5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Saline Breast Implants

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So you’re loving your saline breast implants. You feel confident and beautiful. But it’s been a while since your surgery. Is it time to give your saline breast implants a check-up? Or maybe replace them? Read below for 5 signs that your saline breast implants may need some TLC! 

1. Your saline breast implants hurt

If your saline implants are uncomfortable, tender, sore, or just straight up hurting, you may want to visit your local doctor for a breast revision. Excessive pain around the area of implant could be a result of capsular contracture. Capsular contracture occurs when the body’s natural scar tissue that forms around the implant hardens, squeezing the implant to the point of pain and causing breast tingling, burning, swelling, and numbing. Capsular contracture can be treated by medications, deep massages, surgery, or implant replacement. Talk to your beauty surgeon to know what treatment is best for your breast pain!

2. Your breast implant is moving or rotating

Saline implants are silicon-shelled implants that are filled with sterile salt-water when in place. After some time, saline implants may feel like they’re in your armpit, sagging, or causing stretch marks. This may be the result of the implants moving, called migrating. Sometimes, this can happen to only one implant, causing your breasts to look uneven. A beauty surgeon can fix this with a breast augmentation or replacement.

3. Your breast implant is changing shape

Is your saline breast implant is changing shape? It may be the result of implant rupture. Rupturing will cause the saline implant to deflate or become bulbous, leaking the saline when the implant breaks. This could lead to further complications, so you will want to see your beauty surgeon for an implant reconstruction to bring your breasts back to their best!

4. Your breast implant is wrinkling or rippling

Sometimes, saline breast implants can develop wrinkles or ripples that can be felt under the skin. If you see wrinkles on your breasts, feel ripples in your implants, or hear sloshing in the saline, you may want to get a replacement. 

5. You’re unhappy with your breast implants

One of the most common reasons women get breast implant replacements is simply because they are unhappy with the shape and size, often wishing they had gone bigger. A consultation with your beauty surgeon will help decide what breast implant size is right for you! If you aren’t happy with your current implant size, it’s a good time for a breast revision.

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"I thought I had to replace my saline breast implant every 10 years?"

Many women believe that saline breast implants need to be replaced every ten years. While this is not true, it is a good idea to see your beauty surgeon for a consultation once your breast implants have aged. Saline breast implants have a higher chance of rupturing and developing bacteria after a while, so visiting your beauty surgeon for a consultation once you hit the 10-year point isn’t a bad idea. Your surgeon will likely use a mammogram or magnetic resonance imaging to determine whether your saline breast implants need some attention or whether you’re good to go.

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