Struggling With Excessive Underarm Sweating? MiraDry Is a Non-Invasive Solution!

Struggling With Excessive Underarm Sweating? MiraDry Is a Non-Invasive Solution!

Whether or not one has a diagnosable case of hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating can greatly impact one’s quality of life. This might sound like a dramatic statement, but if you have to plan your day around the prospect of excessive sweat, if you have to buy new clothing to replace items ruined by excessive sweat, or if excessive sweat causes you to feel self-conscious, then your life is definitely being impacted. So, could an option like MiraDry be the solution for you?

What Causes Excess Sweating?

While it’s easy to experience it primarily as an inconvenience, sweating — in appropriate amounts — does play a valuable role in your health. That is because your sweat glands release sweat to regulate your body’s temperature. Not sweating at all leads to overheating, but an excess of sweat, of course, can be very uncomfortable.

One iteration of excess sweating, called hyperhidrosis disorder, can be caused by various factors, such as menopause or hyperthyroidism. Of course, sweating can also be caused by emotional disturbances such as stress, fear, or anger. Any life circumstances prompting such emotions should be considered as you assess whether you might be experiencing hyperhidrosis.

Patients can encounter two types of hyperhidrosis. The first is called primary focal hyperhidrosis and is characterized by excessive sweat from the feet, hands, face, head, and underarms. For patients with this type of excessive sweat, there’s a 30-50% chance that their family history includes excessive sweating. 

The second type is called secondary generalized hyperhidrosis, and its discerning factor is that it is caused by a medical condition or a medical condition’s side effects, such as: 

  • Adrenal gland disorders 
  • Heart disease
  • Hyperthyroidism 
  • Lung disease
  • Menopause 
  • Parkinson’s
  • Spinal cord injuries 
  • Stroke

What Is MiraDry?

For those experiencing excessive sweat, MiraDry might be the answer! Many patients have tried prescription-strength deodorants and antiperspirants, and for some, these work! However, such products only treat the symptoms of excessive sweat, whereas MiraDry addresses the root cause! During a MiraDry procedure, a licensed healthcare practitioner uses thermal energy to permanently eliminate sweat glands. This one treatment reduces sweat, odor, and hair significantly!

Sounds too good to be true? 82% of MiraDry patients report sweat reduction after 12 months, and 88% are no longer bothered by odor at the 12-month mark! This is because the sweat and odor glands, once eliminated by a MiraDry procedure, are permanently gone. MiraDry is the only non-surgical, FDA-cleared procedure to treat excessive sweat, with over 300,000 treatment sessions already completed globally!

Does MiraDry Work for Hyperhidrosis?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is that MiraDry is the only non-surgical excessive sweat treatment approved by the FDA. Whether you are experiencing primary focal hyperhidrosis or secondary generalized hyperhidrosis, MiraDry’s elimination of underarm sweat glands is sure to create a notable difference in sweat production and odor. 

One question that comes to mind for some patients is whether the outright removal of underarm sweat glands is an unhealthy approach. The truth is that underarm sweat glands account for only 1% of the body’s overall sweat glands. So your body will still be able to use sweating to regulate its temperature!

MiraDry vs. BOTOX

Individuals who have already researched hyperhidrosis treatments have probably heard that BOTOX is an option for reducing excessive sweat. BOTOX is similar to MiraDry in that it targets the sweat glands. However, both treatments boast unique approaches, each with its pros and cons. An upside to BOTOX, for example, is that it is typically less expensive than a MiraDry procedure. However, the way BOTOX injections for underarm sweat work makes it necessary to return for a new treatment every 7 to 16 months, so the costs add up quickly.

We should also consider the difference in method between MiraDry and BOTOX. While MiraDry eliminates the underarm sweat glands, BOTOX injections serve to block the neurotransmitter that activates the sweat glands. In other words, your brain still tells your sweat glands to produce sweat, but the message doesn’t come through. Therefore, while BOTOX injections are simple and non-invasive, any potential patients should consider the need for repeated treatments.

What Does MiraDry Recovery Look Like?

Since MiraDry is non-surgical, the preparation and recovery processes are simpler than expected. There are a few simple guidelines to follow before and after the procedure. First, the underarms must be shaved four to six days before your appointment. The minimal hair growth that will have returned by the time of treatment will help identify exactly which parts of the underarm deserve attention.

Next, be careful not to wear any deodorant or antiperspirant either on the day of your treatment or the day before. When the day of treatment comes, pick a loose-fitting garment like a tank top, sports bra, or camisole. These will provide easy access to the treatment site and reduce underarm irritation after treatment. After the procedure, which should last approximately one hour, wrap ice packs in towels and apply them to the treated area. Non-prescription anti-inflammatory medication can also help reduce any swelling. Repeat these steps as needed over the next few days.

Many patients have found shaving or applying deodorant or antiperspirant unnecessary for the days after treatment. If you use an antiperspirant or a deodorant, open a new product and discard any partially-used ones. While using antiperspirants or deodorants is a matter of personal preference, you should avoid exercise or rigorous activity for the first few days after the procedure. Continuing to wear loose-fitting tops will also help avoid irritation.

Missing these recovery steps will not reverse the effects of the procedure. Instead, it’s a matter of maximizing your comfort over the few days following your appointment. Scheduling an appointment and following these steps is a small price to pay for a permanent reduction of underarm sweat, and thousands of individuals are glad they took the plunge. If MiraDry could be the way to address excessive sweating, don’t hesitate to reach out! We offer MiraDry near you!

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