Rhinoplasty - Open Technique

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Rhinoplasty ( also called a nose job ) can be performed by either a open or a closed technique.  I perform both depending on the needs of my patient.  

In general a closed or scarless procedure is suggested if there is no significant need to refine the nasal tip.  The nasal tip is made of soft delicate cartilate and should be done under direct vision.  This is not possible using the closed technique.  

An open technique has very small external cut at the columella that allows visibility of the nasal tip.  We can therefore reduce the size of the tip cartilage, suture them together, or add grafts under direct visualization.  

Some options with rhinoplasty procedures include:

  • reduce the dorsal hump
  • narrow the nostrils
  • elevatethe tip
  • reduce a hanging columella
  • straighten a deviated septum
  • narrow a bulbous nasal tip

Revision rate on rhinoplasty procedures approach 20%.  Revisions are not performed until the nose has completely settled and this is no less than 6 months to a year.


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