Botox: Preventative Measures In Your 20s

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It may seem ridiculous to get Botox before the wrinkles set in. Why spend time and money having a procedure that can reduce wrinkles and sagging when you don’t really have any yet? Considering Botox as a preventative measure has sparked much debate in the cosmetic surgery industry. 

Many surgeons believe starting a Botox plan in your late 20s or early 30s can help reduce deep set wrinkles and saggy skin later in life, while others feel too much Botox early on will make your facial muscles resistant to Botox when you really need it.

Despite the disagreement, Botox among young adults is growing in popularity. In 2018, nearly 110,000 people aged 20 -29 had Botox. Thats a 2% rise on 2017 statistics, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

So what’s good about getting Botox early? And what are the potential problems?

Why Preventative Botox Is Good

There is no definitive age for wrinkles to appear. It depends on genetics, lifestyle and self-care. Someone who drinks alcohol regularly, lazes in the sun, and smokes is going to find wrinkles earlier in life than someone who does none of those things. Genetics play a part too. If a mother and grandmother got wrinkles and saggy skin early, the daughter is likely to get them early too. If someone has expressive facial expressions – they laugh a lot, frown a lot, and purse their lips frequently – wrinkles will appear much sooner. Starting on Botox treatments early can stop the aging process before it gets too advanced.

The one thing to remember about Botox is that it can’t “delete” wrinkles, especially deep-set wrinkles. If there are wrinkles on a face “at rest,” there will still be wrinkles visible even after a Botox treatment. Having preventative Botox can stop those deep set wrinkles forming.

Why You Don't Need Preventative Botox

When a muscle is underused it “atrophies.” Having too much Botox, particularly in your forehead and brow area, can wither the muscles. This can cause the brows to droop. The important thing is to only go to an experienced Botox specialist who knows exactly where and how much to inject. Have a break from Botox treatments every now and then to let the muscles work.

If a face is smooth and line free, there is no need to get Botox. This is true, and the surgeons who are in the pro camp would agree with it.

There are other options to help prevent wrinkles that aren’t as costly. Skin care products rich in vitamin A and C and a good quality facial SPF cream are great ways to look after skin. Peels are also a good way to rejuvenate the skin and starve off fine lines.

The important thing is to only go to an experienced Botox specialist who knows exactly where and how much to inject. Have a break from Botox treatments every now and then to let the muscles work.

It Is A Personal Choice

Choosing to have Botox in your late 20s is a personal decision and should be talked over with an experienced Botox practitioner. There is no right or wrong decision, but being well informed is extremely important. The good news is that Botox isn’t a permanent option: it wears off around 4 months after the treatment. So if treatment is started early on, it can always be stopped, and no permanent changes will occur.

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