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The 5 Things to Get YOU (And Your Bridesmaids) Ready for Your Wedding!8 min read

Grinning, Glowing, and Ready for Your Close Up

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You’ve been dreaming of this day since you were a little girl, ever since you married that little boy in your backyard in preschool. You are finally, truly, getting married!  You start creating your Wedding To-Do list that will include picking your venue, tasting possible cakes, and finding the best florist in town. 

Buuuuuut, you can’t forget to take care of yourself!

You want to look AMAZING on your wedding day. And obviously your bridesmaids do as well! For perfect pictures that you will adore for years to come, here are our most important tips and tricks for brides-to-be along with a helpful timeline to help you determine exactly how long in advance you should start getting ready. 

#1: Skin That Is Fresh and GLOWING

Forever Young BBL and Skin Care: Your Best Friends

Your skin is your canvas, and all eyes will be on you on your wedding day. Having skin that is revitalized, fresh, and glowing is a must.  One of the best treatments for glowing skin is the Forever Young BBL. 

The Forever Young BBL helps remove brown spots, decreases redness and inflammation. By evening out your skin tone, you will feel like you need less makeup. Even though your makeup will be on point for your wedding, you don’t want to be caked in it. 

Investing in skin care is also a must before your wedding. Using high quality skincare products can help to give you healthier tissue also. 

Forever Young BBL and Skin Care: Timeline

One treatment with the Forever Young BBL will give you amazing results.  Most patients describe about a 60% improvement in brown spots, inflammation, and sun damage.  However for best results, we recommend starting your BBL treatments a year before your wedding !

Treatments can be done monthly if you are in a time crunch but we recommend every three months for a treatment regularly. That gives enough time for you to have a few treatments before the big day. 

Skin care also needs time to work. It takes a month to go through a skin cycle, but for full results a few skin cycles are needed. I recommend at least 6 months of great skin care. If you have a year, even better. 


Do NOT try a brand new product, or laser procedure the same month as your wedding. Reactions can happen and the last thing you want is blotchy red skin, on the day we are shooting for flawless. 

#2: Smooth Out Those Lines

Can You Say "21 Again"?

Some lines in our skin can make us appear like we are frowning or upset even if we are smiling. As a rule of thumb any lines that are running vertically on our face draw us down, like the lines between the brows, or the folds that run from our nose to the mouth. Fillers and Botox can help to decrease these lines. 

Botox: helps to decrease the dynamic movement in the face that causes these lines to happen. Botox is a neuro-modulator that lasts around 3-4 months. Depending on the amount of movement you want on your wedding day, these treatments can be tailored to be just right. 

I recommend coming in for a trial wedding botox treatment, (just like you would hair). Tell your injector your goals, and evaluate in about a month after the treatment. Any time you enter a needle into the skin there is a chance for bruising or swelling. Though uncommon, Murphy’s law of averages says, because you are getting married you will bruise. 

Fillers:  You want to have all of your injectable treatments done about a month before your wedding. Fillers can be done even farther from your wedding date. They last a year on average, so I recommend evaluating your filler desires with your injector about 6 months before the wedding. You can get your ideal lip volume, cheek volume, and make sure you feel like you are putting your best face forward. 

#3: Body Contouring & Weight Loss

A Dress That Hugs All The Right Curves

Depending on where you are starting from, and where you want your end result to be, there are a few different ways to get the body you want so your dress fits you like a glove. If you have significant weight that you want to lose, finding a Medi-Weightloss Clinic near you will surely shed the pounds. 

I love this program, because it is physician guided, and they make sure the program you are on is right for you. They also encourage you to buy all your own food! It is not a program focused around you paying for pre-packaged weird lasagnas that all taste like red peppers. Not only are they gross, but that method doesn’t teach you how to feed yourself. So once you finish their program you balloon back up. 

If you have tried the diet route and feel stuck, or if you don’t want to lose weight and just want to get rid of a bulge here or there, then CoolSculpting may be the way to go. CoolSculpting is a nonsurgical fat reduction method that freezes your fat cells until they die. Your body slowly absorbs these fat pockets over a three month period of time. No downtime, no surgery, and no diet or exercise programs. Each treatment will reduce the area of fat by about 20%. Most people have two treatments in their trouble spots so ideally you should begin these treatments at least 6 months before the big day.  

#4: Hair & Nails

SO Much More Than Just Day Of!

If you have an ideal version of the way you want your hair to look, consult with a professional stylist as soon as possible. If you are looking to go blonde from a dark color, this can take multiple sessions. Be realistic about these timelines. A wonderful resource that many stylists use is Instagram. You can see a library of the work they have done to see if they style hair the same way you would like for your day, with multiple examples. Go have a trial and make sure they are accessible for your day as well. If you prefer to have your stylist on site or if you want to go to the salon for a bit of pampering, just make sure your stylist is willing to do what you want. 

Covering these same bases with your bridesmaids makes sure they aren’t changing up hair colors too close to the wedding. Another suggestion from many photographers is to make your nails and the nails of your bridesmaids a neutral color that doesn’t stand out too much. 

Paronamic photo with handsome smiling man in coat

#5: Gussy Up The Groom

He's Your Arm Candy, Right? 😉

Many of the topics we discussed above also translate to men. We see a lot of men for Botox treatments and CoolSculpting so they also exude the confidence they want on the big day. Sometimes they need a little push in the right direction from their future bride. This may also require prior planning based on the timing of results from treatments. We encourage you to maybe bring your future husband in for your consultations as well so he can hear all the same information you will get for the treatments. The photos you will be looking at for years to come should include your mate looking his best as well. 


You May Kiss The Bride!

You are about to be in a WHIRLWIND of planning and decisions for what will absolutely be an incredible day. Make sure to take time for yourself and don’t wait until the last minute to think about your own needs. Some of these things take time (as in months) to see full results. Starting off your relationship feeling like you are at the top of your game can help set the foundation for a lasting and wonderful marriage. 

Take a deep breath. You’ve got this. 

Best of wishes and congratulations, to you both! 

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