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Knowledge is Power: 5 Essential Questions To Ask Your Practitioner Before BOTOX4 min read

Dr. Phillip Chang

Dr. Phillip Chang

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So you’re considering BOTOX, good for you! You’ve probably heard about the procedure thousands of times and even may have seen a couple of people who’ve done it before, and the results are just marvelous. Whether you want to do this as a means to help boost your confidence, or perhaps because you want to maintain your skin and appearance for your career, that’s not what you need to think about before you decide to get it done.

Finding a good professional is key to the whole procedure. But the preparation does not end there; you need to be well informed and have all the questions in your mind answered before you proceed. That way, you’ll be fully prepared for anything and everything before, during, and after the procedure. 

The BOTOX Procedure

This question pertains to how the whole procedure will go from start to finish. You’ll know you’re in good hands if your practitioner happily entertains this question and walks you through the whole process step by step. Your practitioner will also inform you how they’ll prepare you for the process, what they need to look out for, what they’ll be using, how long the whole treatment will take, if it will be painful, and if they’ll be using local anesthetics to help. This is essential information because you need to be fully aware of what will happen during the course.

Are There Any Possible Side Effects?

This is probably one of the most common questions people ask their practitioner. Even if you’ve met people who’ve done BOTOX and have attested there aren’t any, you’ll want to be fully informed of the possibilities. Your practitioner will be upfront but reassuring. If they don’t want you to think about this or refuse to discuss it, you should find a different provider. Side effects are very rare for BOTOX treatment nowadays, including allergic reactions.

There might be a couple of immediate (and noticeable) side effects after the procedure that you should be aware of. They’ll explain that some cases will present some light and temporary bruising on the injection site, a bit of swelling and how long it will take to subside, or even the possibility that you won’t notice the immediate effects you’re looking for. Again, your practitioner will inform you about all these and provide you assurance.

How Should I Care for Myself After the Procedure?

This is also a standard question. You’ll want to know if there’s any downtime. In case there are some swelling or side effects, what should you do? Your practitioner will walk you through the whole process, including telling you what signs to look out for and what you’ll need to do. You’ll also want to know if you should stay away from certain activities for a certain period; this includes washing your face, bathing, putting on skin products, eating certain things, or even how to drink fluids.

How Long Do the Effects Last?

BOTOX is not a wonder cure, and the effects are temporary. But you still would like to know how long you should expect your treatment to last.  While you’re discussing this information, ask when you should come back to get it redone if you decide to do it again or maintain the effects of your treatment. Your practitioner will tell you how long you should expect it to last or if the effect varies from person to person. And if it does, what should you know when it’s wearing off?

Is BOTOX Addictive?

Odd to ask this, right? But this is important to discuss with your practitioner. You can expect your doctor to tell you that BOTOX itself is not addictive. None of the ingredients used in the formulations has that ability. However, the real possibility here (and it does happen) is when you become so happy with the results that it becomes an addictive habit for you to get it done and even explore other parts to be treated.

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