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About Augmentation + Lift

As many women age, they may lose fullness in their breasts while others may begin to notice excess breast skin. Some women will have both problems that lead to sagging, deflated breasts. If you would like to increase breast volume while also eliminating loose skin, plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Chang can perform a breast augmentation surgery plus a breast lift (mastopexy). This procedure at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Leesburg, VA begins by removing loose skin from the breasts and then placing silicone or saline implants to get to your goal size. Breast surgery with a lift and augmentation addresses multiple concerns, such as size, position, and shape to create younger, perkier-looking breasts. Make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Chang to go over your unique needs and wants, so he can help you decide if a breast surgery with an augmentation and a lift best fits your goals.

Ideal Candidates

There are several reasons why you may be looking into breast surgery combining a lift with augmentation. It's an ideal choice if you want to significantly rejuvenate your breasts while improving the firmness of your breast skin. You may have developed breast ptosis (sagging) caused by natural aging, pregnancy, or significant weight loss, therefore you would like to enhance the volume of your breasts — this can all be achieved with an augmentation and lift. Dr. Chang will be able to determine if a lift alone will get your desired outcome, or if both a lift and implants are better to attain your goals.

You are a good candidate for a breast lift with augmentation if :

  • Your breasts have begun to sag and your nipple position is low AND you need more size or cleavage than a breast lift alone can provide
  • You lost fullness or cleavage with age or after babies
  • You are interested in increasing your breast size
  • You want to be able to fit clothes that require at least a little fullness
  • You feel that large and more uplifted breasts will allow you to feel more feminine

A good candidate for a breast augmentation who is healthy and who has realistic expectations

Surgical Technique

How is a breast augmentation with a lift performed?

Breast augmentation with the addition of a lift is a procedure that is performed at the ambulatory surgery center under general anesthesia or IV sedation anesthesia and takes about 2-3 hours.

  • Step 1:    The breast is injected with long acting pain medicine
  • Step 2:    The breast is injected with medication which decreases bruising
  • Step 3:    Breast lift incisions are made ( see below )
  • Step 4:    A pocket is created under the chest muscle for the implant
  • Step 5:    The breast implant is placed in the pocket
  • Step 6:    The breast lift is completed and the skin tailored as needed
  • Step 6:    Precise placement of the implant and breast shape is checked with the patient in the sitting position
  • Step 7:    The incisions are closed in multiple layers which is then protected with a surgical tape

The goals of breast lift surgery are to lift the breast, reduce stretched out breast skin, elevate the nipple to the level of the under-breast crease, and to add volume to the breast if needed using implants or fat transfer.  If you need a lift in addition to a breast implant, the procedures can be done at the same time or done at separate times.  It is important for you to know that revision breast surgery may be required in up to 20% of patients if the procedures are performed at the same time.  To put this in perspective, if a plastic surgeon suggests performing the procedure in 2 stages ( the first stage places the implant followed by a lift procedure after a few months ), this strategy obligates you 100% of the time to 2 surgeries.

Types of Breast Lift Techniques

Breast Lift with Donut Style Incisions -  

Breast lifts using a donut-style incision are performed for only for patients who need a very small lift.  If the areola size is too wide or the areola needs to be lifted more than about 2 cm, the donut incision will widen with time.  This means that even though the length of the incision is shorter compared to the others, gravity will widen the incision and make it more visible.

Breast Lift with Lollipop Style Incisions -  

Breast lifts using a lollipop incision are designed for middle sized lifts or for patients who need the nipple to be lifted by more than 2 cm.  The donut incision around the areola is extended downward which takes the tension off the areola.  In this way, the scar around the areola is less conspicuous even though the overall length of the scar is longer.  This technique also provides for excellent cleavage.  

Breast Lift with Anchor Style Incisions -  

Breast lifts using anchor-style incisions are designed for larger lifts with a lot of skin to be removed.  The donut incision around the areola is extended downward which takes the tension off the areola.  An incision is then made along the infra-breast crease to remove extra skin and fat that tends to bunch up in this area. 

What to Expect

Pain after a breast augmentation and lift

  • Breast augmentation can be a relatively painful surgery.
  • Patients who choose to add Exparel can expect to be pain free for up to 3 days
  • Most patients are off of narcotics after 3-5 days

Return to work after a breast augmentation and lift

  • Return to work in about 5-10 days ( but will still be sore )
  • Return to light walking and 10 pound weights in 5 days
  • Return to aerobic exercise and 20 pound weights in 21 days
  • Drive in 7-10 days or have stopped narcotic medications for 48 hours

When will you see the final results of a breast augmentation and lift

  • Most patients will have residual swelling for up to 3 months
  • Some patients will have decreased or sometimes increased sensitivity in the nipples for 3-6 months
  • Final shape is not apparent for 6 months to a year

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks and complications of breast lift and augmentation surgery?

As with any surgery, there are associated risks.  Only you can decide whether a breast augmentation can achieve your goals and whether the recovery and risk profile are acceptable to you.  Fortunately, significant complications from breast augmentation surgeries are relatively infrequent.  If you need a lift in addition to a breast implant, the procedures can be done at the same time or done at separate times.  It is important for you to know that revision breast surgery may be required in up to 20% of patients if the procedures are performed at the same time.  2 surgeries are required 100% of the time if the augmentation and lift are performed at separate times.  

Although infrequent, the risks and complications of breast augmentation can include

  • Hematoma or bruising
  • Infection
  • Loss of sensation of the nipple
  • Widened or thickened scar
  • Asymmetry (unevenness between two sides)
  • Delayed wound healing with skin or tissue necrosis
  • Under-correction or Over-correction
  • Capsular contracture
  • Unsatisfactory results that may require additional procedures.  Patients will generally be responsible for any associated facility fees.  Revisions are not safe prior to 6 months to a year

Why should you choose Dr. Chang to perform your breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation and Breast Lift surgeries are not only technically demanding but the surgeries are an art that requires the highest level of surgical skill to perform to give you the best cosmetic results. For this reason, it is very important for you to choose a surgeon that not only has a high degree of surgical skill and experience, but one who can artistically combine all of the tools and techniques available to provide you with a individualized and unique experience and natural appearing outcome. 

Dr. Chang is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has gained a national reputation for providing his patients with natural and sensually feminine results.  He has been voted as one of the top plastic surgeons in Loudoun and Northern Virginia year after year.  His work has been featured in national publications such as New Beauty magazine and his YouTube channel which highlights his surgical techniques has attracted thousands of followers and students. 

How much does a breast lift with an augmentation cost?

The cost of a breast augmentation and a breast lift surgery depends on many factors including the type of implant that you choose.  Some of these factors include the degree of sag, whether or not nipple or areola reconstruction was needed, and finally, if the patient decided to use implants (silicone or saline) or a fat transfer. In addition, some lift procedures have more complexity depending on the surgical case. During a thorough consult, we will create a unique treatment plan with costs so that you will know up front how much the treatment will cost prior to surgery. Our plastic surgery practice offers numerous payment plans, financing options, and we accept a number of payment forms. Cost should be only a small factor in choosing a plastic surgeon.  Surgical skill and ability should be the priority in choosing a plastic surgeon.  The prices listed below are subject to change.  Facility center fees are only estimates

  • Surgeon’s fee -  Donut breast lift - $4,000. 
  • Surgeon’s fee -  Lollipop breast lift - $6,000
  • Surgeon’s fee -  Anchor breast lift - $6,500
  • Surgery Center Fees -   $ 3,000
  • Silicone Breast Implants - $ 2,400
  • VIP Members may have a discounted rate

Will this treat sagging?
Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that helps enhance breast size, but it does not necessarily lift a sagging breast. In fact, inserting an implant into a breast that has even moderate sagging could potentially create a negative result if a lift is not performed to correct the sag. If moderate to severe sagging is present, a lift should be performed first and then implants or a fat transfer can then be incorporated for size enhancement. Women should be cautious of any cosmetic surgeon who recommends implants alone if any degree of sag is present. Many patients are often happy with their results after a lift is performed and realize that augmentation may not be necessary. Understanding how much native breast tissue exists and whether or not an implant is needed will be discussed during the consultation.

Best incision type?
Breast lift incisions have come a long way in recent years, with new techniques being performed that helps reduce the appearance of scarring. The actual incision type will depend on the severity of sag and the overall complexity of the surgery. Women with severe sag usually benefit from an anchor-shaped incision, while those with smaller breasts usually only need an incision that circles the areola only. Regardless of the method used, careful incisions are made so that the aesthetic outcome is as natural looking as possible.

How long will the results last?
As long as the patient does not have massive weight fluctuations or becomes pregnant, a breast lift can last a very long time. While implants are made today to last for years, they do need to be examined every few years to ensure their safety. During surgery, implants are placed using a method that protects the breasts from sagging. This helps with the long-term outcome. It is important to understand that while a breast lift with augmentation can offer a great result, gravity and age will likely create some natural sag over the course of time. By adhering to a healthy lifestyle, patients can expect the results from this surgery to remain beautiful and intact for many years.

How bad is the scarring?
Breast augmentation, when performed alone, creates results where scars are generally hidden. Unfortunately, depending on the complexity, breast lift surgery may result in scars that are hard to conceal. Scarring will vary by surgical case and the number of incisions as well as their location will be determined based on the surgical strategy that will offer the best outcome. With proper care, the scars from this procedure will eventually lighten and fade and naturally become thinner over time. The majority of women feel that the aesthetic results from the lift and implants outweigh the scarring.

What are some important factors to consider with considering a Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation?
Each woman will perceive the risks and benefits for herself differently. On the positive side, breast augmentation patients report higher self-esteem and confidence after surgery, enjoying their appearance more both in and out of clothing. But that must be weighed with the recognition that in all likelihood this is not a “once-in-a-lifetime” procedure – at some point, a revision may be necessary. Complications such as infection or bleeding after surgery can occur. Scar tissue can form around implants; implants can break; implants can move away from the proper position; there may be additional costs in the future; there can be changes with mammograms, and much more that each woman considering breast augmentation should consider. Despite all of these trade-offs, women are usually so happy with their implants that even when one of these problems arise, they are rarely willing to give them up.

What are the goals of a breast lift?

  • Elevate the nipple position to about the level of the under-breast crease
  • Reduce the size of the areola usually to about 4 cm in diameter
  • Reshape the breast 
  • Perform the surgery with the least amount of visible scarring

How do I know if I will need an implant with a breast lift?

You will want an implant with a breast lift if you want to add a cup size to what you already have or want extra fullness in the cleavage.  If you do not have a lot of your own volume and you mostly have only extra skin, then a breast lift alone will probably not provide enough fullness in the upper breast.  

How do I know whether I need a donut, lollipop, or anchor-style breast lift?

The donut-style breast lift is actually rarely performed.  It is only for the smallest of lifts or in patients who really only want a reduction of the areola size.  Even though the actual length of the scar is smaller in a donut lift, the quality of the final scar is usually more visible and wide.  This is because if you are trying to lift too much, gravity will pull and stretch the scars.  For patients who have need more than 1 cm of lift, the scar is actually less visible with a lollipop-style lift because the tension is moved to the vertical scar instead of the nipple areola.  If there is a lot of skin that needs to be gathered, then an anchor-style lift is required.  Most patients will benefit from either a lollipop or an anchor-style lift.

If I need an implant and a lift, should I do both at the same time?

Many surgeons will not perform a breast lift and place an implant in at the same time.  They prefer to do the lift and let it settle before placing an implant.  I feel that this obligates the patient to 2 surgeries 100% of the time.  I will often but not always do a breast lift and place and implant at the same surgery.  The need for revision to fine-tune the result is about 20-30%.  This may appear to be a high number, but what it should imply is that 70-80% of patients will only need one surgery instead of 2.  

Will a breast augmentation lift the breast by itself without the need for a surgical breast lift?

If the nipple position is only marginally low, generally no more than 1-2 cm, then an implant can give the appearance of a lift by rotating the nipple position upwards.  This strategy will generally require a large enough implant that provides enough volume to fill the skin envelope of the breast.  

Can I reduce the size of my nipples or my areola at the same time as a breast lift?

Nipple reduction surgery is a simple procedure that can easily be performed at the same time as a breast lift or can be performed at a different time in the office even without the need for anesthesia.  Areola reduction is a normal step in performing a breast lift

Can I have a breast lift with or without implants at the same time as a tummy tuck or mommy makeover?

Yes.  A typical mommy makeover procedure involves the cosmetic improvement of the breast, abdomen, and vaginal rejuvenation.  There is no established definition of a mommy makeover, but it typically includes a breast augmentation and or lift, a tummy tuck, and often a labiaplasty procedure.  

Will I be able to breastfeed after having a breast lift ? 
Studies have shown that breast lift does not affect breastfeeding.  It is important to remember that up to 20 percent of women that do NOT have breast lift can not breastfeed.  

Will I lose nipple sensation after having a breast lift ?
Studies have shown that 1 in 100 patients will lose sensation to the nipple.  

Get A Lift and New Shape

Attain the curves you dream about by scheduling a surgical breast augmentation with a lift at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center. Dr. Chang will help you create a personalized procedure plan that meets your concerns and wants so you can see your ideal results. By addressing the position, size, shape, and skin of your breasts, your surgical augmentation and lift can lead to a younger appearance. Make a consultation with Dr. Chang at our Leesburg, VA office to find out more information about your options for breast surgery.

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