Before and After Plastic Surgery Images: How to Choose A Plastic Surgeon

Before and After Images Are the Window into the Skill of Your Plastic Surgeon

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Choosing a plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery can be stressful.  One of the most important factors for you to research is the before and after plastic surgery images of your plastic surgeon.  Before and after image galleries are how plastic surgeons display and show off their work.  

Some other methods to find the right plastic surgeon for you include observing the office staff of the plastic surgeon (do they look good or do they look bizarre?), getting referrals from your friends, and making sure that the surgeon you are researching is “board certified” by the “American Board of Plastic Surgeons.” 


The following article details some of what you should be looking for when you look at before and after plastic surgery images for different procedures.  Some of the insights that you might be able to gather when looking at the images include:

  • Does the surgeon value natural beauty over beauty trends?
  • Does the surgeon show attention to detail?
  • Does the surgeon show a diverse skill set (face and/or breasts?)

Before and After Breast Augmentation Images

The appearance of a female breast can often define a woman’s confidence, sexuality, and personality.  Some basic things to understand is that most, if not all, breasts are asymmetric both before and after breast augmentation.  In addition, keep in mind that what is appropriate for you might be very different than the taste and disposition of your plastic surgeon.  Here are some things to look for:

  • Do the majority of breasts after the breast augmentation look too large for your taste? This might show that the surgeon likes larger breasts, and doesn’t necessarily listen to the wishes of the patients.

  • Do the majority of the breasts after the breast augmentation look natural to the size of the patient?  This might indicate that the surgeon likes a more natural look.

  • Do the majority of breast implants have a “natural shape.”  A more natural breast has a teardrop shape and slope.  Many if not most women want more cleavage and fullness in the upper breast.  Does the shape of the breast in the before and after images show a nice compromise between these disparate views?

  • Are the scars visible and obvious?

  • How long are the scars used for silicone breast implants?  Are the scars more than about 3 cm for a 350cc implant?  Technology has allowed surgeons to make a relatively short, inconspicuous scar using a Keller Funnel.  If the scar remains long, then your surgeon either is not keeping up with technology or is careless with scar creation.

Before and After Abdominoplasty Images

Women will often benefit from an abdominoplasty after having babies.  Pregnancy will stretch the abdominal wall muscles, stretch marks, lower abdominal fat accumulation, and hanging skin.  Patients will very often inappropriately have had liposuction of the abdomen when they should have had an abdominoplasty.  Here are some things to observe in before and after abdominoplasty images. 

  • Look at the belly button.  The belly button should appear small and natural.  Many surgeons will make the belly button too circular and large.

  • Look for a nice hour-glass curve in the flanks.  In addition to providing a flat abdomen, one of the primary goals of the tummy tuck is to give a nice curve to the sides.  This is provided with some effort by tightening the abdominal wall as if it were a corset in addition to sculpting the flanks with liposuction.

  • Note that evaluating the scar quality is often difficult to do on before an after pictures because most plastic surgeons will take the before and after images at about 3 to 6 months when the scars are at their worst.

Before and After Mommy Makeover Images

For most women, a mommy makeover is a breast augmentation or lift combined with an abdominoplasty or other body contouring procedure.  See the above descriptions for breast augmentation and abdominoplasty.  What I want to mention here, however, is that the combination of the breast and abdomen should provide the woman with her best figure when performed in combination.  Look at the mommy makeover before and after images to see if the woman has a nice hour-glass figure that works.

Before and After Facelift Images

Facelift images should appear natural.  Did I say natural?  There is very little room for anything else when looking at before and after images.  Here are some things that I look for in before and after facelift images.  

    • Is there a harmony between all the features of the face?  Do the eyes continue to look old while the face looks young?

    • Look for a more youthful roundness to the face.  The face of a young person is round and full.  As tissue falls, it becomes long and boxy.  The surgeon should pull up the tissue after providing appropriate filler or fat.  Otherwise the face will look pulled.

    • Look for fullness and volume in the temples and cheeks.  This fullness is referred to as the “ogee curve.”  It is the hour-glass figure of the face.

    • Look for a small, great jawline.  This is the main objective of a facelift.

    • Look for distortion of the eyelids.  Are the corners pulled too high (cat eyes) or pulled too low?

    • Are the lips too big for a middle aged or older woman?  That is unnatural.

    • Are the cheeks too big?  That is unnatural.

    • Note that under-treatment is more acceptable than over-treatment.

Before and After Rhinoplasty Images

Rhinoplasty or Nose Job images, just like facelift procedures, should “always” look natural.  There is very little room for anything else when looking at before and after images.  Pinched noses for example, are not natural.  Over-scooped nasal bridges are not natural.

  • Does the size of the nose have a good balance with the size of the face?

  • Does the nasal tip looked pinched?  This does not happen naturally very often and is often a give-away that a person has had plastic surgery.

  • Is there too much slope in the nasal bridge toward the tip.  A gentle slope is natural and desired.  A very exaggerated slope does not happen naturally very often in nature and is often a give-away that a person has had plastic surgery.

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