Breasts: Why Men Just Can’t Help But Stare

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Picture this scenario: a packed sports bar on a Friday night, men stand shoulder to shoulder waiting to get their ice cold beers. There is no shoving or irritation at the wait, and there is a certain hush to the room as if they are preoccupied by something deeper than conversation. What could it be you wonder? The last minutes of a tied football game – hardly think the room would be quiet for that! Maybe the national anthem is playing on the big screen TVs, yet no hats have been removed and there are few hands on hearts.

What they are staring at in wonder and admiration is something that is so basic to males they have been doing it since the day they were born – breasts! A particularly spectacular pair attached to the barmaid who is wearing a vest top that could only be described as minimal. The collective thought running through their minds: ‘hubba, hubba, hubba.’

Most women could tell you a tale of having their boobs drooled over by men. Many will tell it with a smile and a sigh of ‘men, what are they like!’ Others are affronted by the blatant sexual stare of a man. It is a hotly contested subject on both sides of the gender divide, creating hours of debate and Google searches to back up theories. Do people think this debate will change the way men’s eyes roam? No way! The question is: Why not?

Why They Stare at Breasts: It's Scientific!

Finding: Men look at breasts more than faces

Universities around the globe have spent time and energy creating (very academic and serious) tests involving men and pictures of knockers of varying sizes. A study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln asked a group of men (and women) to stare at pictures of 10 women of different sizes. During this time, their gaze was tracked using a special machine (the science part).

Surprise, surprise most of the men gazed at the boobs more than at the face. But so did the women too! How did this pass budget funding? Maybe, it was requested by a woman in a see-through blouse and a tempting red lace push up. Head to any sports bar on a Friday night and you could have come to the same conclusion for the price of a beer and a pretzel.

Finding: A breastfeeding connection

Yet, they aren’t the only ones who want to put a scientific tag on it. Dr Larry Young and his friend Alexander wrote a book all about men’s desire to look below the neckline. They believe in a neurological reasoning connected to the joys of motherhood and baby bonding over milk-laden breasts.

The release of the neurochemical Oxytocin during breastfeeding is said to help build the bond of the mother and child. What does this have to do with men? Oxytocin is also a pleasure chemical and helps with the bonding of a man and woman sexually. Simply put: man stares at a woman’s chest, woman starts to feel pleasure and then they both skip off to a motel to ‘bond.” Oversimplification maybe, but surely there is a simpler explanation.

Finding: Staring at breasts is healthy?

A favorite amongst hooter starrers must be Dr. Weatherby’s German study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Weatherby found that staring at larger bosoms for a few minutes a day can help reduce blood pressure and extend a man’s life expectancy. Dr Weatherby and her team spent 5 years studying this! Five years of men having the justification to stare at ta-tas and feel good about their commitment to science.

She suggested that men over 40 should spend every day staring at D-cup plus boobs for at least 10 minutes. Of course, there should be a warning to this prescription ‘precaution should be taken when deciding which D-cup delights to stare at. Choose the wrong pair, and your life could be significantly shortened.’

Conclusion: Breasts are Just Spectacular to Look At!

Ultimately, men stare at breasts because they are spectacular to look at, and they just can’t help themselves. Spend all the research budget’s you want, why should anyone really care? Could it be so men have a scientific justification when confronted with the dreaded words “Are you staring at my boobs?” You decide.

PS: One of these studies is a hoax, which one do you think it is?

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