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What Does a Mini Facelift Involve?4 min read

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The facelift is one of the most classic choices when pursuing plastic surgery to combat aging! But what few people know is that “facelift” is an all-encompassing term; “facelift” can mean many different things. There has been a recent development in the facelift world: a procedure called a mini-facelift! This is an incredible option for reducing wrinkles, removing droopy, saggy skin, and rejuvenating the entire face.

When considering a procedure like a mini-facelift, it is always helpful to have an accurate understanding of the entire process, from initial consultation to final recovery. Having the full picture makes it possible to have complete peace of mind, and a good expectation of the final results.

What Does a Mini-Facelift Do?

A mini-lift at first may seem rather self-explanatory: a smaller facelift? But a mini-facelift is more than that; it is an entirely different approach to a facelift that takes into account two particular goals: reduced scarring and natural aesthetic.

Mini-Facelift Goal 1: Reduced Scaring

Attention to detail is one of the first marks of a wonderful plastic surgeon, and this is particularly important in the area of scarring. Because many plastic surgeries involve incisions, the best doctors have carefully strategized how to minimize the size and visibility of any unavoidable scars. The mini-facelift was produced partially as a result of an effort to reduce the amount of scarring post-operation.

A mini-facelift uses the technique called the “S-lift”, which dictates that the required incisions be made in an S shape around the ear and along the hairlines. This grants access to the SMAS muscle layer beneath the skin, which is pulled tight to reduce wrinkles and sagging. The “S-lift” makes the smallest possible incisions in an unobtrusive area, which results in almost invisible scarring.

Mini Facelift Goal 2: Look Natural

Another of the most important principles of plastic surgery is one of the hardest to put into practice: less is more! While clients receiving facelifts obviously are looking to see a change in their facial structure and skin, results that look completely and obviously fake often make the aging situation worse! A mini-facelift is able to lift the skin without adding too much additional volume to a client’s face, which enables a lasting lift, almost no recovery time, and a more organic aesthetic!

plastic surgery philosophy

The Procedure for a Mini Facelift

Now that those principles are in place, it’s time to proceed to the doctor’s office to go through everything that you can expect.

A mini-facelift is not an invasive surgery, and is able to be performed under a local anesthetic in a doctor’s office. Patients are able to calmly and comfortably remain awake and alert the entire procedure! Once the local anesthetic is administered, the mini-facelift will be performed (this is when that S-lift technique is used).

Depending on your doctor’s tailor-made plan of procedures, you would next receive the neck, temple, or eyelid lift that have been planned in conjunction with the mini-facelift. Any Botox or fillers that are being utilized to restore that plump volume to the facial features would be injected next. Sutures will be inserted as needed, and then the surgery is complete!

After the surgery is finished, a neck compression dressing is placed to allow the tissue to remain elevated (to reduce swelling and decrease bruising) if a neck lift has been done.

Mini Facelift Before and After Photos

Before Mini Facelift oblique Leesburg Virginia ( Loudoun County in Northern Virginia )
After Mini Facelift Virginia 1

The Mini-Facelift's Healing Time

A mini-facelift is a marvelous option for those who are ready to rejuvenate their faces with long-lasting results that will wind back the clock instantly. The recovery time for a mini-facelift is remarkably short requiring very little downtime: generally, patients are back on their feet within a week.

Mini Facelift without Anesthesia LIVE YouTube video!

Are you considering a mini facelift? You might want to watch this LIVE YouTube video of Dr. Chang performing a mini facelift on a woman without Anesthesia! Then, schedule a FREE consultation to see if a mini-facelift is for you.

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For those wondering whether a mini-facelift might be the best cosmetic solution for you, we invite you to simply come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chang or one of the cosmetic laser and injection nurses to explore whether you would make a good candidate. To find out more whether Aesthetica can help you, contact us online or at 703-729-5553 to arrange an appointment. Dr. Phillip Chang is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia near Leesburg, Virginia and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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