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How to Choose a Plastic Surgeon: What You Need to Know7 min read

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In today’s world, there are so many clinics and cosmetic surgeons that it may be hard for people to decide which one to choose. After all, your plastic surgery choice will be reflected in the quality of your aesthetic results, which you’ll live with for years, if not your whole life! And the myriad of criteria separating average plastic surgeons from the elite is not making things any easier. Therefore, we want today’s blog to guide your footsteps toward the perfect plastic surgeon, the one who will turn your plastic surgery experience into a resounding success!

How to Choose the Right Surgeon for You

The first step in choosing your plastic surgeon is remembering that each surgeon is different. This is why listening to friends and family, who might recommend you to a particular plastic surgeon based on their experience, just won’t do. Instead, you have to research and choose whom you feel is an excellent choice for your aesthetic needs.

1: Choose an Experienced Surgeon, Especially in the Specific Procedure You Want

There are countless different areas of cosmetic surgery, which is why each surgeon’s skills will differ. For example, you can’t choose a surgeon specializing in breast augmentation to operate on a receding hairline. This is why there are different fields of plastic surgery and even more plastic surgeons. Keeping this in mind, consider asking your surgeon about the following:

  • How many years have they been performing this specific surgery?
  • How many times have they performed this specific surgery?
  • How did they train for this specific surgery?

2: It’s All about the Credentials

Many would-be patients think that only because surgeons work in clinics and can perform the procedure they advertise, they are Board-Certified. The fact is that the system does not require a surgeon to be trained in the procedure they offer. And because the cosmetic surgery area can bring a big profit to the surgeons, many non-Board-Certified Plastic Surgeons are switching to this area. Inform yourself and find out if the surgeon you wish to work with is Board-Certified before arranging a consultation. 

3: Choose the Surgeon and Staff That Makes You Feel Comfortable

If a plastic surgeon is “the best,” it does not mean he is allowed to make you feel uncomfortable or taint your experience with stress. Listen to your gut before committing to a plastic surgeon: do you enjoy their company? Are they open-minded? Do they respond to all your questions? Remember that you must disclose a lot of personal information to the surgeon and their medical team, so you have to be as comfortable as possible.

Getting to Know Your Surgeon

The first consultation is the ideal moment to get to know your plastic surgeon. If you find yourself comfortable around the cosmetic surgeon, do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you want. This will make you understand their ways, personality, and approach to plastic surgery. If, however, you feel like the surgeon is not the perfect match for you, do not be afraid and find another one. Remember that you have to look out for yourself!

How to Get in Touch with Your Surgeon

Customer service is essential when choosing a plastic surgeon and their medical team. After your first consultation, you will be provided with a means of contacting the surgeon through a phone number, email address, or a particular online platform. It is essential that you receive a prompt and in-time answer whenever you contact your surgeon or the medical team. You have to be treated just as you deserve!

What to Ask? Preparing Questions for Your Surgeon

There are many questions you have to prepare in advance of your first consultation. Usually, many surgeons will tell you the information you need before even asking the questions. But remember that surgeons are people, and some things may slip away. Some questions you can ask your surgeon are:

  • What are the benefits and risks the procedure brings?
  • Where will the procedure take place?
  • What board certification do you have?
  • How many times have you performed this specific procedure?
  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  • Is there a need for anesthesia during the procedure? If so, what are the qualifications of the anesthesiologist? 
  • What are the qualifications and credentials of the medical staff?
  • Have you ever helped other patients with a similar physique? If so, are there any concerts? Could you present me with some before-and-after photos?

Bills, Bills, Bills

The price depends on which type of surgery you wish to have. Also, the state or country where the procedure is performed, the clinic, surgeon, medical team, area treated, and your physique influence the final price of the procedure. The price is generally brought up at the end of the consultation when you can also discuss financing options with your surgeon.

Do Consultations Cost Money?

The consultation price depends on the facility you choose or the surgeon. Sometimes, the first or all consultations are complimentary. But in other cases, the consultation price may start from $75 or $100.

At Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, the first consultation is always complimentary because we’re confident that it is enough for Dr. Chang and his team to help patients choose their ideal procedure!

Preparing Yourself for Surgery: What to Expect?

Once you’ve made your decision, you will be instructed by your plastic surgeon on what to prepare and avoid before, during, and after the procedure. Do not hesitate and ask as many questions as you have on your mind. These preparations are the bedrock of any smooth-sailing procedure!

What You Need to Do before, during, and after Your Surgery


  1. Maintaining a healthy diet will be your number one priority. Avoid any low-calorie diets as your body will be in much need of protein and nutrients. Add fresh vegetables and fruit to your diet instead of cutting them out. 
  2. You have to avoid fast food and alcohol at all costs. Alcohol is known to thin the blood, leading to complications such as bleeding throughout the surgery.
  3. You also have to quit smoking as it affects the blood circulation at its quality. If you are a smoker, inform your surgeon as it is a crucial detail. 
  4. Try and maintain your current level of fitness. Avoid any exercises that can lead to injuries and postpone your surgery. 
  5. Prepare your stock for post-surgery. After an extensive procedure, you won’t be able to frequent any supermarkets during your recovery time. Also, have someone close keep an eye on you during recovery.

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