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Top 5 Areas To Liposuction5 min read

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Fat is an important part of the healthy make up of a human body. It keeps a body warm, protects the vital organs, and provides fuel to help it function. But sometimes, the body likes to play cruel tricks. It deposits fat in places where we don’t have any vital organs and the extra fat provides no warmth.

These lumpy, fatty areas can be the cause of heartache and body confidence issues. Exercise and diet can help reduce fat, but sometimes they just don’t budge. Modern cosmetic procedures can help alleviate the stress and give back confidence. Liposuction in particular can help take away those pesky areas. Below are some of the most common areas of the body to benefit from liposuction.

1. The Muffin Top - Abdominal Area

The tummy is a very common area to be liposuctioned. When fat hangs over the waistband of clothing, it gives the appearance of a muffin – a delicious bakery item but not so gorgeous looking on a body. Exercise and diet can help reduce it, but sometimes the fatty tissue needs some extra attention.

If you have good quality skin, this procedure is very easy. A couple of small incisions are made and the fat is suctioned out to create a smoother, slimmer tummy. This is not a weight loss option: only a certain amount of fat can be removed and too much will result in saggy skin. For those who have stretched, saggy skin – maybe from large weight loss or pregnancy – a tummy tuck would be the best option.

2. Create A Gap - Inner Thighs

The rise of the supermodel in the 80s led to a whole new level of low for women and their body image. Magazine covers and massive billboard showing the beautiful bodies of Christie Turlington and Cindy Crawford with their strong, toned thighs and huge thigh gap had girls and women worrying about their thighs. For many women, their thigh gaps are not so much Panama Canal and more African river after years of drought. 

Liposuction in this area is tricky, and it is best to use an experienced surgeon who has great reviews for thigh liposuction. Be realistic about the results. Thighs will look slimmer, and most people will see an improvement in their thigh gap. But don’t expect legs to look like a supermodel – unless the patient was a supermodel to begin with!

3D Model of a woman for medical purpose

3. Love Handles - Lower Back

The name might suggest something positive; but for the many people suffering from excess fat on their back and sides, love is not something they feel for it. Love Handles are a result of a number of issues which include:

  • hormonal changes
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • excess food and alcohol intake
  • Age – the fat is harder to shift even with exercise

If exercise and diet haven’t shifted them, then liposuction may be a good fit. The muffin top and love handles are a good duo for liposuction. The resulting look is a slim, shapely physique. Women like this combination as it can help achieve a more hourglass shape. Although the fat cells removed are gone permanently, there will be others left behind. If the lifestyle isn’t changed, the love handles may well return.

4. Saddle Bags - Outer Thighs

Many people have baggage – mental, physical, coordinated for travel and fabulous for a night out. But the one type of baggage that no one wants are saddle bags. What are saddle bags? They are the lumpy, fatty areas on the outside of thighs. They make you look wide and force you to buy Spanx to keep them hidden. Even with a good exercise and diet lifestyle, these fatty lumps are very difficult to remove. Liposuction is a great solution. It is a small area of the body so the surgery is done as an outpatient and the scars are minimal.  Because both thighs are usually involved, it is important to find the right surgeon to do the procedure.

Symmetry is key to ensure the end results are natural and beautiful looking.

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5. Bat Wings - Upper Arm

Full glorious bat wings need a little more help than liposuction alone. But if you have the beginnings of bat wings (baby bat wings!), then liposuction may help contour your arms into a slimmer, leaner shape. A good candidate for liposuction over arm lift surgery is someone whose skin is still very elastic and doesn’t have excess fat in their upper arms. A surgeon will be able to make decisions based on the condition of the upper arms and the expectations of the patient.


For those wondering whether liposuction might be the best cosmetic solution for you, we invite you to simply come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chang or one of the cosmetic laser and injection nurses to explore whether you would make a good candidate. To find out more whether Aesthetica can help you, contact us online or at 703-729-5553 to arrange an appointment. Dr. Phillip Chang is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia near Leesburg, Virginia and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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