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Biggest Lies Of Mainstream Nutrition4 min read

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In a world with 24/7 access to social media, we are constantly being drawn into the latest healthy diet craze. A diet that promises to just melt the pounds away and give you energy. A diet that swears by a certain miracle nutrient that will restore your youth and keep heart disease at bay. The truth is, not only are some of these diets crazy, they can also be down right dangerous. We are talking not only about juice cleanses or other such things that you may accept to be fads and unwholesome, but also about many highly accepted diets that are on the “market” today.

Lie: Eggs Are Bad for You

In recent years, eggs have gotten a bad rap from dieticians and mainstream media due to their high cholesterol count. It has been claimed that eating eggs makes you more susceptible to heart disease. Recently, studies have shown that a high cholesterol diet does not equal high cholesterol in your blood. Actually, eggs have been shown to only raise the “good” cholesterol in your blood which is not associated with heart disease.

In conclusion, eggs are not bad for you! In fact, they are incredibly nutritious and have unique antioxidants that protect our eyes.

Low carb breakfast diet

Lie: Saturated Fat Is Bad, Low-Fat Is Good

Highly flawed studies from several decades ago blamed fat for the heart disease epidemic in America. A recent study compared 21 other studies containing about 350,000 participants and came to the conclusion that there is no association between saturated fat in the diet and heart disease.

There is a large market of foods with low-fat labels. Once your remove fat from food,  all that’s left is a tasteless substance that no one would enjoy eating. In order to combat this, companies add in additional substances, typically sweeteners (sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners etc). Sugars are more and more often found to be associated with diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, premature delivery, and depression;  particularly artificial sweeteners.

Sugars are more and more often found to be associated with diseases like obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, premature delivery, and depression; particularly artificial sweeteners.

Salads and vegetable

Lie: Grains Are Good, Low-Carb Diets Are Bad

Compared to other foods such as vegetables, grains are fairly low in nutrients. Grains are also rich in phytic acid, a substance that binds essential minerals in the intestine and prevents them from being absorbed.

Wheat is one of the more common grains consumed throughout the western world which can cause a whole host of other issues in the intestines, such as gluten sensitivity.

Mainstream media dictates that carbs should be around 50-60% of our daily diet coupled with a low-fat diet. For those who already struggle with obesity or metabolic syndrome, this ratio can be very dangerous. In recent studies, it has been shown that a low-carb, high-fat diet actually helps with weight loss more than a high-carb, low-fat diet. 

Low-carb diets are the healthiest, easiest and most effective way to lose weight and reverse metabolic disease. And, they have many proven health benefits, such as: 

  • Reduction of body fat, even more so than a calorie restricted diet 
  • Significantly lower blood pressure
  • Lower blood sugar and improve the symptoms of diabetes
  • Increase HDL (the good cholesterol) 
  • Lower triglycerides more than low-fat diets
  • Change the pattern of Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL), also known as “bad” cholesterol from small and compact to larger and less dense which allows it to be absorbed by the body and become benign.
  • Low-carb diets are easier to stick to, probably because they don’t restrict calories so you aren’t left feeling hungry.
Fruits and juice

Truth: Fad Diets Don't Work

These lies are just the tip of the iceberg of the mainstream media dieting lies. A large part of the reason for yo-yo dieting in America (which is very dangerous) are these fad-diets being metaphorically fed to us by social media influencers claiming to know the “secret to dropping 20 pounds in a week!” or some other wild claim. Losing weight is typically a process that demands a life-style change, not a quick fix. By changing your relationship with food and making healthier choices, you will have more energy and feel healthier as well.

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