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Botox Keeps You Younger For Longer

Botox can do much more than you have ever thought.  Many people don’t realize that many of the evolution of facial aging is caused by loss of volume in the face but also by how the face muscles try to compensate for this loss of volume.  For example, the horizontal forehead lines get deeper as the  forehead brow muscles work harder to lift the falling of the brows.

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Botox can keep you younger for longer by quieting hyperactive facial muscles.  Adding facial volume by adding facial fillers can improve the effect dramatically

The horizontal forehead lines give the appearance of being worried, concerned, and older.  They are caused by the frontalis muscle which normally act to raise the eyebrows.  

As you develop extra upper eyelid skin that can close off your eyes or as gravity drags your brows down with age, the frontalis muscle becomes hyperactive in an effort to raise the eyebrows so that you can see better.  This effort causes the development of more and deeper forehead lines.  

Treating the frontalis muscle with botox will decrease the appearance of these lines.  

Be aware that this muscle normally keeps your brow elevated.  Overtreatment of this area causes the brow to fall and the eyelids to feel heavy.  This is the most common problem we see from patients treated by less experienced doctors and practitioners from other facilities.  

We have tips and tricks to not only avoid this problem but to also fix the problem once we see it.


The vertical “angry” lines between the brows above the nose give the appearance of being angry or worried.  The lines are caused by the glabellar and corrugator muscles which normally act to bring the grows centrally and down.  

Treating these muscles will not only reduce the appearance of these lines, but will actually elevate the brows

The crows feet lines are the wrinkles that extend to the side of the eye when you smile or squint. 

They are caused by a circular muscle around the the entire eye called the orbicularis muscle.  Treating this muscle will reduce the appearance of the crow’s feet lines. 

The lateral brow lift is included here because it is one of the most popular treatments that we perform using BOTOX, even though it is not a wrinkle treatment.  


The procedure is performed by treating the upper part of the circular orbicularis muscle (see crow’s feet). Contraction of this circular eye muscle near the eyebrow causes the brow to come down. Treatment of this muscle will therefore raise the lateral brow. Similarly, treatment of the glabellar muscle (see the 11’s) which normally causes the medial brow to come down will raise the medial brow.


The result from this treatment leave the brow slightly higher at the corners helping to brighten up the eye itself. It leaves the patient feeling more awake and helps to prevent the need for upper eye lid surgery for some time. 

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