Can BBL Laser Treatments Treat Skin Cancer

BBL or Broad Band Light Laser should not be used as a treatment for suspected skin cancers. While BBL is an excellent method to treat skin discolorations, brown spots, and age spots, BBL can not and should not be used to treat skin cancers. The reason is the BBL is not an ablative or destructive laser. It does not eliminate or "destroy" skin. This is why you can actually have an BBL treatment and go back to work the same day ( with make-up of course ). Another reason, is skin cancers can be deep; and the BBL laser does not penetrate to the deeper layers of the Dermis. Finally, skin cancers are cancers. 

Although most skin cancers are slow growing, they can be very destructive if not addressed properly by a plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Call for a consultation and be evaluated. Blog by:  Phillip Chang, MD ( Aesthetica Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center)

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