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The 5 Most Common Reasons for Breast Revision Surgery

Breast Size
Dr. Phillip Chang

Dr. Phillip Chang

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There are several misconceptions about breast implant revision, one of the most common being that breast implants need to be replaced every 10 years. The truth is, there is no hard shelf life for breast implants and the reasons women choose to get breast implant revision can vary from a malposition issue to simply updating their look. 

Here are the five most common reasons for getting breast implant revision

1. Capsular Contracture

When a foreign object, like a breast implant, is placed inside the body, our natural defense system forms a capsule of scar tissue surrounding the object. This is a normal and healthy part of the healing process after getting breast augmentation.

Capsular contracture is a complication that can develop when the pocket of scar tissue becomes overly hardened and contracts, resulting in breasts that may appear abnormal or feel sore to the touch. Capsular contracture can be remedied with breast implant revision, during which your surgeon can simply remove the excess scar tissue for a softer, more natural looking result.

2. Implant Malposition

Occasionally, breast implants may move away from their intended position in the breast pocket. This can result in implant malposition, which is normally easy to detect based on the appearance of the breasts.

Synmastia is when the breast implants move closer to the center of the chest, resulting in breasts that are too close together, sometimes lifting the skin off of the central breastbone. Lateral disposition, on the other hand, occurs when implants move toward the outer edge of the chest. Finally, bottoming out is the term used to describe implants that have slipped below the breast pocket.

During implant revision, your surgeon can return the implants to their original placement before tightening the breast pocket to ensure stability.

3. Asymmetry

If you had some degree of breast asymmetry prior to your augmentation, it’s possible that your breast augmentation could make the asymmetry appear more pronounced. In this case, your implant revision surgeon can use a customized approach to create a more even result. Often, this involves swapping out one or both implants for a different size or type and possibly including a breast lift on one or both breasts.

On the other hand, many women who originally had beautiful breast implant results may find that age and weight fluctuations affect their breasts in different ways. Again, this can be remedied with a customized approach to implant revision.

4. Implant Size

Breast implant revision isn’t only for improving results that have gone awry. In fact, one of the most common reasons that women choose to have implant revision is simply to update their look.

Women who previously opted for large implants may find that as they age, a more modest size would better suit their figure. Conversely, some women who originally erred on the side of subtlety may decide that they’re ready for a more eye-catching figure.

5. Implant Type

Finally, as new breast implant types are constantly being developed, women with breast augmentation may decide to update their implants to a newer option. Gummy bear implants, for instance, entered the breast implant market in recent years, and offer women the option of a form stable implant that is shaped to mimic the fall of the natural breast. Alternatively, women who originally chose saline implants may decide to switch to silicone or vice versa.

With the right breast implant revision surgeon, you can improve upon your breast augmentation results to achieve your desired outcome.


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