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Lip Augmentation on a 25YO Female with Juvéderm®

Procedure Photos & Description

25-year-old female from Leesburg, Virginia who wanted a lip augmentation procedure. She brought in a picture of a lip on her iphone that served as her model. The cosmetic medical team at Aesthetica used Juvéderm® to create the desired, contoured effect.

We used Juvederm as our filler of choice. This is my preference in young women who want full lips. It is a soft gel that very closely resembles the soft nature of the lips. Voluma can be an alternative, however, I usually will reserve Voluma for older women who need more fullness above the lip in the philtrum rather in the pink lip proper.

The sequence of photos shows some the procedure itself as well as images after 3 days and then after about a week. Hopefully, she will send me more images for a late result.

Additional Info

Lip filler procedure

25 year old female seen before and after a lip augmentation or lip filler procedure. Procedure was performed using Juvederm in our office in Leesburg, Virginia. These images shows how closely we reached our goals…. except for the bruise on the upper lip of course. Notice that the upper lip is more full in the central one-third, the fullness above the lip in the philtrum turns the upper lip up very slightly to give a nice pout. The lower lip is slightly larger than the upper lip as it should be. In addition, the lower lip has a nice shape and fullness in the middle one third of the lip. More images to follow as they come.

Lip injection technique

Images show the lip injection technique with minimal injection points to decrease bleeding during the procedure and swelling after the procedure. Notice very few injection points compared to other techniques. Swelling begins immediately so inspection of symmetry needs to be performed quickly.

Completed procedure

After the upper lip injection is completed, the lower lip injection is started with the same technique. Notice that the patient brought in a picture that she wanted me to copy. The results were excellent. Too bad her picture doesn’t look the same as the iphone picture here because she is smiling but in the later images, you can see nearly a perfect copy.

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