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Remember the perfect, perky nipples of our teens and twenties? Fast forward through a pregnancy or two, breastfeeding and plain old aging, and some of us end up with nipples doing slightly weird things. They can get stretched or spread out, or hide when they’re supposed to be sticking out. These are all embarrassing, for sure. But the good news is that misshapen nipples are so common, and they are such an easy fix. A good plastic surgeon can take care of a large, misshapen or inverted nipple in just about no time.

Is Nipple Retraction Surgery For Me?

When nipples get literally bent out of shape from pregnancy or breastfeeding, they can get wider or droopy. And sometimes, our once-symmetrical nipples become two different shapes or sizes after having a few kids. Nipple retraction surgery can be a perfect solution in cases like these.

How Does Nipple Retraction Surgery Work?

Nipple retraction surgery is often (but not always) part of a breast augmentation, reduction or lift.

For long or droopy nipples, your surgeon removes the extra skin from the base of the nipple (where it’s super easy to hide the scars), shortening and tightening the nipple so it’s firmer and perkier.

For wide nipples, we take out a little wedge of tissue from the side of the nipple and close it vertically so you’re left with a smaller, prettier nipple – again with little or no visible scarring. We work hard to keep things as symmetrical as possible so you’ll feel like you’re 22 again and everything is bouncy and balanced!

Nipple retraction surgery on its own is an outpatient procedure that requires just a little bit of local anesthetic. These procedures tend to work better for ladies who are done having kids so the work doesn’t get stretched out again through weight gain. But if you do get pregnant again, you should be able to breastfeed with no problem.

Is Nipple Retraction Surgery Right For Me?

Sometimes our nipples point in when they’re supposed to be pointing out. It’s called nipple inversion, and it affects more women than you think. In some cases, it’s just something that happens, and many women live with it for most of their lives. Other times, nipple inversion comes on after breastfeeding because of changes related to those hardworking milk ducts.

What Is Nipple Inversion/retraction?

Nipple inversion happens when the tissue around the nipple gets so attached it just won’t let go. That breast tissue holds on tight to the base of the nipple, so the nipple finds itself getting pulled back in when it wants to pop out!

The pros have identified three different types of nipple inversion:

  • Level 1 inversion often involves what are known as “shy” nipples. They’re often inverted but occasionally come out on their own or with a little stimulation.
  • Level 2 inversion is when the nipple can come out with stimulation but usually goes right back into the default inverted status.
  • Level 3 inversion involves severely retracted nipples that don’t come out without surgery.

Sometimes a little suction is all it takes to correct a Level 1 inversion, but in other cases, surgery is your best bet, and it’s easier than ever.

How Can My Doctor Fix My Inverted Nipple?

Your doctor makes a tiny incision at the base of the nipple and then locates the tissue or constricted milk ducts that are causing the problem. He untangles the tissue in a quick and easy procedure and frees the nipple. Then he makes a tiny stitch to keep everything pointing in the right direction.

This procedure is also usually done in the office without general anesthesia. It can typically be done without impacting the milk ducts so you can still breastfeed, and in some cases, it can actually help women breastfeed more successfully. And just like a nipple reduction, nipple inversion surgery is non-invasive and essentially scar-free.

Balance In a Braless World

Whether we like it or not, going braless is a trend, and Free the Nipple fashions are back with a vengeance. And if bra-free isn’t your cup of tea, you may just want to feel more comfortable in the bedroom or at the gym.

If you feel that you may need nipple reduction or nipple inversion therapy, contact Aesthetica today for a free consultation.There’s absolutely no reason to be embarrassed or self-conscious about your nipples when it’s so easy to achieve balance, harmony and just the right size and shape!



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