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Celebrities – Good vs Bad Fillers7 min read

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In this post, gotobeauty.com is going to draw some lessons from the folks in Hollywood. Celebrities are a great source to help you understand the good and not-so-good use of fillers to refine and tighten facial features.

When it comes to using fillers to achieve a fresh and youthful facial appearance, less is definitely more. You need only start following celebrities at the awards ceremonies to see a parade of men and women receiving these treatments. And why not? In businesses where beauty is essential to your success and professional longevity, fillers are a dream come true. The procedure is non-invasive and often performed in a single office visit, and the results can be stunning and with little or no discomfort.

Today, both men and women are taking full advantage of the benefits provided by fillers to maximize their beauty while looking natural. But how much is too much? There are plenty of successes to go around. So then why are some of these celebrities “refreshes” such flops?

Fillers may be used to provide natural-looking beauty, but when abused by administering too much or the wrong proportion, the result can be unbalanced and even look worse than when the celebrity started. Also, combining too many procedures at once can throw natural proportions out-of-whack.

This blog will discuss these results, both good and bad, and give some tips on how you can achieve the full benefit of natural-looking results from the use of fillers. Happily, these effects are temporary and achieving a natural look only depends on getting the right amount and type of fillers for your situation. Many of these celebrities highlighted have never publicly confirmed or denied cosmetic work. This discussion is based on years of experience in providing fillers to women.

Other CELEBRITIES who have been open about using fillers (and look good with it!) are: Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Kaley Cuoco, Courtney Cox and Robin Wright.

Use The Right Fillers

All types of fillers and injectables are not right for every treatment. Some fillers are good for the upper face, some for the mid-face and some address chin and neck. Your doctor will customize your treatment.

  • Botox® is a wrinkle relaxer suitable for the upper regions of the face.
  • Juvederm® is a filler use in areas like lips, cheeks and nose.
  • Voluma® is used mid-face and cheeks for a youthful profile.

Stick with temporary fillers. Temporary fillers look natural than because they are more compatible with the body.

The human body does not produce plastic or silicone. When these foreign substances are directly injected, they never look natural. Additionally, permanent fillers also do not age along with the face.

The Forehead and Brow

By Walt Disney Television - Under Creative Commons licenses l https://www.google.com/search?q=Jenny%20McCarthy&tbm=isch&hl=en&tbs=il:cl&sa=X&ved=0CAAQ1vwEahcKEwjAosa1zez1AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAg&biw=1333&bih=568#imgrc=7XXMzq_dGvKVlM

Above actress Jenny McCarthy is definitely benefitting from the right amount of filler. Her face appears relaxed, and her brows natural.

Below actress Meg Ryan, looks like she has received too much filler in her forehead area. This excess in the area of her forehead actually pushes down her eyebrows and makes her eyes appear smaller.

By David Shankbone - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 I [[File:Meg Ryan 2 Met Opera 2010 Shankbone.jpg|Meg_Ryan_2_Met_Opera_2010_Shankbone]]

Here in another more recent view of Ms. Ryan,  the effects of the earlier fillers (she has never confirmed cosmetic work) have worn off, and treatments are being done with a lighter hand. Meg has deep-set eyes, and the current doctor is taking this into account. She looks fresh faced and beautiful.

The Eye and Cheek Areas

Fillers can achieve a more lifted, softer eye area. Space in the cheeks and under the eye can subtly brighten the face giving a refreshed appearance by lifting sagging skin.

By Walt Disney Television - Public Domain I https://www.google.com/search?q=Lori%20Loughlin&tbm=isch&hl=en&tbs=il:cl&sa=X&ved=0CAAQ1vwEahcKEwi4uPro2ez1AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAg&biw=1333&bih=568#imgrc=bMb_VREm-iF5lM

Actress Lori Loughlin had fillers in the space under eyes and in the cheeks. The effect here is subtle. Just enough was used to lift loose skin back into place gently.

Below, Meg Ryan’s cheeks look like they have been overfilled, giving her a hard look. It’s especially noticeable along the nasolabial border between the cheek and upper lip area. She may have used synthetic fillers too, which don’t look natural.

By The Heart Truth - Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 I [[File:Molly Sims Heart Truth7.jpg|Molly_Sims_Heart_Truth7]]

Here is actress Molly Sims. She has been treated in the same area. The nasolabial lines in her face appear softer and more natural. Even though in her before picture, the crease is pronounced. In the after photo, she actually looks smoother at the corners of her mouth.

Too Much Mix and Match Doesn't Work

Combining injections with too many other procedures often ends up looking unbalanced. Not only will it distort the appearance, but it ends up looking “manufactured.” To avoid this outcome, sit down with your doctor and prioritize what will look best at your time of life and for your body type. Look for a cosmetic surgeon who approaches treatments from a whole-body perspective.

Injectables may be combined with other treatments, but too much may backfire and draw attention for the wrong reasons.

In the following image, Actress Renee Zellweger appears to have combined nasolabial fillers, cheek fillers, some fillers under the eye to address crows’ feet and an eye lift. She’s almost unrecognizable.

By Siebbi - Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 I [[File:Renée Zellweger Berlinale 2010 (cropped).jpg|Renée_Zellweger_Berlinale_2010_(cropped)]]

Below, it appears that the original fillers have worn off and the ones that may be in use now give a lovely lifted appearance. Here the light-handed approach has resulted in a fresh, natural look. Also, the eye lift may have been reversed. Today she appears natural, as seen in this image taken in the media campaign for her recent film on Judy Garland.

The Best Time To Get Fillers

There is an age window to achieving your most natural results. Between forty and fifty is the best time to start. After that age, elasticity decreases and outcomes for first treatments may vary. The earlier clients begin using injectables, the better. Regular injections over time will actually make the skin look softer and encourage collagen production.


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