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Reduce Stress Naturally: Products and Tips6 min read

Reduce Stress Naturally
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We are living through an extremely stressful time. Normal life alone can be stressful: we constantly trying to live up to expectations, reading the news, comparing ourselves to other “perfect” people on social media. Now we’re living in the midst of a global pandemic. It’s tough! And all that stress can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds. 

It is so important to take care and be kind to ourselves. If you are finding your mind racing away with negative thoughts, you body tense and aching from stress and you are struggling to relax and recenter yourself, you need this blog! Here, you’ll find our product recommendations and tips for reducing your stress naturally.

Reduce Your Stress with CBD Products

Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, is a natural remedy used for boosting well-being and treating many different illnesses. It is derived from the cannabis plant. But unlike some of the other chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, CBD is not psychoactive – meaning, it won’t make you “high.” 

In addition to treating chronic pain and other medical conditions, CBD can help reduce anxiety and stress. If you are uncomfortable taking CBD orally, you could consider using a bathbomb by Purekana. Purekana products are created in the US and only use quality assured CBD oil. They also produce oils, beverage boosts and capsules. They also have CBD products for dogs!

Research suggests that CBD works by changing serotonin levels in the brain – which regulates mood and social behavior. If you are already taking treatments for anxiety or depression it is important to speak with your primary doctor before introducing CBD products into your system.

At Aesthetica, we have curated what we believe are some of the best CBD products available. You can shop them by following the link below!

Reduce Your Stress with Vitamins

When we’re stressed, we tend to skip meals and reach for easy snacks that have limited nutrition levels. This means that sometimes our bodies don’t get all the good stuff they need in order to function well. Skin can become dull, hair lank, and energy levels can wane.

When we are struggling to get all the nutrition we need, reaching for a supplement to help can be a good option. There are many products available in the marketplace, and it is important to chose wisely. You want to ensure that they are made with the highest quality and safe levels of ingredients, have been tested and are safe to consume, and are created by companies that are certified and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Look Less Stressed with Vitamin C

Your skin will also be grateful for some vitamin love. Vitamin C is a fantastic antioxidant that can help with many skincare problems. It can even out skin tone, boost collagen and elastin production which leads to brighter, plumper, smoother skin. Using it daily as part of your skincare routine could also help with aging of the skin. Try a Vitamin C serum, which absorbs quickly into your skin.


Reduce Your Stress with Wellness Habits

Honestly, CBD products and Vitamins are just bandaids for the real stress problem. Establishing daily wellness and self-care habits is the best way to reduce your stress! What works for someone else may not work for, and vice versa. But here are some of our favorite ways to reduce stress. Maybe they’ll help you too!

Eat Healthy to Reduce Stress

When you are so busy you feel like you have no time to sit and eat a meal, you reach for the high fat, high calorie choices. Chocolate, candy, chips and dips all give us a quick high and are highly addictive. Boredom can also trigger our desire to eat, especially fatty, sugary comfort foods.  

But eating comfort food can lead to us thinking about lack of willpower, gaining weight and other negative thoughts. Choosing a healthier option and keeping a schedule of eating times will help with the negative thoughts and take back control. You should also see a natural rise in energy which is useful for the next tip.

Exercise to Reduce Stress by Boosting Endorphins

Have you ever noticed that doing nothing is extremely tiring? A day spent lazing around the couch make you feel groggy, yawning constantly and with a severe case of brain fog. That’s because being sedentary doesn’t get blood and oxygen flowing – boosting energy levels. Get in regular exercise sessions , do some household chores or walk outside and experience the mood boost! Exercise also boosts our feel good endorphins raising our mood. Exercise increases endorphins, relaxes muscles and provides a great distraction to the world around us. 

Practice Meditation

If your mind is churning with countless tasks and negative thoughts, stepping back and blocking them for a while can be very helpful in reducing stress. You don’t need to be a yogi or buddhist monk to practice meditation, and there are plenty of different ways to do it. 

Make Time for Fun

One of the best things to do when you are anxious or stressed is to laugh. You can get your laughs from a TV show or comedian or by hanging out with your closest friends. Laughing increases endorphins, relaxes muscles and provides a great distraction to the world around us. 

It’s also important to make time for fun with family and friends. Having fun could include a virtual quiz time or doing something new like a new dance challenge. Make time for both of these things every day to help you relax.

Do Something You Enjoy!

You may love to read or watch true crime documentaries. Maybe you enjoy playing a musical instrument or being creative with crafts. If you have a hobby that you love, don’t neglect it. Find a window in your packed diary or lazy day to fit it in. This could be the time to try something new that you have always wanted to have a go at. Try combining your hobby with having fun and laughing – join a group that enjoys the same hobby as you!

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Reduce Stress by Feeling Beautiful - Even at Home!

While you’re home, it can be hard to maintain your regular beauty routine – especially if you can’t go to the same places or see the same people for care! During the stay at home order, we invite you to schedule a VIRTUAL consultation with Dr. Chang or one of the cosmetic laser and injection nurses to learn how you can stay home AND stay beautiful. Dr. Phillip Chang is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia near Leesburg, Virginia and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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