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VECTRA 3D IMAGING: How to Choose Breast Implant Size Before Your Breast Augmentation8 min read

3D Imaging Helps You Visualize Your New Breast Implant Size Even Before Your Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Size
Dr. Phillip Chang

Dr. Phillip Chang

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Choosing the right implant that fits your desired breast size and figure can often be overwhelming.  After all, you are investing a lot of money into something that you will have to live with for a long time.  Some plastic surgeons who specialize in breast augmentation, including Dr. Chang at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, have invested in the Vectra 3D imaging system that helps you make educated choices based on your own body.  You will no longer have to simply rely on your own imagination: you will be able to see different breast implants on your own body.

Your breast augmentation consultation

Choosing a breast implant size and type are part of the breast augmentation consultation.  Typical consultations will discuss where your scar might be located, placement of the breast implant above or below the chest muscle, breast implant type, breast implant size, and some details of your recovery.  Most of these discussions are relatively straight forward and standard, but there is a lot of anxiety when it comes to discussions of breast size and type of implant. This is where the Vectra 3D imaging system can help set your mind at ease. 

Vectra 3D virtual reality imaging brings your imagination to reality

Dr. Chang at Aesthetica has made the investment in this high tech software to help you with the most difficult choice you might have to make before having a breast augmentation.   We offer you the chance to see how your new breasts will look on your body before you undergo the procedure.

Vectra 3D imaging

The Vectra 3D virtual reality camera allows the patient to see what they might look like after a cosmetic surgery procedure.  It is particularly useful for breast augmentation and rhinoplasty (nose job procedures).  

The experience begins with the woman stepping up to the camera platform where multiple cameras take her image while the software creates a 3D composite from the photos.  The result is a 3 dimension image of the patient that can be manipulated in many ways – side to side or even upside down.  

The Vectra software also has the ability to analyze the dimensions of the patient to measure for the amount of breast droop, areola or nipple size, or breast size asymmetry.  Finally, the software can actually simulate the placement of the implant into her body so that you can compare side to side images of what you might appear like before and after a breast augmentation.

Vectra 3D Imaging and Choosing Your Implants

Before your breast augmentation surgery, you will have to decide upon what type of implant and the size of the implant.  The difference between saline and silicone breast implants are discussed in a different blog.  What is relevant for this article, however, is the difference between high, middle, and low profile breast implants.  


• What is a high profile breast implant vs a low profile breast implant?

Breast implants come in high, middle, and low profiles.  In its simplest form, this means that for any given filling volume, the implant will have a different base width.  This is how we accommodate for your body frame as compared to the width of your breast. 

For example, a 400cc high profile implant will have a narrower width with more projection than a 400cc low profile implant that will have a wider width less projection.  

A 400cc high profile implant might be more appropriate for a thin woman with a narrow breast width than a low profile implant that has a base width that is too large for a thin woman with a narrow breast.

Using the 3D Vectra imaging camera, you will be able to visualize on your own body how both implants might look on your body.

Vectra 3 D imaging before and after breast augmentation

• How do you decide on the size of the breast implant?

The Vectra 3D imaging software is most helpful in visualizing how different sized implants of various profiles might look on your body.  Not only will it suggest a size and profile, but it will also place a chosen implant into your 3D image where you can turn your body and look at it in different views.  

In this way, you can visualize what you might look like with a 300cc breast implant, a 400cc breast implant, or even an 800cc breast implant.  Not only will you be able to visualize the difference on a full frontal view, but the 3D imaging software will allow you to turn your image to see your side profile or even see your profile from above or below. 

No More Guessing with Vectra 3D Imaging

Using the Vectra 3D imaging software, you will no longer have to guess what you might look like after having a breast augmentation.  It takes the guess work out of choosing the right size breast implant that fits to your body.

breast augmentation Virginia victory pose

FAQs : Breast Augmentation

Most patients will be able to return to work in about 5 to 7 days after their procedure.  You will still have some discomfort after the procedure but most patients will be off of narcotics by this time

Breast augmentation surgery will take about an hour.  If you see the video above, you can get a feel about how the surgery is performed.

You must be at least 18 years of age for a breast augmentation.  Patients need to have completed their breast development before a breast augmentation can be accurately performed.  The FDA recommends that patients be 22 years of age before placement of a silicone filled breast implant

Breast implant size is highly personal.  The average patient wants to go to a large C or small D cup.  The average implant is filled to about 350cc

Most modern techniques and younger surgeons will place breast implants below the muscle.  The older techniques placed the breast implant above the muscle.  It was easier and had less discomfort.  But there are 3 basic reasons for placing the implants below the muscle.

  1.  It is easier to have a radiologist or mammographer see the breast implant on your mammogram if it is below the muscle as it is separated from the breast tissue.
  2. The implant looks more natural as the muscle will camouflage the implant to some extent
  3. The risk of capsular contracture decreases from up to 50% when it is above the muscle to less than 5% when it is below the muscle.

The answer is a definite NO.  The risk of breast cancer does not change if you have an implant. There have been 2 large studies about the risk of breast implants and breast cancer.  Both showed that there was no difference and one even showed a VERY slight decrease in the risk of breast cancer.  They hypothesized that the reason might be that the body’s immune system is at a higher level surveillance .

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