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What Areas Can You Treat With Botox?

Breast – Abdomen – Vagina – Liposuction

Your cosmetic options for improving the appearance of the skin and body depends on factors that include the the amount of fat, the amount of skin laxity, the existence of  lines, wrinkles and sun damage.  

The forehead wrinkles are horizontal lines visible across the forehead and caused by the frontalis muscle. The muscle runs from the scalp to the eyebrows and helps with facial expressions such as to express inquisitiveness or surprise. As you get older, they also help you open your eyes as your upper eyelid skin gets heavier. Treating these lines is one of the most popular options for botox.  

The vertical wrinkle between your brows have been given many names. These include the 11s or the “angry” lines. These muscles are called the glabellar muscles (the corrugator muscle and the procerrus muscle) run between the eyebrows to bring them down and toward the nose; and helps with facial expressions such as to express concern, worry, anger, or concentration… none of which are good. Treating these lines gives a strong impression of youth. Nobody wants to look concerned or angry.

The crows feet lines are the wrinkles that extend to the side of the eye when you smile or squint. They are caused by a circular muscle around the the entire eye called the orbicularis. Therefore, treating this muscle will only prevent the part of the muscle that is treated from contracting… that is a good thing. As we get older, we begin to lose tissue volume in the temples. This allows the deflated tissue to sag; the orbicularis muscle becomes hyperactive because it has to work harder to move the skin that is no longer tight. A nice addition to this procedure is to add a cosmetic filler like Juvederm or Voluma to the temples.

A limitation to the treatment is BOTOX will not treat all the lines consistently. In particular, the lower lines on the cheek are not usually treated. These are caused more so by the cheek elevating when you smile as opposed to the muscle action of the orbicularis muscle.  

The bunny lines are wrinkles over the bridge of the nose as you wrinkle your nose or smile. They are caused by the nasalis muscle located over the bridge. 

The lateral brow lift is included here because it is one of the most popular treatments that we perform using BOTOX, even though it is not a wrinkle treatment.  

The procedure is performed by treating the upper part of the circular orbicularis muscle (see crow’s feet). Contraction of this circular eye muscle near the eyebrow causes the brow to come down. Treatment of this muscle will therefore raise the lateral brow. Similarly, treatment of the glabellar muscle (see the 11’s) which normally causes the medial brow to come down will raise the medial brow.

The result from this treatment leave the brow slightly higher at the corners helping to brighten up the eye itself. It leaves the patient feeling more awake and helps to prevent the need for upper eye lid surgery for some time. 

  • Reduce TMJ Pain
  • Reduce Smoker’s Lines
  • Neck Lift and Contouring
  • Slim the Jawline
  • Treat Chin Dimpling
  • Turn the Corners of the Mouth Up  ( grumpy cat treatment )
  • Reduce Migraine Headaches
  • Stop sweating ( forehead, hands, underarms, feet )

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