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6 (Non-Cosmetic) Reasons You Might Need Rhinoplasty6 min read

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It isn’t only Hollywood superstars who undergo rhinoplasty surgery these days. More than a mere cosmetic surgery, nasal reconstruction surgery can also be a clinical procedure for legitimate health reasons such as difficulty breathing, excessive snoring, and increasing oxygen flow to the body and brain. 

Did you know that having a rhinoplasty might improve not only your overall attractiveness but also your overall health? Let’s talk about 6 reasons why undergoing a nose job might be the best medical choice for you: controlling sinus problems, fixing a cleft lip or palate, improving breathing, restoring nasal health after severe burns, and improving low self-esteem.

1. To Manage Your Sinus Issues

Sinusitis and similar infections can actually be symptoms pointing to a deviated septum. (Think nasal inflammation, congestion, difficulty breathing, painful swelling throughout your sinuses, ear aches, sore throats or coughing, and fatigue.) Leaving these kinds of sinus issues unattended can lead to chronic sinusitis, which is particularly serious. Sinusitis is considered chronic when it persists for more than 12 weeks and is not improving with the use of antibiotics.

If you have regular infections in your sinus region, it might be because the nasal area is physically unable to drain properly or receive enough air flow to self-regulate. For patients who suffer from chronic sinusitis due to a deviated septum, going under the knife is likely the most direct option to resolving their health issues. The procedure, referred to as a septoplasty, remedies their nasal placement by fixing the deviated septum and ensuring that the sinuses are able to function properly.

2. To Fix a Cleft Lip or Palate

If you have a cleft lip or nasal defect, undergoing a nose job might be just the solution for you. A cleft lip is an opening in the upper lip which occurs in unborn babies who do not fully develop their facial features inside the womb. Though it can be solved with a series of surgeries while the child is still an infant, for many adults those surgeries did not take place and living with the cleft lip is a part of their daily life. 

If you are one of the adults who has suffered because of your cleft palate or lip, there is a solution which will result in a natural looking face with minimal scarring! The procedure can be quite intricate as it entails surgery of the nose along with some parts of the mouth. Once you have had a few weeks to heal, you will love your new nose!

It is possible that in order to fully correct a cleft lip or palate you will need to undergo multiple procedures, but as soon as the surgical procedures are complete, you can finally lead a normal life! If this condition is remedied early on, particularly in toddler or infant children, the child has an improved chance of lifelong, permanent nasal correction.

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3. To Solve Breathing Difficulties

When you have collapsed nostril or deviated septum, you might find it particularly difficult to breathe properly. In this situation, it might be necessary to seek urgent medical assistance. If essential, your medical care expert will recommend the best surgical procedure to deal with your specific problems, but rhinoplasty or nostril reconstruction is an excellent place to start the conversation.

When you undergo a nose job due in order to assist with breathing difficulties, you also wind up with a gorgeous nose.

When you undergo a nose job due in order to assist with breathing difficulties, you also wind up with a gorgeous nose! This means that your whole face is going to appear more well balanced and youthful. Though undergoing nasal surgery might sound upsetting, walking away with a lovely face and a healthier ability to breathe is always a win.

4. To Eliminate Impairment Due To Severe Facial Burns or Scars

Imagine experiencing a trauma such as a burning home, chemical warfare, or car accident which not only left you with horrifying nightmares, but actual scars to serve as day-to-day reminders of the event. Undergoing facial restoration after experiencing severe burns is almost always necessary. When you suffer extreme damage to the skin of your face, much less direct burns or scarring to your nose, rhinoplasty can serve as a vital reconstruction procedure. 

When restoring skin and face shape after tragic facial burns, the major objective of the rhinoplasty surgery is to restore practical utility and eliminate impairment, such as the blockage of nasal passages from scar tissue or trauma. These impairments can cause difficulty or even prevent breathing through one’s nose. A nose job normalizes the nasal flow of oxygen to enable the burn sufferer to not only lead a normal, active lifestyle, but also restore some of their confidence in their own beauty regardless of their past.

5. To Address Cracked Nasal Bones

You might know from personal experience that broken noses are extremely painful and often hemorrhage. When that happens, the nose tends to swell substantially, obstructing normal breathing through the nasal passages. This can be a substantial danger. Septal hematoma can also cause infection, worsening breathing problems even further. More importantly, these accidents and cracked bones can permanently damage your face shape, meaning that you will likely need plastic surgery. 

A reconstruction treatment will not only repair the deformed shape of your nose or face, but ensure lifelong beauty.

If your facial bones or nose are shattered because of an injury, they need to be fixed as soon as possible. A reconstruction treatment will not only repair the deformed shape of your nose or face, but ensure lifelong beauty. A nose job can be a valuable asset to restoring your natural ability to breathe while repairing a broken septum and restoring your nose to its former magnificence.

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6. To Increase Low Self Esteem

Finally, if you are one of the many people born with a crooked, bumpy, or overly-prominent nose, you have likely felt self-conscious about your face for most of your life. A rhinoplasty can help you restore the self-confidence you have lacked for so long, helping you to look more attractive than ever before. Undergoing a nose job has even been known to statistically reduce depression among teenagers and young people.

The nose job is among the most common cosmetic surgery procedures. You can undergo this procedure to deal with damaged nasal bones, facial burns, sinus troubles, a cleft lip or palate, breathing problems, and damaged self-esteem. A rhinoplasty surgery will not only straighten the bumps on your nose and improve your ability to breathe, it will also make you feel more confident, happier, and more attractive.

You should definitely consider a nose job if you fall into one of these six categories. There is no longer any shame or taboo when it comes to plastic surgery. You might not be a Hollywood superstar, but you should always be the most confident, glowing version of yourself! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Chang today to determine whether a rhinoplasty is the best option to help you achieve your goals. 

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