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Face Exercise VS Botox and Fillers: What Really Works?5 min read



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There are many interesting trends that are sweeping the nation nowadays; and with the help of the internet, new fads go viral in a matter of days. But what is hard to determine amidst the never-ending waterfall of information we receive through our smartphone screens is just how many of these trends follow through on their promises. 

Some spas and beauty companies are starting to advertise “Skin Cardio” or “Face Exercising” sessions: claiming that these lengthy sessions can firm and plump up your face as an alternative to Botox or other facial fillers. But are these claims actually well-founded, and are these treatments worth your time?

What Is Face Cardio, Anyways?

Skin Cardio is a treatment offered by some facialists and spas, in which a “face trainer” applies a series of serums and techniques to your face. In sessions up to 105 minutes long, a “face trainer” will first massage the face to relax, increase circulation, reduce water retention (which causes puffiness), and drain the lymph nodes. Then, serums or other lotions are applied with rapid movements and targeted pressure to help lift muscles and tighten pores. This is the “exercise” part of the treatment. Some face trainers will end the treatment with “facial cupping”: the process of applying a suction cup all over the face which increases circulation by tightening and releasing the skin.

Supposedly, this kind of facial works to tone the muscles and increases the speed of blood flow to the face, which causes detoxing to occur faster.

Non-Surgical Innovations

DIY Face Exercises: Another Option?

Other companies suggest doing a series of yoga-like moves for your face, to “work out” those facial muscles to help you get the contoured face you’re hoping for. The companies recommend you combine these exercises with the use of a jade or quartz roller, to help drain lymphatic nodes and reduce any puffiness you may be retaining.

Can Face Cardio & Exercises Replace Botox & Fillers?

As is often the case, face exercising treatments are coming into the spotlight because celebrities are touting their use of them, and attributing their glowing skin to their face trainers. However, many of these celebrities are undergoing these facial training treatments right before a big event. This would indicate that the results of this kind of treatment are not long lasting. 

Many researchers suggest that the largest impact received from the face cardio session is actually from the vitamin infused serums that are being applied. Any contouring or wrinkle reduction is likely going to fade soon, as the skin and muscles that give shape to the face have not been toned for the long term.

Perhaps if you went for frequent face cardio sessions, and kept them as a part of your ongoing routine, they would have a longer lasting effect, but because one facial cardio session is often about the same price as a one year gym membership, this hardly seems to be financially viable (at least for anyone without celebrity status and budget).

Botox Injections

What Can Botox & Fillers Do For Me?

On the other hand, Botox and other facial fillers like Juvederm or  Voluma are a great option if you don’t have the time to sit for multiple, long facial sessions, if you are unable to afford weekly treatments, or if you actually want to see a remarkable difference after only one session.

Botox Benefits

Botox is a simple procedure that, depending on the size and placement of the area that will be targeted, can take less than thirty minutes in your doctor’s office. You will be able to meet with your doctor in a consultation prior to your treatment to discuss your goals for your facial definition, and how best to achieve it. Because Botox is temporary, your doctor may recommend multiple sessions, but they will likely be as far as four to six months apart.

Botox targets the muscles in your face that actually cause your wrinkles – especially crows feet, mouth-lines, and those horizontal lines between your eyebrows. It stops the wrinkles by inhibiting muscle contraction – something those facial exercises won’t do. 

Botox requires little to no recovery time, and you will be able to choose how much you receive. Depending on your desires, you will be able to work with your doctor and have smaller amounts injected, to give you a more natural, organic glow.

Fillers for Facial Fullness

Fillers do exactly what they sound like they do: they add fullness to your face that’s often lost through the natural aging process. No amount of facial exercises will be able to replace youthful “plumpness.”

Facial fillers can be applied to your lips, temples, cheeks, and around the mouth. And while they are temporary, they generally will out-last a facial exercise session. For example, both Juvederm and Voluma last up to 2 years. And if you’re concerned about going “natural,” both Juvederm and Voluma are created from hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in your own body!

Botox Plastic Surgery Guide Loudoun

Botox and Fillers for Real Youthfulness

If you are looking for short-term results that briefly help get your blood flowing and your skin glowing, only to fade in a matter of weeks, then skin cardio might be for you. Skin cardio and facial exercises may be a great complement to Botox and Fillers, but they ultimately won’t produce the same dramatic results. 

If you are hoping to receive a long-lasting lift to your face, then it’s time to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon who will be able to help you pursue what you dream your newly enhanced face to be.  

Ready for facial rejuvenation?

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