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How To Tell Your Husband He Needs Plastic Surgery5 min read

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There are a few truly awkward conversations that husband and wife can have during marriage. Such gems as “I don’t want another child” and “How do I look in this dress/suit/totally inappropriate Hawaiin shirt?” can be the beginnings of explosive language, bare-faced lying and possibly a night on the couch. Here’s a new awkward conversation to add to the pot, “Honey, have you thought about going to a plastic surgeon for…?”

For years we have demonized men who tell their wives they want them to get bigger boobs, smaller thighs or a facelift. Yet, what if the tables were turned and it was a woman’s turn to tell their husbands it’s time to get the man boobs  – “moobs” – reduced, or the tummy tucked or the face jowls removed. Maybe it’s time for an Executive makeover. Have we women become demons too or is it simply time to change the narrative and stop demonizing people who speak up?

Discussing this issue with your husband is truly personal, and you will know best how to approach things. Here are some fun ways NOT to start the conversation with your husband that a visit to the plastic surgeon will make his life and yours so much better.

No-no number one: “Sweetheart, it may be time to get you a bra fitting.”

It’s not only women’s breasts that are made up of fat tissues – men’s are too. So why wouldn’t they grow as the rest of your husband grows? Some men are more prone to this than others. It even has a name – gynecomastia. It can cause severe embarrassment to some men and they may avoid swimming pools and wear loose fitting tops to camoflauge it. Shaming your husband would be a complete disaster, but talking to him about options to reduce or eliminate man boobs would be a great awkward conversation to have. His confidence levels would be vastly improved, and you will have a pal at the pool all summer.

No-no number two: “Have you considered auditioning for Father Christmas? You are starting to seriously look like you ate all the sugar cookies this year.”

Many men who travel for work, get little exercise, and drink regularly may find their waistbands getting tighter and their tummies expanding with a ‘conference baby’ – the joy of traveling and socializing heavily for business. A better diet and exercise program is a great way to start the process of losing the Santa belly. But sometimes more is needed, and a consultation with a plastic surgeon may be the right option.

Liposuction is a very popular option for men and is highly effective at eliminating tummy fat. If surgery is a step too far, speak to your husband about CoolSculpting for men. It is a non-invasive treatment that can reduce the fat by 20 – 25%. Shirts could become fitted in the right areas and no more glimpses of belly around the button holes. He will feel sexier and look sexier to you too! So creating happy husband and happy wife.

No-no number three: “Darling, are you in there? I think your face has been taken over by fat invaders.”

As we age, things head South, creating fatty jowls around the chin. Facial skin becomes saggy, and we begin to see a fold on skin along the jawline. Dieting will help your face appear thinner; but if the jowls are there already, you won’t see them disappear with the weight. Fillers and Botox can help with jowls if your man isn’t ready to go under the knife, but they work best on younger men and not too severe jowls. The most effective treatment is a neck lift but this can have a long recovery time and can leave scars. The good news for men with jowls is there are lots of options, and they don’t have to live with jowls if they don’t want to.

Ultimately, women will love their husbands however they grow and expand. There is a difference between being in love and lusting though and it can be hard to feel the same lust for someone who has changed so much. There should be no shame in admitting it and having an honest conversation with your husband about how you feel and how you can work together to get those feelings back. Be prepared to have the same honest feelings thrown back at you – he is probably not the only one who has changed over the years. But that’s for another time. 😉


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