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How Can I Change the Shape of My Nipple?

Nipple Surgery
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Remember the perfect, perky nipples of our teens and twenties? Fast forward through a pregnancy or two, breastfeeding and plain old aging, and some of us end up with nipples doing slightly weird things. 

They can get stretched or spread out, or hide when they’re supposed to be sticking out. These are all embarrassing, for sure. But the good news is that misshapen nipples are so common, and they are such an easy fix. A good plastic surgeon can take care of a large, misshapen or inverted nipple in just about no time.

Explore the ins and outs of nipple inversion surgery, a specialized process that holds the power to not only alter physical appearance but also to boost confidence by aligning your body with your comfort and desires.

Is Nipple Retraction Surgery For Me?

When nipples get literally bent out of shape from pregnancy or breastfeeding, they can get wider or droopy. Sometimes, our once-symmetrical nipples become two different shapes or sizes after having a few kids. Nipple retraction surgery can be a perfect solution in cases like these.

How Does Nipple Retraction Surgery Work?

Whether it’s a matter of aesthetics or comfort, knowing how nipple retraction surgery works can help in making an informed decision. The procedure has evolved over the years, with advancements ensuring quicker recovery and reduced discomfort. Here’s a deeper dive into the surgery. 

For long or droopy nipples, your surgeon removes the extra skin from the base of the nipple (where it’s super easy to hide the scars), shortening and tightening the nipple so it’s firmer and perkier.

For wide nipples, we take out a little wedge of tissue from the side of the nipple and close it vertically so you’re left with a smaller, prettier nipple – again with little or no visible scarring. We work hard to keep things as symmetrical as possible so you’ll feel like you’re 22 again and everything is bouncy and balanced!

Nipple retraction surgery on its own is an outpatient procedure that requires just a little bit of local anesthetic. These procedures tend to work better for ladies who are done having kids so the work doesn’t get stretched out again through weight gain. But if you do get pregnant again, you should be able to breastfeed with no problem.

Is Nipple Retraction Surgery Right For Me?

Nipple inversion can be congenital or occur due to external factors. It’s essential to recognize that nipple inversion doesn’t impact the function of the breast. However, from an aesthetic standpoint or personal comfort, many opt for correction.

  • Level 1 inversion: Dubbed “shy” nipples, they can be coaxed out. In this level, the nipple can be easily pulled out and tends to maintain its projection with minor stimulation. Once the stimuli are removed, the nipple may retract back. There is little fibrosis (formation of excess fibrous connective tissue) and the milk ducts are not compromised, so breastfeeding is typically possible. Surgery is often not required unless desired for cosmetic reasons.
  • Level 2 inversion: In this grade, the nipple can be pulled out but will retract more quickly. There is more fibrosis and retraction than in Level 1. Some of the milk ducts might be constricted, which can make breastfeeding more challenging. Correction usually requires a minor surgical procedure, and all attempts to preserve the ductal integrity are made.
  • Level 3 inversion: The nipples are always inverted and cannot be pulled out manually. There’s significant fibrosis and the milk ducts are often completely compromised, making breastfeeding challenging. Surgical correction is more complex, but doable, due to the higher degree of fibrosis and retracted milk ducts. 

Sometimes a little suction is all it takes to correct a Level 1 inversion, but in other cases, surgery is your best bet, and it’s easier than ever.

Will I Lose Sensation After Nipple Surgery?

Entrusting your journey to a seasoned expert like Dr. Chang offers not just transformative results but also peace of mind. Renowned for his meticulous technique and profound knowledge of anatomy, Dr. Chang prioritizes retaining nipple sensation while skillfully crafting its new shape. 

His adept hands and strategic approach work synergistically to safeguard delicate sensory nerves during surgery, minimizing the risk of altered sensation. Your path to acquiring a rejuvenated nipple shape is intertwined with the assurance that every step is calculated, aiming for aesthetic enhancement without compromising sensitivity.

How Can My Doctor Fix My Inverted Nipple?

With an emphasis on minimalism, the procedure is designed for maximum effect with minimal intrusion. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools, surgeons, like Dr. Chang, ensure precision, reducing the chances of post-operative complications. The focus is on maintaining the natural feelings and sensations of the nipple while achieving the desired appearance.

Balance In a Braless World

As societal norms evolve, so do our choices. Embracing body positivity means celebrating every choice, whether it’s opting for a surgical procedure or choosing to go natural. What’s important is feeling confident in one’s skin.

Considering nipple reshaping? Equip yourself with knowledge, seek consultations, and prioritize your comfort and safety. At Aesthetica, we offer expert guidance to help you make an informed decision. Celebrate yourself, your journey, and every choice you make.

Meet us at 19500 Sandridge Way, Suite 350, Leesburg, VA 20176, or call us at (703) 574-4342 for a complimentary consultation with Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Phillip Chang before moving forward with your procedure. If everything matches up, our team will help you navigate the entire process from beginning to end. Also, remember to check out our blog and social media for more information on cosmetic surgery trends!

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