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5 Signs Your Breast Implants Are Bottoming Out4 min read

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Making the big decision to get breast implants is a huge deal for women. You have probably been skimming through multiple websites trying to figure out what you need to prepare before and after the procedure is done. Like many procedures, it is best to be on the lookout for possible signs and symptoms of any complications, whether minor or major. For example, one possible complication after getting breast implants is “bottoming out.” Today, we will discuss bottomed-out breast implants and how we prevent this breast augmentation complication at Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center!

What Does "Bottom Out Breast Implant" Mean?

Although bottoming out is rare, knowing what this complication stands for is useful for all patients. A bottomed-out breast implant means that the breast implant is displaced and is falling too low on the chest or found dropping below the inframammary crease. Due to this unwanted process, the breast implant can look asymmetrical or uneven because the skin around the breast becomes too weak to support the implant.

What Causes My Breast Implants to Bottom Out?

Now that you know about bottoming out, it’s time to learn more about the possible signs indicating that your breast implants need to be checked. It is also good practice to note the side effects after a procedure to address any early symptoms as soon as possible. 


Start by knowing and understanding your body: have you observed any changes in your lifestyle, diet, and overall health that could cause bottoming out? If so, keep track of these changes and see what needs to be done. 


Here are five signs to watch out for to help you identify if your breast implants are bottoming out:

Breast Implant Bottom Out Signs

So you’re probably wondering why breast implants bottom out. There are numerous reasons why your implants may be bottoming out, many of which are linked to surgical error. Alternatively, bottoming out can also be caused by misplacement of the implant above the muscle instead of underneath. 


Another reason your implants may bottom out has to do with your skin’s elasticity. If there is a loss of elasticity in the dermal tissue, there is a chance that your implants may experience bottoming out. When the skin is healthy and strong, on the other hand, there is more support for the implants to stay in place and avoid the risk of bottoming out. A plethora of reasons, such as pregnancy, weight loss, and smoking, hide behind the skin’s loss of elasticity. 

Lastly, there is also a possibility that the implant may be too big for you, putting additional pressure on the inframammary fold.

#1: Pain and Discomfort

One of the most common symptoms of bottoming out is pain and discomfort, usually found in the lower breast. The lower chest may experience increased pressure due to the fallen implant causing the tissues between the nipple and inframammary fold to expand and stretch. It is important to note that should you experience any pain and discomfort for a prolonged period, you must contact your surgeon as soon as possible.

#2: Double Bubble Deformity

Double-bubble deformity occurs when a breast implant sits over the natural breast tissue, creating two noticeable mounds and, consequently, a contour deformity. In addition, double-bubble occurs when the breast implant is positioned far below the old crease during surgery

#3: Volume Loss in the Upper Breast

Because of a downward shift of the implants, the upper area of the breast may appear less voluminous than before. Bottoming out patients tend to experience a noticeable increase in volume and pressure in the lower breast.

#4: Rising Inframammary Scar

Commonly found in patients who had had an inframammary incision, a rising inframammary scar occurs when the scar begins to rise toward the breast. This scar can also cause more visible folds on the lower chest.

#5: Upward Pointing Nipples

The pressure found in the lower breast tissue pushes the nipple upward, creating an upward-pointing appearance. In addition, the downward shift of the implants causes the nipples to face upward rather than forward.

Dr. Chang Can Help Fix Your Bottomed-Out Breast Implants!

If you are experiencing bottomed-out breast implants, the best solution is to undergo either a breast revision or a breast lift procedure. The implant may be wholly removed or replaced with a new set of implants through revision surgery. On the other hand, a breast lift can help excise loose or hanging skin, making it easier to support the implant and avoid bottoming out. 

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