Top 5 Bachelor Stars Who Have Gotten Plastic Surgery

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It’s a show that has graced our screens for over 25 seasons, and for it’s many thousands of fans guessing at the cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures of the ladies is as thrilling as watching the romance unfold. These ladies have achieved celebrity status since appearing on the show.

Speculation is rife, and some ladies are more open than others about what they have had done. Below we introduce you to some of the Bachelor ladies whose looks have changed since their first appearance on the show:

Ashley Iaconetti - Season 19

Ashley Iaconetti is perhaps the most open of all the Bachelor alums about how much work she has had done, even telling fans on her podcast exactly how much botox and lip fillers she has received. She says that cosmetic surgery transparency is essential for celebrities because so many people look up to them and should know some looks are not natural.

Corinne Olympios - Season 21

After repeatedly shutting down rumors that she’d gotten cosmetic surgery, the season 21 alum finally came clean about the work she’d had done. Not only had she gotten chin contouring, but her surgeon had been Dr. Simon Ourian, a plastic surgeon famous for patients such as the Kardashians. She said the procedure helped boost her confidence and that anyone insecure should feel free to fix their insecurities.

Vienna Girardi - Season 14

A popular contestant on Jake Pavelka’s season in 2010, Vienna Pavelka is another Bachelor star who was honest about her plastic surgery. Following a traumatic miscarriage, which led her to depression and weight gain, Pavelka revealed she’d gotten liposuction in 10 places. She also opened up about a nose job she’d received after her 2010 Bachelor stint but never confirmed reports she’d also gotten a boob job.

Amanda Stanton - Season 20

While not all celebrities are open about their plastic surgery, this season 20 alum was the exact opposite. She filmed herself getting lip fillers and cheek contouring in 2018 and wrote in her blog about breast augmentation.

Raven Gates - Season 21

After news outlets claimed she’d gotten breast augmentation, this alum from Nick Viall’s season decided to share about her plastic surgery on her own terms instead of the press’. She tweeted that she had undergone a boob job and that she was thrilled with it. Although some fans claimed she’d also gotten a nose job, this was never confirmed.

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