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Average Cost of a Mommy Makeover6 min read

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Moms are, and have always been, society’s most beautiful superheroes. It’s a hard job that’s mentally, emotionally, and physically tolling, yet often goes without thanks. Moms are angels on earth, blessings to their families, and the unsung glue of society. 

The craziness of life certainly gets exhausting. It’s a miracle that moms can keep it together as often as they do. But just because life gets straining doesn’t mean that moms have to look strained! A Mommy Makeover is a perfect way for a mom to treat herself and feel confident in her body. After all, nobody deserves to feel good more than moms. 

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A Mommy Makeover is a full-body, personalized makeover to help moms feel and look their best. The Makeover provides one-on-one consultation with a nationally-acclaimed beautification doctor that will work with you to address your concerns, desires, problem areas, and options. It’s an exciting process that may be new to most moms, but don’t worry! Our friendly and medically accredited technicians will be there every step of the way. 

Most Mommy Makeovers can include many selections from: Breast Augmentations, Breast Lifts, Breast Reductions, Vaginal Tightening, Tummy Tuck, Facial Beauty, and/or Liposuction, depending on each Mom’s wants and needs.

How much does it cost?

Of course, there are many factors that make up the price of a Mommy Makeover. To put the bottom line up front, the average cost can range anywhere from $8,000-$20,000, sometimes even more, depending on the factors involved. But don’t let this spook you! Mommy Makeovers are an investment – an investment into feeling confident and beautiful. Most moms are so concerned with investing into their children, their marriages, and jobs that they forget they deserve some self-care too!

When embarking on a Mommy Makeover, the two most valuable things to consider when evaluating budgets are:

1. Don’t cut corners! You get what you pay for. It’s infinitely better to pay for a well-qualified, trusted, talented doctor than an inexperienced one that can cause complications that cost more in the long-run. Your beautification satisfaction and health are top priority. 

2. Consider financing options. (And talk to your beautification doctor!) Most practices accept credit cards, but be aware of the associated interest rates for all options. Talk with your beautification doctor about payment options – more often than naught the doctors want to work with you and find something that works!

Read below for some of the most popular Mommy Makeover options! 

Popular Mommy Makeover Procedures

Breast Work:

From our experience, the majority of Makeover Moms are most looking forward to rejuvenating their breasts. This is a great start to a Mommy Makeover, and after a one-to-two hour surgery, you can walk away with a new look and beautiful breasts!

Breast Implants can give you the breasts you’ve always wanted. It’s important to consider what kind of look you want. Silicone gel breast implants give a natural, softer breast look. This is a popular breast implant, but also more expensive. Saline-filled breast implants are more affordable implant that are firmer to the touch. Both come in various shapes and sizes. Our beauticians at Aesthetica can help walk you through these decision. And our Vectra 3D Imaging technology can help you visualize what your breasts will look like before you have the surgery!

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Breast Implants can cost upwards of $4,000.

A Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation with Lift can be a great option to getting perky breasts in no time! A breast lift perks saggy breasts by removing excess skin, lifting the breast tissue, and shrinking nipple size, all in under three hours. A breast augmentation will help with breasts that have lost shape or have stretched. There’s a 1-2 week recovery, but after that the results are long lasting and well worth it! Breast Lift/Augmentation can cost upwards of $4,500.

A Breast Reduction can help moms with heavy breasts that cause pain, discomfort, or overall dissatisfaction. This procedure depends on each woman’s needs, so consult your beautification surgeon for more details. Breast reduction can cost around $5,500.

Breast reduction for mommy makeover

Body Shape Work:

A Tummy Tuck will tighten, reshape, and refine your weak abdominal muscles into leaner, fitter, and a more appealing shape. This procedure only lasts around 2-5 hours where the surgeon will remove excess skin and possibly reposition your navel. The downsides to the tummy tuck is an inevitable scar and slower recovery, although moms say the results are well worth it. A significantly flatter stomach and a narrower waist can be exactly what you need to boost confidence! A tummy tuck can cost upwards of $5,500.

Liposuction provides almost instantaneous results! The procedure itself can last around 45 minutes to 2 hours and is perfect for stubborn fat that isn’t going away. It contours the body, removes stubborn fat, and helps slim the figure. Be sure to consult your beautician about liposuction and whether it’s right for you. Liposuction can cost around $3,000.

Vaginal Work:

Talking about vaginal work may make some blush, although all moms know that it’s an important body area that needs care, especially after babies. 

Both weak vaginal walls and urinary incontinence can occur postpartum, and both can be treated with non-surgical advanced diVa laser therapy. These procedures are often quick with a short recovery time. Vaginal rejuvenation can cost around $2,000.

Mommy Makeovers Because Moms Are Worth It!

At Aesthetica we offer a full-ranging, personalizable, mom-oriented Mommy Makeover led by internationally acclaimed beautification surgeon, Dr. Chang! Read about our Mommy Makeover here!

For more information, we invite you to simply come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chang or one of the cosmetic laser and injection nurses to explore whether you would make a good candidate. To find out more whether Aesthetica can help you, contact us online or at 703-729-5553 to arrange an appointment. Dr. Phillip Chang is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia near Leesburg, Virginia and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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