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6 Things Botox Can Do For You5 min read

Botox Treatment
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Most people know that Botox can help reverse aging by reducing wrinkles and frown lines and lifting areas of the face. Since 2020 the FDA has approved Botox to be used in 11 health situations, ranging from limb spasticity to helping people roll back the years. Botox can help with under arm sweating, footpain and migraines, and here are some other issues Botox has been known to help with.

Botox to Reduce Acne

Dermatologists use Botox for acne patients because it can help reduce the amount of oil the skin produces. Botox is injected into the face in specific areas to help block the neurotransmitters which are released by nerves which in turn tells the sweat glands to sweat. By blocking those neurotransmitters, less sweat is produced and the face has less acne breakouts.

The downside to Botox for acne treatment is it will also freeze facial muscles. Therefore, it should only be used in small doses and generally not used all over the face. The forehead is a popular place for Botox to help reduce acne breakouts.

Botox for teenagers is not encouraged. But we all know acne is not just a teenage issue!

Botox to Reshape Your Nose

Botox can help lift the tip of your nose. Getting old means parts of us sag – even our noses! Botox injected into the base of the nose releases the muscles there that pull the nose down, causing the nose to lift. This procedure can be incorporated during a Liquid Rhinoplasty. Botox can also target the Bunny Lines – the lines we make when we wrinkle our nose up or smile. Lastly, Botox can also help reduce the flaring of your nostrils.

Nose Reshaping

Botox to Lift Your Lips

Fillers can increase the volume of your lips and create a fuller, luscious pout. They work for around a year, but can be uncomfortable and costly. A cheaper, more subtle – but not as long lasting – solution is Botox placed along the middle of the upper lip . As the muscles relax the lip curls up making your lip appear larger.

This is a very delicate procedure and you should only consider a skilled, experienced practitioner of Botox. Too much, and your lips will appear too frozen. You may also struggle to drink through a straw because you can’t purse your lips: great for combating wrinkles, but not so good with your favorite cocktail.

Botox to Reduce Neck Wrinkles

Necks are areas of our bodies we can easily neglect. Yet the aging process can be very pronounced in this area and is highly visible (unless you live permanently in turtle necks!). Stand in front of a mirror and tense your neck muscles and see what happens? Do you have a turkey gobble or the guitar string look? Botox can help with this. It relaxes the muscles, so you can tense, but the muscles don’t pay attention. The bonus of Botox in the neck is that it can also help with sagging around the jawline.

Botox to Prevent Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is a habit that is hard to stop. It tenses up the cheek and jawline and can cause pain and soreness to it’s sufferers. Botox can help by shrinking the muscles and weakening them which stops the grinding and clenching. Your teeth will be happier, your jawline will look narrower, and your cheeks will appear lifted – which is a bonus aging reduction! The results should also last up to a year.

Botox to Treat Decolletage Aging

How many of you think about a daily treatment plan for your chest area? A smear of sunscreen during the summer months maybe, but generally the area is left to its own devices. Yet, it is another area that ages quickly and visibly. Sun damage, sleeping on your side, push-up bras all help create the vertical creases in the cleavage area. Botox can help relax the muscles in your chest, reducing the appearance of lines. It is subtle and doesn’t last as long as Botox in the face. If you have a big event on your horizon and a low-cut dress to wow the crowd, a dose of Botox could be just what you need.

Any Other Bonuses of Botox?

Women who have Botox in their forehead are also reporting that their blowouts are lasting longer. As Botox reduces sweat around the hairline, hair doesn’t need washing as often which prolongs those blowouts. Probably best not to be thinking of having Botox just to keep your hairstyle longer, though. Too much Botox in the forehead can make the brows drop, which makes the eyelids droop, which ages your face significantly.


If you are interested in what Botox can do for you, we invite you to simply come in for a complimentary consultation one of the cosmetic laser and injection nurses to explore whether you would make a good candidate. To find out more whether Aesthetica can help you, contact us online or at 703-729-5553 to arrange an appointment. Dr. Phillip Chang is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia near Leesburg, Virginia and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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