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About BroadBand Light Therapy

The broadband light (or BBL) therapy utilizes energy-releasing technology to improve the aesthetics of the skin, and also makes it appear younger and smoother. This works by applying therapeutic-grade light energy that gently warms the top layer of skin and ignites collagen production. Men and women with an array of skin issues may benefit from BBL, as it functions to address rosacea, broken blood vessels, sun damage, and unwanted freckles. Also, it can help create a more smooth and even skin surface texture to generate fresh, luminous skin. BBL could be added to other cosmetic treatments to fulfill your wishes and goals. Our facility, Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center at Leesburg, VA, offers BBL as an advanced treatment proven to help rejuvenate our patients' skin.

Ideal Candidates

A great candidate for BBL is any woman or man dealing with hyperpigmentation or heavily textured skin. These conditions may be caused by damaged capillaries, rosacea, sun damage, or acne. BBL can also help to make your skin seem more youthful by initiating the production of collagen. By varying the types of filter and modality used for the treatment, BBL could be utilized as a therapy and/or daily maintenance for a variety of skin issues. Prior to undergoing treatment, one of our registered nurses will discuss how BBL technology can help you reach your cosmetic goals.

Procedure Technique

After customizing the necessary treatment plan, the programming of the BBL system will be adjusted to fit your unique needs. Before starting the therapy, your eyes will be protected from the laser with a cover. The laser will be guided over your skin while focusing on the treatment locations. The length of time necessary for your procedure will change depending upon the issue being treated and whether any additional services were completed during the BBL procedure session. BBL procedures can ordinarily be finished in about one hour or less.

What to Expect

After the session, a soothing lotion may be smoothed onto your skin. You may also be given post-treatment care directions and might advise reducing your exposure to the sun. Otherwise, patients are usually able to return to their regular daily routine. Outcomes from BBL may be noticed in 2 – 6 weeks after the first therapy, but best results will generally be observed after repeat BBL sessions. We will suggest the recommended amount of procedures to achieve your preferred outcome.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this cost?
BBL is a laser treatment that averages about the same price as many other laser treatments on the market. The cost variance depends on the severity of skin damage being treated, the number of sessions needed, and the coverage area. During the consultation, we will be able to address cost with you once we gain a better idea of the areas that need skin rejuvenation and what it will require to attain the desired results.

How many treatments will I need?
The number of BBL session needed will be discussed during the initial consultation after we examine the condition of your skin. On average, our patients generally see the desired results after three sessions. However, those with severe sun damage, pigmentation, and discoloration may require more treatments. This is common and is something we will customize for you in a treatment plan. The sessions are spaced out over the course of about 3 – 4 weeks to allow the skin to heal between each visit.

What are the most common areas treated and why?
Sun exposure is probably the biggest culprit. Any area of the body that has extensive sun damage or is regularly exposed to the sun is more commonly treated. While any area of the body can be addressed, the most common areas include the face, neck, chest, hands, shoulders, and back. They are exposed to the sun more and tend to have visible sun damage such as discoloration, pigmentation irregularities, freckles, sun spots, etc.

How is BBL different from other lasers?
While there are some excellent lasers and treatments on the market, broadband light energy works a bit differently than some of the others. BBL gently heats targeted layers of the skin to precisely target pigmented and vascular lesions. The photothermal energy engineered within BBL can be adjusted and finely tuned depending on the degree of damage. With varying wavelengths, BBL can treat both brown and red lesions, lighter ones and dark spots, without damaging the areas of skin and tissue nearby.

Can BBL be used if I am tan?
Prior to undergoing a BBL treatment, we recommend patients who have an active tan to stay out of the sunlight and limit tanning exposure for about a month. Self-tanners must be faded and you should avoid going to a tanning bed approximately 10 – 14 days prior to treatment. Patients who have tanned skin and who do not follow this protocol will not be appropriate candidates for BBL. The primary reason is because the tanned skin has an increased measure of melanin (pigment), which may absorb the BBL energy and cause a negative effect. During your skin evaluation, we will be able to guide you accordingly so we can create the safest, most effective treatment plan for you.

Regenerate Your Skin

This exciting therapy utilizes cutting-edge technology to enhance the appearance and texture of the skin, regardless of what skin ailment you might be living with. By producing young, luminous, and even skin, BBL may help you renew your confidence in your look. To find out more about BBL remedies and whether they're the perfect choice for you, call Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center to arrange an appointment.

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