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What is the Price Difference Between BOTOX and DAXXIFY?4 min read

What is the Price Difference Between BOTOX and DAXXIFY?
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BOTOX has been a household name for years, synonymous with youthful skin and a wrinkle-free visage. 

But a new contender, DAXXIFY, is making waves in the aesthetic scene. 

As the two treatments vie for popularity, many find themselves asking, “How do the costs of these treatments compare?” 

We’ll delve into the price differences between BOTOX and DAXXIFY, shedding light on the factors that influence their costs and helping you make an informed choice for your aesthetic needs.

What Factors Influence the Price of BOTOX and DAXXIFY?

When considering BOTOX and DAXXIFY, potential patients often wonder about the cost. 

The price you pay isn’t just an arbitrary figure; several factors come into play. 

Two primary determinants that significantly influence the total price of treatments are dosage requirements and frequency of treatments.

Price of BOTOX

If you’re coming in for the first time or on a Tuesday, BOTOX costs $11 per unit. On all other days, the price is $14 per unit.

For instance, if you needed 20 units of BOTOX for a particular treatment and it was your first visit or a Tuesday, you’d be looking at a cost of $220. On any other day, the same number of units would cost you $280.

Price of DAXXIFY

First-time clients or those coming in on Tuesdays get a price of $8.50 per unit. On other days, DAXXIFY is priced at $10.50 per unit.

Using the same hypothetical situation, if you required 20 units of DAXXIFY, you would pay $170 on a first visit or a Tuesday but $210 on other days.

From these examples, it’s clear that the total cost varies based on when you decide to get the treatment, whether you’re signed up for our loyalty program, and the number of units you need.

How Does the Frequency of BOTOX and DAXXIFY Treatments Affect the Total Cost?

Neither BOTOX nor DAXXIFY is a permanent solution. The effects wear off over time, requiring patients to return for touch-ups or maintenance doses to keep the desired results. 

Generally, more frequent treatments lead to a higher annual cost. 

However, on the flip side, regular maintenance might require fewer units than initial treatments since you’re only touching up on the previous work, balancing out the costs over time.

For budgeting purposes, it’s crucial to consider the unit price and how often you’ll be returning for treatments. Some patients come for treatment sessions every few months, while others might find that biannual touch-ups are sufficient.

Taking advantage of Aesthetica’s discounted Tuesday rates significantly reduces the yearly expenditure on these treatments.

Is DAXXIFY More Cost-Effective in the Long Run Than BOTOX?

At Aesthetica, DAXXIFY is $3.50 cheaper per unit than BOTOX. 

Also, DAXXIFY lasts longer than BOTOX, so you’re getting more value for each unit, given its lower cost. 

However, DAXXIFY typically requires more units than BOTOX to achieve similar results, which means the long-term cost savings might offset the price advantage per unit.

Consulting with a qualified medical professional, like Dr. Chang, about how many units of DAXXIFY you’d need compared to BOTOX will give you a clearer picture of its overall value.

Which One Should You Choose: BOTOX or DAXXIFY?

The decision between BOTOX and DAXXIFY isn’t solely about cost. 

Dr. Chang and his expert team can provide insights into the pricing of these injectables based on your facial anatomy, the severity of lines or wrinkles, and your desired outcome.

Some patients find that one treatment offers a more natural look or better addresses their specific concerns. It’s essential to communicate with Dr. Chang about your aesthetic goals.

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