Mini Facelift + Eyelid Surgery + Neck Liposuction in 47 year old woman

Procedure Details

47 year old female who came in for facial rejuvenation. Her main concerns were her lower facial jowling and fat in her neck. She was also concerned about the aging of her eyelids. Patient underwent the following : 1. Mini facelift ( goal of the mini facelift is the lower face and jawline ). Scars are very well hidden in the creases around the ear.  2. Neck liposuction - The main cosmetic problem with her neck was generalize appearance of fat. She did not have a lot of extra skin and her skin quality was excellent. For this reason, we did not feel she needed a neck lift. The mini facelift was able to provide enough tightening of the neck skin. This is not true of everyone.   3. Upper and lower eyelid surgery to remove fat and skin. You can see from her preoperative picture that she had a lot of fat and some extra skin in her upper eyelids making them look heavy and aged. Same with her lower eyelids. You can see from the after images that eye eyes look more refreshed and open.


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