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About Thigh Lift Surgery

Does your thigh skin waddle?


Thigh Lift surgery is a procedure to tighten up a loose and sagging tissue of the thighs.  The skin of the thighs are thin and tend to stretch easily with age and weight changes.  This is particularly true of the inner thighs; and this is particularly true in patients after significant weight loss.  The scar from a  Thigh Lift can be hidden in the groin if there is only minimal skin excess.  If there is a lot of skin excess, an incision down the length of the inside of the leg is required.  

Facts about Thigh Lift surgery:

  • Scar in the groin if there is only a little skin excess
  • Scar down the length of the inside of the thigh if there is a lot of skin excess
  • Procedure will take about 3 hours


The goal of an Thigh Lift surgery is to tighten up a loose or sagging thigh.  The skin of the medial thigh is thin and tends to stretch easily with age and weight changes.  Stretching of this skin makes it floppy and irritating.  Patients complain that their medial thigh skin flaps or rubs together as they walk.  This floppy skin can be tightened with an Thigh Lift surgery.  The skin of the outer thigh can also sag.  This is particularly true after tremendous weight loss.  Due to the success of bariatric surgeries, the number of thigh lift procedures performed has nearly quadrupled in just the last several years.  More and more individuals consider this surgery as a part of their weight loss transformation.  

  • If If there is only minimal skin excess in the medial thigh, the extra skin can be removed as a horizontal crescent at the groin.  
  • If there is a lot of skin excess in the medial thigh, the extra skin needs to be removed with an incision that runs the length of the thigh from the groin to the knees.  This scar is hidden on the medial side of the leg.
  • If there is sagging of the outer thighs, you may benefit from a lower body lift that will elevate the outer thigh skin as well as the buttocks

Weight loss is an impressive accomplishment for anyone. In some cases, people who make it to their ideal weight occasionally require one additional thing to finalize their appearance. Based on the amount of time you had extra weight, and how much of that weight you lost, sagging skin can be an added issue if the skin wasn't able to mold to the smaller shape and size of the body. The thighs are specific areas of trouble for a lot of people. Leesburg, VA plastic surgeon Dr. Phillip Chang offers surgical thigh lifts (also called thighplasty) at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center, which trims loose skin on the outer or inner thighs to reveal a firmer, more contoured look. Thighplasty surgery has increased in popularity since it can give natural-looking results for anyone who doesn't want hanging skin on the thighs. Call our Leesburg office to learn more. 

Ideal Candidates

You are a good candidate for a Thigh Lift if :

  • You have loose or flabby thighs
  • You have lost weight and you have loose sagging skin in the thighs

A thigh lift is a skin tightening and removal treatment that improves the appearance of extra skin. Thighplasty is typically a post weight loss treatment. Thigh lift surgery is commonly used on people who have lost 100 or more pounds. It's also helpful for older women and men who are concerned about excess skin caused by natural aging, as well as women whose body shape changed from pregnancy and childbirth. If you have loose, wrinkly, or hanging skin on your upper thighs (whether it's the outer or inner thighs or both), thigh lift surgery can be helpful. Please remember that if cellulite is the bigger problem, Dr. Chang can recommend different treatments that are designed to help decrease the look of cellulite.

Surgical Technique

The goals of Thigh Lift surgery to reduce the size of the thigh and tighten the skin.  Most patients will benefit by first removing any fat.  This is followed by removing and redraping excess skin.  Skin removal technique depends on the amount of loose sagging skin.

  • Step 1 - Injection of the fat with numbing medicine
  • Step 2 - Injection of the thigh with medicine to decrease bruising
  • Step 3 - Liposuction of any unwanted fat
  • Step 4 - Skin excision according the the descriptions belowStep 5 - The incisions are closed in multiple layers to improve the ultimate appearance of the scar
  • Step 6 - Incisions are protected with surgical tape
  • Step 7 - Compression wraps are placed along both thighs

No skin removal -  No skin is removed if there is no loose or sagging skin after removing the fat by liposuction.  The skin will shrink and redrape on its own if you have good skin elasticity.  Think of it as what happens naturally after weight loss.

Groin incision-   A small amount of skin needs to be removed if there is loose or sagging after removing the fat by liposuction.  If the amount of sag is little, the a horizontal crescent of skin can be made and hidden in the groin crease.   

Vertical skin incision -  Patients with large amounts of residual skin after liposuction will need a vertical scar that extends from the groin to the knees.  The scar is long but can be hidden on the medial aspect of the thigh as much as possible. 

Lower body lift -  Patients with large amounts of residual skin of the outer thighs and buttocks will benefit from a lower body lift.  The scar is a horizontal scar that extends from hip to hip above the buttock. 

For thigh lift surgery, general anesthesia is commonly administered. A surgical incision is placed close to the top portion of the leg in the natural fold where the thigh attaches to the torso. The incision typically continues along to the mid section of the thigh. This permits enough space to perform surgical liposuction (if necessary) to eliminate stubborn pockets of fat and to trim the excess skin in the top thigh area. The skin will be stretched upward so it is tight and secured with sutures. In specific patients, an additional incision may be made underneath the butt or in the outer thigh area, based on the quantity of skin and tissue being addressed. Thigh lift surgery at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center corrects the complete thigh area for a tighter, shapelier, more contoured look.

What to Expect

What is the pain like after a Thigh Lift?

  • Thigh Lift surgery is not particularly painful
  • Most patients will take a narcotic pain medication for only 2-3 days

Return to work after a Thigh Lift surgery:  

  • Return to work in about 14-21 days ( but will still be sore )
  • Compression wrap must be worn for 4 weeks to decrease swelling
  • Return to light walking and 10 pound weights in 5 days
  • Return to aerobic exercise and 20 pound weights in 21 days
  • Drive in 7-10 days or have stopped narcotic medications for 48 hours

When will you see the final results of a Thigh Lift:  

  • Swelling will persist for 3-6 months
  • Skin might feel numb for 3-6 months 
  • Scars will not whiten for 12-18 months ( use scar creams for silicone sheets for up to 3 months )
  • Final shape is not apparent for 6 months to a year 

What are the risks and complications of Thigh Lift surgery?

As with any surgery, there are associated risks.  Only you can decide whether a Thigh Lift can achieve your goals and whether the recovery and risk profile are acceptable to you.   The most common complications are problems with delayed healing, infection from the stitches, minor tissue loss in areas of delayed healing, and widened or thickened scars.

Although infrequent, the risks and complications of Thigh Lift surgery can include

  • Blood collections or prolonged bruising
  • Infection particularly from the absorbable sutures
  • Changes in sensation
  • Widened or thickened scar
  • Asymmetry (unevenness between two sides)
  • Delayed wound healing with skin or tissue necrosis
  • Extra skin at the ends of the incisions
  • Undercorrection 
  • Unsatisfactory results that may require additional procedures.  Patients are responsible for any associated facility fees.  Revisions are not performed for at least 6 months

Why should you choose Dr. Chang to perform your Thigh Lift surgery?

Thigh Lift surgery is a technically demanding surgery that requires the highest levels of surgical skills.  Dr. Chang is considered an expert in cosmetic surgery in Northern Virginia for his work in body contouring procedures after tremendous weight loss and formerly worked with the bariatric surgical team at Fair Oaks Hospital.  

Dr. Chang is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has gained a national reputation for providing his patients with natural and sensually feminine results.  His work has been featured in national publications such as New Beauty magazine, his YouTube channel that has highlighted his surgical techniques has attracted thousands of followers, and he has been voted Top Plastic surgeon year after year.  

How much does a Thigh Lift cost?

The cost of a Thigh Lift depends on the type of Thigh Lift that you require as well as the addition of any other procedures.  Cost should be only a small factor in choosing the plastic surgeon.  The prices listed below are subject to change.  Facility center fees are only estimates

Surgeon’s fee -  thigh Liposuction - $4,000. 
Surgeon’s fee -  thigh Liposuction plus Simple Thigh Lift - $5,500
Surgeon’s fee -  thigh Liposuction plus Vertical Thigh Lift - $6,500
VIP Members may have a discounted rate

Thigh lift surgery takes an average of 2 – 3 hours to perform. After the procedure is done, you will be monitored and assessed before you are allowed to go home to begin your recovery. There is typically discomfort, bruising, and swelling during the first few days of recovery. In several days, many patients are able to get up and slowly walking, which is recommended for improved blood circulation and speedier healing. The full recovery time usually lasts around 6 – 8 weeks. Wound care instructions given by Dr. Chang will help your surgical incision to heal well. Although patients will have some scarring, the improved contour and shape of your legs can help you raise your self-esteem, and you can display your thighs with pride.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does thigh lift surgery cost?
The total cost of thigh lift surgery will include many fees, including those for the surgical facility, anesthesia, tests, and more. Once Dr. Chang has created your unique thigh lift surgical plan in your consultation, he will be better able to estimate your costs. Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center can help you find low-interest medical financing that will make your thigh lift surgery easy to afford, so you can focus on getting the results you want from a skilled plastic surgeon like Dr. Chang.

Will a thigh lift remove cellulite or stretch marks?
A thigh lift is the best choice to achieve nicely contoured and slimmer legs. Since the procedure calls for skin tightening and liposuction in cases of excessive fat deposits, it also improves the appearance of cellulite or other skin irregularities (like stretch marks) on the upper legs. If you are concerned about cellulite or stretch marks, let Dr. Chang know during your consultation, so he can customize your surgical plan to match your goals.

How long will my results last?
If you follow a healthy lifestyle that includes a proper diet and regular exercise, you should enjoy the results of your thigh lift for a long time. Dr. Chang advises that patients be at or near a healthy, stable weight before surgery so it is easy to maintain their results. Pregnancy or significant weight changes after a thighplasty can compromise your results. During your consultation, Dr. Chang will talk to you about what you can do to help your results last longer.

Can I combine a thigh lift with other surgeries?
Many patients combine a thigh lift with a tummy tuck or butt lift in a custom lower body lift. A thigh lift is also a common part of a mommy makeover or after weight loss surgery. During your consultation, talk to Dr. Chang about all your concerns and goals so he can create a treatment plan that give you the results you want.

What about a nonsurgical thigh lift?
While there are nonsurgical treatments to reduce fat in the body and tighten skin, they are best if you only need small improvements. Thigh lift surgery is the best way to address moderate to severe amount of loose skin and stubborn fat on your legs. If you are interested in nonsurgical options, ask Dr. Chang for more information during your consultation. He will tell you the benefits and drawbacks of both thigh lift surgery and nonsurgical options as well as his recommendation on which would be best for your goals.

Get Tighter, Toned Thighs

When you notice extra skin on your inner or outer thighs that creates embarrassment or anxiety, we encourage you to contact Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center in Leesburg, VA to find out more about thighplasty. It's typical for patients to combine a thigh lift surgery with one or more contouring surgeries, particularly surgeries that correct nearby areas including stomach surgery or a lift for the lower body, based on your individual cosmetic goals. Schedule your appointment with plastic surgeon Dr. Chang to get the slimmer look you want.

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