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Will Pregnancy Ruin My Boob Job?5 min read

Will Pregnancy Ruin My Boob Job?
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Are you thinking of getting your breasts done but worried about what might happen to them when you want kids someday? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Many women have asked the same questions again and again, questions like: “Will pregnancy change the way my boob job looks?” “Will its perkiness and fullness go away?” “Will I still be able to breastfeed?” 

Pregnancy changes many things in a woman’s body, including your breasts, so it’s only natural for you to be concerned about its effects on your breast augmentation. So, let’s talk about how pregnancy can affect your boob job.

The Effects of Pregnancy on Your Breast Augmentation

And so, to answer your question: no, pregnancy will definitely not ruin your boob job! Should you choose to breastfeed your new bundle of joy, we are happy to let you know that you can also do precisely that without worrying about anything. 

If you have chosen to have implants, know that they should be unchanged and will be completely fine. Breast implants are designed to be highly resilient and can handle all the expansion and pressure caused by your breasts naturally inflating during this time. So put your mind at bay and relax: your implants will not rupture or leak.

Remember that pregnancy changes the body regardless of whether you’ll have implants or any other procedure done on your breasts. If anything, the natural process of pregnancy enlarging your breasts may cause them to sag a little more. However, it is not the breast augmentation causing your breasts to sag. They will remain intact, and the postpartum sagging should have zero damage to the breast implants.

Postpartum Breast Sagging

Pregnancy can cause postpartum sagging for breasts whether one has chosen to have breast augmentation done or not. This is because all the hormones that flood your body during pregnancy and in the months that follow tend to enlarge the breasts and the surrounding skin’s surface area. This process can lead to some excess sagging when coupled with the softening of the breast tissue and skin around your breasts. Breast augmentations (implants) should remain unchanged during this entire process.

If your breasts truly do not return to the shape they once were, or you’re unhappy with how they’ve turned out after the pregnancy, you might want to slow down and reassess your options, especially if you’re thinking about getting another boob job.

We suggest looking into having breast lift surgery instead of going for another boob job. Since any implants or augmentations to your breasts are still there, it may be more beneficial to have a breast lift done to achieve the youthful and perky pre-motherhood breast look. For a more in-depth explanation of how breast lifting works, check out our breast lift FAQ.

Should I Get My Boob Job before or after Pregnancy?

The thing is, it is all entirely up to you! Whether you want to get breast augmentations before starting a family or after your first, second, or third child, it all depends on you. This is an extraordinarily subjective inquiry that only you may be able to answer. As we’ve stated earlier, breast augmentations are safe, and any upcoming pregnancy should not affect the augmentations themselves. Instead, it may be worth worrying about the possibilities of excess skin and the sagging that may come with pregnancy! 

Ideally, though, it may be best to get breast augmentations done once you have no more plans to increase the number of members in your family, but again, it’s your body, and you are in charge of what to do with it.

Just make sure you book an appointment with a safe and board-certified plastic surgeon if you intend on getting breast augmentations. A professional will ensure that you have minimal side effects (nothing more than a boob job scar) and satisfy you with how your revamped breasts look.

How Long after Pregnancy Should I Wait to Get a Boob Job?

So now, let’s fast forward. You’ve given birth, you are successfully and safely breastfeeding your newborn, and you wonder, “How long should I wait for another boob job or get a breast lift?” The quick answer is about six months. Then, of course, you’d still want to book an appointment with your plastic surgeon to make sure things work out as they should.

Remember that breast implants, should you choose to have them, are recommended to be replaced or worked on again once every 10 to 15 years. So keep that in mind when opting for breast augmentations.

Ready for Your Very Own Breast Augmentation?

Pregnancy would have little, if at all, to no damage at all to any breast augmentations you’ve undergone. It is normal for breasts to change shape or feel when undergoing pregnancy. And while these changes may make you feel a little disheartened about your breast augmentations, there are ways to fix any breast issues one may encounter postpartum.

Ready to undergo your breast augmentation surgery? Come meet with us at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center for a consultation first before moving forward with surgery! Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Phillip Chang will determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. If everything matches up, our team will help you navigate the entire process, from beginning to the end!

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