

If you think breathing more naturally during the day is valuable, consider what a beneficial impact breathing better at night will make in your life! If you have a consistent and easy flow of air both on your inhale and exhale, your snoring will likely be stopped too. 

Have you ever been self-conscious to sleep around someone because you know that you snore? It quite possibly points to a blocked nasal passage or deviated septum. Thanks to a rhinoplasty, you could stop your excessive snoring and be a quiet, peaceful bedmate at last. 

Thanks to a rhinoplasty, you could stop your excessive snoring and be a quiet, peaceful bedmate at last.

Patients who undergo a rhinoplasty surgery typically report waking up feeling fresher and more well-rested on a regular basis as a result of the surgery. This might not happen overnight, so don’t expect instantaneous results. But once you’ve recovered, you’ll discover the true beauty of being able to breathe normally and freely during the night. Spend your bonus energy on an extra session at the gym or running those errands you’ve been putting off for weeks.

3. Think Of Everything You Can Do With More Energy

We may not give it much thought, but a boosted ability to simply breathe ensures that the body is obtaining much-needed oxygen throughout the day. When we are sick and not breathing well, our bodies move slower. When we climb mountains and spend time in thin air, our bodies move slower. When we have blocked or narrow nasal passages, our bodies move slower. 

In order to live with peak energy, we must be breathing our best every single day. When your body is finally well oxygenated from an easy air flow in and out through your nose, you’ll discover that you feel more energized on a daily basis and are less likely to experience perpetual fatigue or exhaustion.

Plus another incentive is that increasing oxygen flow to your brain also prompts improvements in your psychological clarity. Tend to experience brain fog? To lose words? To be forgetful? It’s possible that you’re simply not breathing well and your brain is not receiving enough oxygen flow. Increasing your oxygen flow can assist in performing better in all fields of life. 

Straighter or Smaller Nose

4. Send Your Self-Confidence Through The Roof

It goes without saying that the rhinoplasty surgery is primarily utilized as an optional cosmetic treatment. Many patients—including both men and women of all ages and from all walks of life—find themselves feeling uncomfortable or self-conscious about their nose. As one of the most attention-attracting facial attributes, the way your nose is shaped plays a significant role in defining the shape, beauty, and symmetry of your face. A nose that is disproportionately shaped, too large, crooked, overly bumpy, or unattractive can take a serious toll on self-confidence.

Some noses are disproportionately shaped, too large, crooked, overly bumpy, or unattractive...

A rhinoplasty procedure can help turn around your poor self-esteem after just a few weeks of recovery. Imagine loving what you see in the mirror every morning. Imagine walking into a room of strangers and feeling like the most attractive person in the room. Imagine having the confidence to see yourself in photos without feeling self-conscious of your nose.

Patients often see a marked increase in the quality of their social lives, a notably higher satisfaction with their life, and a boost in their professional lives as they grow increasingly comfortable and confident in their own face and body.

At the end of the day, whether you want to breathe better, stop your snoring, improve your energy, or increase your self-confidence, rhinoplasty or reconstructive nasal surgery can help you reach your goals! Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Chang is the first step toward life-long happiness and self-confidence. 

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