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Am I Too Young For A Facelift?5 min read

Botox Injections - alternative for facelift surgery
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If you’re curious about a facelift and wondering when the right time would be to have one, you’re not alone.  Many women, and indeed men too, are looking into treatments and potential surgery to improve sagging, volume loss, jowls and wrinkles. Most people are interested in looking younger.

When Is The Right Time To Get A Facelift?

The right time for you to have a facelift depends on your skin and your personal concerns. If you have a particular concern, the best thing to do is to come see us for a free consultation and we can advise you on your options. Facelift surgery is a possibility, or we can advise you on other options that might suit you better such as fillers, skin-tightening procedures or a mini facelift.

It’s not so much about age as it is about how you feel when you look in the mirror. Genetics, diet and lifestyle can make a huge difference in how your skin and appearance ages. For example, some people even with young skin can inherit a jowly look that they are uncomfortable with – and a mini facelift can address this.

What About Getting A Mini Facelift?

In many instances having a mini facelift in your thirties can set your skin up to age better in your forties and beyond. A modern facelift can last you over a decade. Future treatments may still be desired, but they should be less invasive. 

This is a great benefit if you prefer to be discreet about your cosmetic improvements because you’ll have younger-looking skin without the dramatic transformation of a facelift in your later years.

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Is Anyone Else Thinking Of Getting A Facelift In Their 30s?

Lots of people are! In fact, a leading Harley Street cosmetic surgeon recently reported that he’s seen an astonishing 250% increase in short-scar facelifts (SSFL’s) in the last two years – SSFL’s are the type most popular with 35- 40 year olds.  Fillers and injectables can only do so much; while they can create a fuller, plumper effect they can’t improve jowls or similar concerns.

What About Women In Their 40s?

If you’re in your mid-forties or early fifties, your skin probably still has sufficient elasticity to achieve optimum results. Great results can still be achieved beyond that, especially if you’re in good health – so it’s never too late!

Facelift surgery has improved considerably in recent years. Nowadays there is minimal scarring and more sophisticated techniques to give a younger yet still natural appearance. Recovery time is usually one week.

Years ago a facelift was simply a case of lifting the skin and stretching it taut. This didn’t last very long so there was often a temptation to overstretch the skin to make the effect last longer – leading to an unnatural, pulled look.

What Happens During A Modern Facelift?

In modern facelifts, doctors make smaller incisions and can improve the foundations by tightening muscles that have relaxed  – and even restoring fat compartments. This helps you to achieve a more natural look, and the effect also lasts much longer.

I Want To Look Younger But I'm Not Ready For Surgery.

It may be that you aren’t quite ready for a facelift – maybe a different treatment might suit you better. In addition to fillers and injectables, we also have skin-tightening treatments available. Dermabrasion can help to soften lines and wrinkles and micro-needling can really improve skin texture. We’d love to help you decide what the right course of action is for you.

FAQs About Facelifts And Mini Facelifts

The cost of your facelift will depend on the technique and other factors. In your consultation, Dr. Chang will create your unique treatment plan to match your needs and goals. When this is complete, he can go over estimates of fees. To avoid unnatural-looking results, it’s better to concentrate on finding a skilled surgeon, like Dr. Chang, instead of the lowest price. Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery & Laser Center can give you information on low-interest financing that will make your facelift affordable.

The best technique for you will vary based on your concerns, goals, level of skin laxity, what areas are being addressed, and other factors. To produce your best results, Dr. Chang will go over the different techniques in your consultation. He can then help you choose which technique is best.

Although there are several great nonsurgical skin tightening treatments, these can only give you mild improvements. For moderate to severe skin sagging, facelift surgery is the best choice to improve your appearance. In your consultation, Dr. Chang will discuss your choices, including nonsurgical procedures, to help you decide which is best for your goals.

Wrinkle fillers and relaxers, like BOTOX and Juvéderm, have become more popular to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Also known as a liquid facelift, nonsurgical wrinkle treatments are good for early signs of aging; however, the results won’t last more than 1 – 2 years. A facelift will produce more significant improvements than injectables with long-lasting results. Ask Dr. Chang about nonsurgical wrinkle treatments in your consultation.

Some patients worry that a facelift will make their skin look shiny, overly tight, or like they are in a wind tunnel. Dr. Chang focuses on giving you results that look natural, so you appear refreshed, not fake. He listens to your concerns and goals before creating your custom treatment plan to produce your best results.


For those wondering whether a full or mini facelift might be the best cosmetic solution for you, we invite you to come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Chang or one of the cosmetic laser and injection nurses to explore whether you would make a good candidate. To find out more whether Aesthetica can help you, contact us online or at 703-729-5553 to arrange an appointment. Dr. Phillip Chang is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Northern Virginia near Leesburg, Virginia and an expert in a wide variety of cosmetic treatments.

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