Broad Band Light - BBL for treatment of Sun and Age Spots and UV damage

Procedure Details


Broad Band Light - BBL

BBL Phototherapy:

BBL is the next generation of the Intense Pulse Light or Photofacial Treatment.  Instead of using only one light source, BBL uses a broad spectrum of light to provide a more uniform and effective treatment.


Who is a candidate for BBL and what can BBL treat?

  • sun spots

  • age spots

  • spider veins

  • general skin aging

  • dyschromasias

How many treatments are required?


  • Most patients will see about a 70-80% improvement after just one treatment

  • We suggest that you mantain your skin youth by treating every 3 months

  • BBL has been shown to rejuvenate skin DNA if treated every 3 months to slow aging


How quickly can you return to work after a BBL treatment?


  • Most patients can return to work the next day but...

  • If you have a lot of sun damage, there may be more swelling and delay return to work for 3-5 days


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