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Plastic Surgery Trends 2020
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We all know beauty trends are as ever-changing as the tides. Gone are the days of blue eyeshadow, tiger stripe highlights, and eyebrows tweezed within an inch of their lives (thank you, early 2000s). Cosmetic surgery trends are no different. The new decade is enjoying a blissful re-acceptance of natural beauty in all its forms. This doesn’t mean that everyone is just happy working what their mamas gave them – will we ever be?? It does mean, however, that people are ditching ultra-invasive cosmetic procedures in favor of non-surgical options that produce more natural, “tweaked” results rather than the overdone Barbie look of years past. Botox and liposuction are still faves, but people are getting them in smaller doses and in more concentrated areas. We’ve waved a happy farewell to giant butt implants and fake six-packs: if you want to keep up with the times in the world of cosmetic surgery, here’s the skinny.

Celebs are Setting the Trends, as Usual.

Non-Invasive Anti-Aging Procedures

In a culture where the “body positive” movement is in full swing, many A-listers are doing their part to support natural beauty and spilling the tea on their cosmetic procedures of choice in 2020. Dr. Lancer, celeb dermatologist to some serious beauty icons like J-Lo, Kim K, and Beyonce, said that lots of his clients are opting for anti-aging options that are less invasive, like liposculpting the jawline and fillers in the nose or earlobes. Age-defying celebs are proving that you can still be gorgeous and fierce after fifty, and you don’t have to have a completely surgically improved body to do it! 

Cosmetic Procedures for Feet

Other practitioners are expecting to see an upswing in foot-related cosmetic surgeries in 2020 – why, you ask? In part due to the Duchess of Sussex herself, Meghan Markle! When Meghan was barefoot at an event recently, the eagle-eyed public spotted a scar on the side of her foot, indicating probable surgical treatment for bunions, which are changes in the bone near the big toe that cause uncomfortable and unsightly bump. Advancements in the surgery to repair bunions allow the procedure to be minimally invasive and easy to recover from, meaning more and more women will likely try to fulfill their dreams of Cinderella feet in the coming year.

And it’s not just bunions that cosmetic surgery can fix. There has been an uplift in patients asking for Botox in their feet to help with sweating. It has been used for under arm sweating for many years and now can also help feet. Fillers are being used to help cushion the bottom of the foot and help ease pain from high heels.

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Ain't Nobody Got Time for Recovery!

The revival of natural beauty standards isn’t the only cause behind the trend toward non-invasive options. Many intense cosmetic procedures come with some serious recovery time, not to mention you might have to walk around with some not-so-cute bandages or bruising for a few weeks post-op. In today’s fast-paced, always social world, most people – celebrity or otherwise – don’t want to deal with the downtime associated with recovering from a major surgery. Instead, options like non-surgical lifts, fillers, CoolSculpting, and microneedling require a lot less time off. Heck, you can get some of these procedures done on your lunch break and be Instagram-ready by dinner time!

In 2020, the science behind cosmetic surgery has advanced so much that procedures that used to be highly involved and invasive are now easy as pie. Surgical rhinoplasty, the classic “nose job,” is being quickly replaced by the use of dermal fillers that are injected into the nose to correct minor imperfections and create a more defined, contoured shape. Similarly, mini facelifts are rising in popularity above the full facelift, which requires anesthesia and often results in bruising, because they produce natural, fresh results (with any scars sneakily hidden in the hairline) and involve little to no recovery time. Many people are opting for Liquid Facelifts that involve no scars and involve fillers and Botox to lift the face temporarily.

Everything in the modern world is becoming fast and easy – it’s no surprise that cosmetic procedures are following suit!

Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Cosmetic Treatments for Men

Lastly, cosmetic surgery specialists expect to see a rise in men seeking treatment for common physical complaints. In 2017, only about 8% of plastic surgery patients were male; this year, it expected to be more like 13-14%. Men are now more likely to visit a dermatologist for skincare help or cosmetic surgery, especially hair transplants. Since surgical hair transplant treatments have advanced and become less taboo, more and more men are seeking this option to treat balding or hair loss. Gotta keep up with the ladies, right?

Want to Look Your Best in the New Decade?

If you’ve ditched the overly bronzed skin and perky side ponytail of the early 2000s, let us help you get your cosmetic procedures out of the last decade too. We have lots of modern options available, and we’d love to tell you about them at a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chang or one of the cosmetic laser and injection nurses to explore whether you would make a good candidate. To find out more whether Aesthetica can help you, contact us online or at 703-729-5553 to arrange an appointment. Dr. Phillip Chang is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia near Leesburg, Virginia and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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