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5 Benefits of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty7 min read

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The reasons why rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures are quite simple – it is one of the most popular procedures, regardless of age, ethnicity, or gender.

Using the surgical technique to alter the nose’s shape and size, this technique can help enhance the overall appearance by rebalancing the features of the nose.

There are, however, several reasons why some people decide to not undergo a surgical rhinoplasty, including the high cost, lengthy recovery, and the possibility of complications after the procedure. Safe to say, committing to surgery is not for everyone. 

The good news is that there is now an excellent and innovative alternative to rhinoplasty that doesn’t require the downtime and commitment of surgery!

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty has been making waves of late, and the results are just as amazing.

You can achieve the effects of a traditional rhinoplasty without the need to go under the knife or take days off from work!

Injection of soft tissue fillers is the same method used in nonsurgical rhinoplasty plastic surgeons use to lift sagging skin and smooth wrinkles.

Although this sounds promising, does nonsurgical rhinoplasty pass the sniff test?

Yes, it does!

What is Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

There have been a number of variations on nonsurgical rhinoplasty procedures over the years, all utilizing injectable fillers to give the results they desire.

The nonsurgical rhinoplasty revolutionizes the way surgeons view people’s noses, emphasizing the small changes that can be achieved with dermal fillers, rather than the larger procedures.

Hyaluronic fillers are soluble and reversible, so just a few tiny injections can result in big improvements in the appearance of one’s nose.

How Long Do Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Last?

Straighter or Smaller Nose

It takes 9 to 18 months for a nonsurgical rhinoplasty to show results.  Additional injections are required to maintain the results.

What are the Benefits of Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

Getting a surgical nose job is never an easy decision.

There is a great deal of commitment involved with surgical rhinoplasty due to its uncomfortable side effects, its downtime requirements, and the long-term effects it has on your appearance.

Although a nonsurgical nose job can produce life-changing results, many patients can avoid surgery’s drawbacks while still addressing their concerns.

With dermal fillers instead of surgery, nonsurgical rhinoplasty can achieve many of the same goals as traditional rhinoplasty with fewer commitments, downtimes, and side effects.

Minimal Downtime Required

After nonsurgical rhinoplasty, you can resume your regular routine immediately.

With appointments lasting as little as 30 minutes, you’ll be able to resume your normal routine with minimal disruption.

While you heal from surgical rhinoplasty, you may be forced to put your life on hold for up to two weeks.

Some patients cannot afford the downtime associated with a surgical nose job, even though the results are worth it in most cases.

Minimal Swelling and Bruising

Nonsurgical nose jobs usually result in a smooth recovery process that is quick and hassle-free.

Mild swelling and redness are common side effects.

They usually subside within a few days or even hours.

In contrast, surgical rhinoplasty can lead to swelling that lasts for months and bruising that makes going out in public difficult for a few weeks afterward.

While the payoff from a nonsurgical nose job may be worth some unwanted bruising in the long run, it also gives you the option to enjoy satisfying results without worrying about hiding your face or missing work and other social gatherings.

In addition to nasal packing, sutures, bandages, and splints, surgical rhinoplasty may also involve the use of nasal packing, sutures, bandages, and splints that may require a follow-up appointment and result in the signs of the procedure being more obvious.

Enhanced and Natural-looking Results

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is customized according to your preferences and desired outcomes.

Injection sites and amounts of filler will be carefully selected to complement your nasal shape while adding subtle enhancements.

When a liquid nose job is performed, filler is used to reshape your nose.

However, the size of the nose should not increase significantly as a result of the procedure.

The addition of small amounts of carefully placed filler makes your nose appear straighter and more symmetrical.

The types of results a nonsurgical nose job can produce are more limited than those of surgical rhinoplasty.

A nonsurgical procedure may not be right for you if your primary concern is reducing the size of your nose.

Liquid nose jobs are recommended for patients who have concerns such as asymmetry and bridge depressions or humps that can be corrected with more volume.

No External Scarring

A nonsurgical rhinoplasty does not require any incisions, unlike traditional rhinoplasty procedures, which can sometimes be performed in a closed manner without external scarring.

Additionally, scarring is not impacted by an incision-free procedure, so there is no downtime required.

Injections of the filler are done with a very fine needle, so there will be no scarring afterward.

It is possible that you will notice some red dots where the injections were made.

These will quickly heal within a few days.

The Result is Completely Reversible

The results of a nonsurgical nose job can be reversed if, for whatever reason, you prefer your natural nose.

The filler will be safely absorbed after a follow-up appointment with hyaluronidase, an enzyme that returns your nose to its original appearance and shape.

Approximately 12 to 18 months after receiving the fillers, your body will gradually absorb them.

Your body will naturally remove the filler over time if you don’t like the results, don’t want to maintain your new nose, or want to go in a different direction.

It is a commitment and a lifelong change to your appearance to undergo any type of facial plastic surgery.

In recent years, injectable treatments such as nonsurgical rhinoplasty have become increasingly popular among those seeking to change their face’s shape and contour.

Rather than making irreversible changes to your appearance, you can opt for temporary but easily maintainable results.

How to Prepare for Nonsurgical Rhinoplasty?

Preparation guidelines differ for different filler ingredients. Before undergoing nonsurgical rhinoplasty, your provider should give you detailed instructions.

Here are some general guidelines:

  1. In the week before the procedure, avoid aspirin, anti-inflammatory medications (such as ibuprofen), vitamin E supplements, and any other blood-thinning supplements. Make sure your doctor is aware of any blood-thinning medications you take.
  2. Keeping an eye on your vitamin K levels can help you avoid bruising. In the weeks leading up to your procedure, eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables to boost your vitamin K levels.
  3. Before your appointment, drink plenty of water and eat a meal. You may feel nauseous during or after the appointment, so don’t overeat, but make sure you eat something with starch and protein.

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