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Why Use CBD Oil In Skincare Products?6 min read

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Why is everyone raving about CBD in skincare products? CBD oil is from the cannabis plant, but it doesn’t make you high as we traditionally think of cannabis. It just relaxes you. How would that work in skincare products?

Over the past several years, the cannabis plant has been causing quite a stir across the country. From legalization of marajuana in some states to the explosion of CBD dispensaries throughout other areas of the country, cannabis has been taking the country by storm.

When CBD (Cannabidiol) is isolated from THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), it loses its ability to produce a “high.” Also unlike marijuana, CBD must be extracted from hemp plants, not marijuana plants, in order to be bought legally, but the hemp plant must have less than 0.3 percent of THC. 

CBD has been found to have many uses across the natural remedy community.  Mainly, CBD is known for its relaxing, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Skin Care Treatments

CBD Oil And Your Skin

The most recent push among the CBD community is the claim that CBD in skin care products makes the user look younger. These claims seem fantastic, but is there data to back it up? 

As of now, the FDA still does not regulate products with CBD in them. This means that the quality and quantity of CBD in each product can vary substantially. Some products that claim a certain percentage concentration actually may not have anywhere near that concentration.

When you choose CBD products, make sure that letters CBD are on the label, that it is sourced from Hemp grown in the US or Europe, and that the hemp is certified-organic, organic compliant, eco-farmed or food-grade. Certified-organic is harder to find because the USDA has only recently started allowing hemp farmers to certify their crops. 

Also make sure you are avoiding toxic chemicals – that the CBD oil is extracted safely – ethanol and supercritical CO2 are safe options. Also make sure there has been a third party testing on the product. Many brands will advertise this on their products and website.

As of now, the FDA still does not regulate products with CBD in them. This means that the quality and quantity of CBD in each product can vary substantially.

What's So Great About CBD Oil?

CBD’s antioxidant properties has made is super popular for skincare. We have CBD receptors on the top of our skin, our hair follicles, and our oil glands.  The idea is that these creams and lotions will be absorbed by these receptors and diminish puffy, older looking skin – leaving smooth, youthful skin in its wake. Some dermatologists consider CBD to be a better antioxidant than vitamin C (one of the main ingredients in many skin care products claiming to restore youthful skin).

CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties also has people pretty excited! Think about the fact that many skin conditions such as eczema and acne are due to some sort of inflammation.  Some claim that CBD oil can reduce the itchiness and dryness of these skin conditions.

CBD’s effectiveness for treating acne and healing acne ravaged skin has also boosted its popularity. In 2014, researchers found that CBD can help regulate and balance sebum production, even when sebum glands have been stimulated by a testosterone hormone. It can even help reduce break-outs! Teenagers everywhere will be looking forward to trying out the new CBD skincare products to help alleviate their pubescent skin.

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So Should I Be Using CBD Products?

After reading the reviews of some products and getting some opinions of ‘users,’ it seems like the overall consensus is the products can be pricey and not all of them work. Its difficult to say if the CBD in the products helps the skin or if it is just the use of a new cream or lotion containing manuka honey, shea butter or any other number of additions that could help smooth skin. 

The main benefits seem to be using CBD to treat actual skin conditions, like eczema. It is an emerging market and until there have been significant studies, user reviews and dermatologists’ positive endorsements are all we have to go on.

What we do know is that many people who use the products have had amazing results. If you suffer from any of the skin conditions CBD products claim to improve, why not give them a go? There is no harm in adding extra moisturizers to your skincare routine: if anything, it will help your skin stay more moisturized! 

Read the product reviews from other users and make sure you test the product on a small area of skin before you slather it all over your face (as with any new products added into your skincare routine). If CBD does end up being the secret to longer lasting youthful beauty, then you’ll have been at the forefront of the movement.

FAQs About CBD Oil

CBD does not produce the classic “high” associated with the THC compound in marijuana. But CBD does have an affect on our bodies.  It has calming properties which makes it popular for anxiety, and it is used to treat seizures in the only drug containing CBD to receive FDA approval. Read this article to learn more about CBD’s neurological affects

CBD works on all skin types including oily, dry, and combination.

Experts have deemed CBD safe to use. Of course, you should be careful when using a new product for the first time as you may have an allergic reaction to the products contained in it. Use a small amount on a small area first.

CBD Oil is not addictive, and there are no reports of people becoming dependent on it.

At low doses of CBD (which is what would be in most skincare products), less than 150mg total per day, it is unlikely that significant drug-herb interactions will occur. If you are taking any medications, please check with your health care provider before using CBD oil products.

As of now, the only FDA approved use of CBD for health-related products is in an epilepsy-treating drug called Epidiolex. It’s currently illegal to sell CBD in food, dietary, or health products without FDA approval. That being said, companies can sell CBD products as long as they don’t make any claims about its health benefits. And purchasing CBD is legal as long as it contains less than 0.3 percent of THC.  But we recommend checking with your state to make sure the product you want to purchase is legal in your state. 

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