Top 5 Benefits of Mini-Facelift and Why You Should Get It

Top 5 Benefits of Mini-Facelift and Why You Should Get It
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Age can quickly take its toll on our bodies, especially our faces. So many women wish to bring back their younger selves’ beautiful shape and aesthetics. So, why not do something about it? Your dream looks might lay a mini-facelift away!

What Is a Mini-Facelift Procedure?

A mini-facelift procedure is a changed version of a standard facelift. There are many differences between the two procedures. The main and most important one is the way the procedure is applied. A mini-facelift usually targets only sagging skin. First, the plastic surgeon will perform an incision around your hairline and lift the lower half of your face. This process will give your dermis a tighter and youthful appearance. Next, they will work around a layer of tissue directly underneath the skin, which moves from the collarbone up to the forehead. This layer of tissue is called a superficial musculoaponeurotic system.  

The mini-facelift procedure is also applied when patients want to correct the excess skin around their neck and jawline.

How Much Do Mini-Facelifts Cost?

A mini-facelift can be much cheaper than a traditional facelift. However, the price can vary from provider to provider and the country where you will have the surgery performed. The price usually starts somewhere around $3,500 but can rise to $8,000. There will also be additional costs such as anesthesia, hospital stay, and medicine.

Mini-Facelift Ideal Candidate

When talking about surgeries, there is always a perfect candidate. The criteria you have to keep in mind when trying to figure out if you are the ideal candidate for a mini-facelift are:

General Anesthesia

Certain patients are afraid to undergo general anesthesia, which is perfectly reasonable. Traditional facelifts will require going under general anesthesia, but mini-facelifts won’t. Instead, you will only experience local numbing.

You Are Past the Age of 40

Because mini-facelifts are noninvasive, the procedure is perfect for older patients. If you are in your late 40s to early 50s, you are in the perfect age range for this treatment, as you will start encountering problems with saggy and loose skin at this age.

You Don't Need a Full Facelift

If your skin is not that loose around your neck or face, the mini-facelift procedure is ideal for you. This procedure won’t have you go through a rough surgery like the traditional facelift, and the recovery period is significantly shorter. 

You are also the ideal candidate for a mini-facelift if you are unhappy with how your skin looks because of old age. You are searching for a lower-risk substitute for a full facelift and if you need to go through a shorter recovery period.

Mini-Facelifts Benefits

Each treatment has its benefits, so let’s take a look at the ones mini-facelifts deliver.

No Need for General Anesthesia

Many patients worry about general anesthesia. But because the mini-facelift procedure does not require general anesthesia, just local numbing, it is more convenient for some people. Mini-facelifts provide you with the safety and comfort a full facelift doesn’t. It is also the perfect choice for people that are sensitive or even allergic to anesthesia. Local numbing throws out the window the idea of side effects.

Minimal Scarring

Many patients undergo cosmetic plastic surgery but don’t want to experience scarring. Because it is less invasive and uses shorter incisions, the mini-facelift will result in less facial scarring. Furthermore, because the incision is made around the hairline, the natural contours of your face will hide the scarring almost perfectly. Any experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon will know how to use your anatomy in order to hide any potential scars.

Fewer Incisions

With a mini-facelift, the incisions are fewer, resulting in a much shorter recovery time. In addition, there is no need for general anesthesia because there are not as many incisions. The only place where the incisions will be made is around your hairline.

Less Recovery Time

Because the mini-facelift is not aggressive nor invasive, your skin will heal much faster. Mini-facelifts target a much smaller area of your face. The cosmetic plastic surgeon is not required to go deep into your tissue because he will only lift your skin for a more natural look. As a result, you will experience less bruising, scarring, and swelling.

Mini-Facelifts Are Cheaper than Facelifts

You can already guess this benefit from the name of the procedure. A traditional facelift costs around $8,000 because it is a more complicated procedure. A mini-facelift procedure can sometimes have the same price as a traditional facelift, but this depends on the patient. But, usually, a mini-facelift will start at $3,500.

Mini-Facelift Procedure vs. Facelift

Although mini-facelifts and traditional facelifts surgery target the same problem, the techniques are different. Opt for a mini-facelift if your skin is not that loose and does not require more intense correcting. You don’t have to go through an expensive traditional facelift if your skin does not require it. 

If you feel like correcting your face more extensively, the traditional facelift is your answer. However, a facelift targets more problems, not just sagginess, so it’s a more invasive and aggressive procedure.

Mini-Facelift Procedure vs. Thread Lift

Before discussing this topic, we have to share a few words with you about thread lifts. A thread lift is a procedure in which the provider injects suspension threads in the areas you need correcting. This will give you a more youthful and tighter look. This procedure has a minimally invasive technique, just like a mini-facelift. It also corrects your skin’s blemishes without removing any dermal tissue from your face. 

A difference between the two procedures is that the mini-facelift lifts and removes skin from your face while the thread lift injects threads under your skin. 

Another difference is that the thread lift procedure has a shorter recovery period. For example, a mini-facelift recovery time is around three to four weeks, while the thread lifts recovery period stands somewhere around one to two weeks.

Ready to Undergo Your Very Own Mini-Facelift?

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