The 3 most effective ways to get rid of neck fat

About 68% of people surveyed by the American Society for Dermatology named excess fat under the chin and neck as one of their top concerns. Many people say they think a double chin makes them look older than they actually are.   There are 3 identifiable methods to get rid of the dreaded doubled chin.

1.  Diet and Exercise

Without being too trite, diet and exercise are as effective as any method in some people.  The problem is that in some people, the neck fat is a genetically predisposed area for your body to accumulate fat.  This basically means that while you might be able to make an impact and make it smaller, it might be extremely difficult to make a major impact unless you want to starve yourself.  That is when methods 2 and 3 might be more helpful

2.  Kybella

Kybella is the newest evolution and revolution in getting rid of the waddle under your neck, and might be the holy grail for many in this selfie-generation.  Kybella was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration as the first drug that can eliminate neck fat in most people without surgery.

Kybella is the trade name for deoxycholic acid, and is made by Californa’s Kythera Biopharmaceuticals.  This is the same acid your body produces to help it absorb fat. It takes only a few minutes for your plastic surgeon to perform this in-office procedure.  

The drug immediately goes to work on your stubborn neck waddle by destroying the cell membrane of what we doctors call “submental fat”.  It causes the fat cells to burst and go away permanently. Then, it is selfie-time.

There are some limitations.  For example, it might require 2 or more treatment sessions depending on the amount of fat in the neck.  On the other hand, it takes only a few days to heal, and there are no unsightly tell-tale bandages.

Side effects for a small number of patients in the Kybella drug trials included nerve injury in the jaw that leads to a lopsided smile or facial weakness. It also may cause bruising, swelling, redness and some pain in some patients. Insurance does not cover this treatment.  It is FDA approved for under the neck only and is not approved for other parts of the body. The FDA approved the drug after the manufacturer submitted 19 clinical studies involving nearly 2,600 patients. The tests showed the drug worked to eliminate moderate to severe chin fat. Currently, the only other way to delete your double chin is to have surgery.  This brings up method number 3.

3.  Liposuction surgery

Liposuction of the neck fat is the most traditional method of removing fat from the neck.  And up until the introduction of Kybella, it was really the only method. It is a surgical procedure that is relatively non-invasive and can often be performed in an office setting.  It requires 1 or 2 very small incisions in the neck that are generally not visible later. Through these incisions, a numbing solution is injected. This is followed by a suction cannula which simply “vacuums” the fat away.  

The procedure remains more guaranteed than using Kybella; in the sense that it is usually a one-time treatment whereas Kybella may often require 2 or more treatments.  It also carries the downside of requiring a compression bandage for a week, the potential for some skin irregularities, and the potential for injuring a nerve in the jaw that may lead to a lopsided smile or facial weakness.  

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